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APAR status

  • Closed as new function.

Error description

  • Changes to the ISPF dialog that enhance the user selection
    of connections during install, capability to include
    commands within Export files, option to delete definitions
    from source scheme during MIGRATE and a new CHECK facility
    for CSD Lists and Groups.
    Additional Symptom(s) Search Keyword(s):
    CCVA abend 4087 with DFHSM0133 SOS abend due to thousands of
    EC LOAD requests for programs CCVTO320 adn CCVTC420 causing
    ECDSA to grow to over 400M

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED: All users of CICS Configuration Manager      *
    *                 V210.                                        *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: To provide functional enhancements and  *
    *                      corrective maintenance for CICS/CM      *
    *                      V210.                                   *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    To provide corrective maintenance and functional enhancements to
    CICS Configuration Manager V210.

Problem conclusion

Temporary fix


  • Corrections for APARs reported against the previous release have
    been included in this maintenance:
    PK96162 - The CICS/CM inserted default value for strong CIPHERS
    in the TCPIPservice, CorbaServer, IPconnection and URImap
    resource definitions was incorrect and has been changed
    From: 0504352F0A0903060102
    To  : 050435363738392F303132330A1613100D0915120F0C03060201
    PK96162 - The edit of a CICSPlex SM Transaction reformats the
    DTIMOUT attribute into mmss (minutes and seconds) form. The
    insertion of leading zeroes by the panel results in an implied
    update when the user has not changed any attribute data. The
    correction ensures reformatting for DTIMOUT only occurs when its
    data contents change.
    PK98906 - A RENAME request may fail with RC=0014 if the request
    includes multiple definitions, some with CICS resource types
    limited to 4 byte names and others supporting 8 byte names.
    PK99055 - If the edit of a CSD List fails due to RDO exceptions
    for a Group entry:
    - the Group already exists within the List
    - the Group name exists as a List name
    ...Then the CSD List is partially saved with Group names
    following the offending entry omitted.
    PK92789 - If a FILE definition for a CSD includes an entry for
    NSRGROUP and LSRPOOLID is set to (1), CICS/CM changes the
    definition to LSRPOOLID(NONE). The problem is corrected as
    CICS/CM now accepts the combination of NSRGROUP and LSRPOOLID(1)
    for a CSD FILE definition.
    Enhancements to the product are:-
    Online Interface
    1.  Minor corrections or improvements to online services or help
        panels including:
    1.1 Improved SEARCH argument field validation checks
    1.2 Occasional storage overwrite in ISPF dialog corrected
    1.3 Corrections to CPSM Full-function BAS help panels
    1.4 Panel refinements to aid language translation
    1.5 CSD to CPSM Group compare misaligns definitions
    1.6 The dialog no longer requires APF access when processing via
    unauthenticated sockets.
    2.  Enhamcements to online processing including:
    2.1 Pop-up windows for the selection of Connections to remote
        CICS systems sharing CSDs now display additional connection
        information. The information shows installed connections,
        the connection status and the NetName associated with the
    2.2 An online CHECK facility for CSD Lists and Groups has been
        intorduced. Invoked for a single CSD List or Group via a new
        line action CHK (for CHECK) or for multiple CSD Lists and
        Groups intermixed via reporting menu option 9, CHECK will
       - duplicate resource definitions within the set of CSD Lists
         and Groups
       - resource definitions failing referential integrity checks
         within a Group or across the set of Groups referenced by a
        The CICS/CM CHECK facility includes verification
        conditions not reported by CEDA CHECK.
    2.3 Change Package approval processing has been modified to
        prevent migration of a change package for which there
        is no approval.  Previously, if the approval profile
        did NOT have an entry for the selected Migration Scheme,
        the migrate was allowed to proceed as though the Change
        Package had been approved.  With this change, the
        migration is stopped and a failure message displayed as
        the change package is no longer considered to be approved.
    2.4 The administration of a Migration Scheme now presents a
        new processing option for the migration paths.  The
        DELETE AT SOURCE option specifies whether CICS resource
        definitions migrated from the source CICS Configuration
        should be deleted after migration or not.  The values
        NO   Do not delete the CICS resource definitions from
