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Getting Started Guide, IBM AnyPlace Kiosk (4838-3xx)

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Information to assist you with understanding initial setup, use and support options available for the IBM AnyPlace Kiosk (4838) models 3xx.


Applicable Models: 4838-3xx

(See "ALIAS" section below for full model listing)

Looking for information and/or assistance with your IBM Anyplace Kiosk? The information below will guide you to the many resources available to you on our support site.

Getting Started Guide
This document contains detailed information to help you get started with developing and/or using the IBM AnyPlace Kiosk. The guide should be used as a supplement to the "IBM AnyPlace Kiosk Planning, Installation and Service Guide".

Support Information
Knowledge Base Search Engine
The resources available for your product are categorized under the special keyword "apk2", as the second generation of models for the IBM AnyPlace Kiosk. Use this keyword to search the Knowledge Base more efficiently. For example, to find articles pertaining to the "IBM AnyPlace Kiosk", model 4838-310, omnidirectional scanner, search for:
apk2 omni scanner

This search will also return documents which are published for the AnyPlace Kiosk models 5xx/7xx/9xx which contain common information. Using "anyplace", "kiosk" or "4838" will return results for your model as well as for other Anyplace Kiosk versions which may not be valid for your search.

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Download our latest version of the IBM Diagnostics Package. The download will create a bootable image on a USB memory stick. Using this diagnostic package you can ensure that your kiosk and IBM peripherals are functioning properly.

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More support for: Kiosk

Version: 4838-3xx

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: R1004158

Modified date: 2008-06-05