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We classify customer problems into 3 categories:

  • Software (4690 OS, ACE, CHEC, SA/GSA, SI, DIF, RMA, Linux OS)
  • Hardware (maintenance issues requiring an on-site visit)
  • General Support (everything else, including: UPOS, NWD, Diagnostics, MUS, VCP, Windows OS, hardware drivers)
All software and general support problems can be reported to Toshiba electronically, without needing the assistance of a Toshiba employee.

All hardware problems can (for now) be reported to Toshiba using the legacy IBM process. That will change at a future date, and this page will be updated when that change occurs.

We encourage all customers and business partners to sign up for a Toshiba enterprise ID and to submit their own problem reports directly to us.
When you submit a new problem report to us please provide the following information:
a) Detailed problem description.
b) details about your software - OS version, driver version etc
c) information about your hardware - what system unit you are using, what device has the problem, and how the device is connected to the system unit

Compared to the past IBM process this means
1) customers and Toshiba employees do not need to use Techline to report any problems. Techline should ONLY be used for pre-sales questions, or for problems with Toshiba web IDs
2) the terms PMR and PMH, which previously referred to software and hardware problem reports respectively, are no longer used. Every problem request is now a service request (SR)

If you are a customer and already have a Toshiba web ID:
Log in to the TGCS website, and follow the instructions in the iSupport user documentation to create a new SR.

If you are a customer and do not have a Toshiba web ID:
Complete the registration form. Your ID registration will take approximately 1 week to process.

If you are a business partner, and do not have a Toshiba web ID:
Contact your Authorized Program Administrator (APA) and they will start the process to get you registered
North or South America, contact Nancy Greene at
EMEA and CEE, contact Angela Bryson at
Asia/Asean, contact Wendy Teo at

If you are a customer or business partner and have a problem with your existing Toshiba web ID:
Please contact

Hardware Support Handbook

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Software Support Handbook

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