             the source Configuration after migration.
             When NO is specified, CICS resource definitions
             are effectively copied from the source to target
             Configurations.  NO is the default option value
             and is consistent with Migrate processing prior
             to this enhancement.
             The No option suits migration scenarios where
             you are promoting resource definitions from an
             actively used CSD file or CPSM context to
             another.  This is like copying definitions from
             development to test.
        YES  Delete the CICS resource definitions from the
             source Configuration after migration.
             When YES is specified, CICS resource definitions
             are effectively moved from the source to target
             The YES option suits migration scenarios like
         o   A CSD is simply a work file used for the creation or
             editing of definitions - it is not used as the DFHCSD
             file for any active CICS systems.
             You wish the CSD to be emptied of completed work after
             the work is promoted to target CSDs or CPSM contexts.
         o   You are implementing a CICSPlex SM BAS alternative to
             using CSD files.  As a result you want to move the
             definitions out of the CSD and into CPSM BAS.
    2.5 Additional SHOW exception analysis options have been
        introduced when processing via the ISPF dialog reporting
        menu option 1 for multiple Configurations.
    Batch Interface
    1.  Minor correction or improvements to the batch utility
    1.1 The CCVBMAIN utility program's input card for a change
        package NEWCOPY now accepts and processes a PHASEIN option.
        The option may specify PHASEIN=YES or PHASEIN=NO, with
        PHASEIN=YES as the default. TheNEWCOPY control card appears
        as follows:
        NEWCOPY CPID=<cpid>,SCHEME=<scheme>,PHASEIN=YES|NO
    1.2 The CCVBMAIN utility incorrectly issued message CCV9060E
        "Filter values and CPID keywords mutually exclusive"
        when the FILTER and REGISTERCPID keywords were specified
    Server and API Commands
    1.  Minor corrections or improvements to CICS/CM Server
        functions including:
    1.1 For an IMPORT operation with the change package registration
        option selected, the return and reason codes saved in the
        package-scheme record did not always match the last update
        in the change-package record.
    1.2 BACKOUT message CCV5356E fails to display in CCVLOG.  This
        message identifies the first (or only) object that BACKOUT
        cannot process because to do so would overwrite changes
        made to the object since it was migrated.  The message
        call was incorrectly coded, causing a generic failure
        message to be displayed instead.  The failing object is
        now correctly reported in CCVLOG.
    1.3 Sites running with program autoinstall enabled may see
        spurious DFHPG0207 messages for CCVTDxxx programs.  The
        programs do not exist, nor are they required, but
        erroneous load requests may have occurred when searching
        history data.
    1.4 The DEPLOY command's CICS region runtime collector fails
        with ABEND AICA if the LIBRARY resource DFHRPL contains
        more than 16 data sets.
    1.5 The DEPLOY command's CICS region runtime collector fails
        with 'invalid value' if it encounters a recoverable
        TDQUEUE resource.
    1.6 Correction of a 4038 abend caused by the CICS CM tracing
    2.   Minor enhancements to CICS CM Server functions including:
    2.1  Enhancements have been made to the server to allow the
         CICS Explorer plug-in use 'ORed' restriction criteria on
         LIST commands for RESGROUP and RESDESC objects in a CSD.
    2.2  Change package 'command-stack' processing has been
         augmented to allow the commands to be written to a CCM
         format Export File.  MIGRATE processing will export the
         commands to the Export file, and IMPORT will process the
         commands when the 'Register change packages on import'
         option (REGISTERCPID=YES) is selected.
    2.3  Change package processing has been enhanced to support
         the new DELETE AT SOURCE option on the Migration Scheme.
    1.  Minor corrections or improvements to other CICS CM Server
        functions including:
    1.1 The installation SCCVSAMP member CCVXCSDD that defines the
        CICS CM resource definitions has been updated to include
        new definitions required for the enhancements herein, and
        the removal of obsolete definitions.

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  • R21E PSY UK52430

       UP09/12/16 P F912

  • R21K PSY UK52431

       UP09/12/16 P F912

  • R210 PSY UK52427

       UP09/12/16 P F912

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Reference #: PK95899

Modified date: 08 March 2010

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