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PUB: SurePOS 700-723/743/783/784 Operating System Installation Guide



This guide describes how to install the base operating system environment on the SurePOS 700-723/743/783/784. This guide is intended for the person who will install the operating system for these terminals


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Inside this manual, you will find the following topics

Chapter 1 Preparing for the installation .1
Important driver information .1
Changing the first boot device .1
Updating the system BIOS .1
Using a USB floppy disk drive .1
Using a USB memory key .2
Enabling the enhanced Serial ATA hard disk driver interface .2
AHCI and Native Command Queueing .3
RAID 0 and RAID 1 .3
Enabling RAID or the AHCI mode .3
Creating a storage controller driver diskette .4

Chapter 2 Installing Windows 2000 .5
Hardware and software requirements .5
CD-ROM preinstallation steps .5
Option A .5
Option B .5
CD-ROM installation .6

Chapter 3 Installing Windows XP .9
Hardware and software requirements .9
CD-ROM installation .9

Chapter 4 Installing system drivers on Windows operating systems .11

Chapter 5 Installing PC DOS 2000 .13
Diskette installation .13
PCI serial port configuration .13
Prerequisites .13
Power management .14

Chapter 6 Using the RAID application .15
Determining a hard drive failure .15
Method one: Clicking on the RAID icon .15
Method two: Entering RAID during startup .16
Replacing and rebuilding a hard drive .16
Accessing the RAID setup menu .17

Appendix A Safety information .19

Appendix B Notices .25
Electronic emission notices .27
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) statement .27
European Union EMC Directive conformance statement .27
Industry Canada Class A Emission Compliance statement .28
Avis de conformité aux normes d’Industrie Canada .28
Germany .28
Australia and New Zealand .28
Chinese Class A warning statement .29
Japanese power line harmonics compliance statement .29
Japanese Voluntary Control Council for Interference (VCCI) statement .29
Korean communications statement .29
Taiwanese Class A warning statement .30
Taiwan contact information .30
Cable ferrite requirement .30
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) .30
Product Recycling and disposal .31
Battery return program .32
For Taiwan: .32
For the European Union: .32
For California: .33
Flat panel displays .33
Monitors .33
Trademarks .33

Appendix C Intel software license agreement (final, single user) .35
Important - read before copying, installing or using .35
Copyright license .35
Ownership of software and copyrights .35
Limited media warranty .35
Exclusion of other warranties .35
Limitation of liability .36
Termination of this agreement .36
Applicable laws .36
Government restricted rights .36
Index .37

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Document information

More support for: SurePOS 700 Series

Version: 4800-723/743/783/C43, 4800-7x4

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: R7000127

Modified date: 2010-10-12