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PUB: SurePOS 500-xx5 Series Operating System Installation Guide



This guide describes how to install the currently supported operating systems on the IBM 4946-545/565. Note: IRES is not currently supported. This guide is intended for the person who will install the operating environment


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Inside this manual, you will find the following topics

Chapter 1. Preparing for the installation .1
Understanding the model numbers1
BIOS settings1
Steps to enter CMOS Setup and change First Boot Device1
Updating the system BIOS .2
Steps to install a BIOS update .2
Locating the IBM SurePOS 500 support web site2
Operating system and display restrictions .3
Compatible USB CD-ROM drives3

Chapter 2. Installing Windows 2000 .5
Hardware and software requirements .5
CD-ROM pre-installation steps .5
Option A:5
Option B:5
CD-ROM installation steps .6

Chapter 3. Installing Windows XP and Windows Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS) .9
Installing the operating system .9

Chapter 4. Installing the drivers: Windows 2000, Windows XP and WEPOS 11
SurePOS 500 required drivers .11
Serial ATA driver .12
COM port driver .12
Unattended drivers installation .12

Chapter 5. Installing PC DOS 2000 .15
Steps to install PC DOS 2000 .15
DOS drivers15
COM ports15
DOS power management .16
DOS memory map .17
Appendix. Memory map .19

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Document information

More support for: SurePOS 500 Series

Version: 4846-xx5

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: R7000113

Modified date: 2006-10-04