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I need to reload the original software image on my IBM Point of Sale or AnyPlace Kiosk terminal. How do I order Recovery Media?


About Our Preload Images

    IBM Retail Store Solutions provides preload options for our Point of Sale and AnyPlace Kiosk products. These preloads include choice of various Microsoft Windows operating systems (depending on model) as well as required drivers, system patches, updates and the IBM Remote Management Agent. These preloaded images provide our customers with a current, stable platform upon which to build their solutions. Each preloaded image comes with the assurance that IBM has tested it fully and will support the preloaded software as well as the hardware.

About Recovery Media
    Recovery media is available for systems originally preloaded by IBM Retail Store Solutions. Systems which are entitled to Recovery Media will have a unique model number indicating it was preloaded, as well as a licensing sticker indicating the particular operating system which was installed. Only the specific operating system which was originally licensed and installed by IBM may be reloaded. For example, if your system was preloaded with WEPOS v1.11, that system is not entitled to a Windows 7 Professional recovery image.

    The Recovery Media may be one or more CDs or DVDs depending on the system. Reloading a system with this media is very simple, and only takes a few minutes. Please note, however, that the reload process is destructive - it will completely wipe the hard drive prior to installing the original image - you will lose all software and data which you have added and changes you have made.
Recovery Media Supplements
    In addition to the base Recovery CD or DVD, some systems also offer additional content listed below. Although these are primarily for additional language support, it is advisable that you also order these if available with your system.
      • Multiple User Interface (MUI) Language Pack (WEPOS, Windows XP only)
      • Additional Components and MUI Language Pack (POSReady 2009 only)

    NOTE: POSReady now includes the ability to Add/Remove Windows Components to help customize your image, and for PCI Compliance steps. To Add Windows Components, however, you must have the "Additional Components and MUI Language Pack" DVD described above.

How to Order Recovery Media
    Current Models
    Recovery Media should always be ordered at time of original system purchase. IBM Retail Store Solutions recommends that you order at least one (1) Recovery DVD with each model purchased. Each Recovery DVD is unique by model, and can be used for all systems of the same model. Therefore, you do not need to order a Recovery DVD for every system.

    For example, when placing an order for 200 SurePOS 700 model 4800-E84 and 300 SurePOS 500 model 4852-E66, the order should also include at least one (1) Recovery DVD for the E84 models and one (1) Recovery DVD for the E66 models.

    If you have already purchased an IBM Point of Sale or AnyPlace Kiosk system(s) with a Windows operating system preloaded, you may be entitled to order a preload recovery media.

    All recovery media for the current preloaded systems are orderable via machine specific MES Feature Codes. Consult the Sales Pages for the specific Feature Code number for your particular system and preloaded Operating System version. When placing an MES order, please specify the Machine Type, Model and Serial Number in your order for entitlement verification. Orders without this information will be rejected.

    If you are not familiar with the MES ordering system or if you need additional information about preloaded Windows systems, please consult the Preloads FAQ, your IBM Sales Representative or the IBM Reseller that you purchased your preloaded systems from.

    End-of-Life Models
    Orders for recovery media for preloaded terminals that came to end-of-life (models listed below) are not available via MES. Requests for these older Recovery Media (ONLY for the following models) must be submitted to us via a TechLine request. To speed up processing, ensure that your request includes the Machine Type/Model/Serial Number, full name, ship-to address, e-mail and phone number.

    Please note that the restoration of the IBM preloads recovery media is destructive and will wipe out ALL data residing on your installed drive(s). Please, insure that you back-up all critical data on all your drives prior to using the recovery media. Further, these recovery CDs or DvDs are specific to IBM Point of Sale Terminals and will not work on any other system units or PCs.

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