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How can I automatically be notified when there are updates for my system(s) including BIOS or drivers, documentation and FAQ's?


MySupport will transition to My Notifications in October 2008

Here is an overview of the migration from MySupport to My Notifications:

  • In preparation for the migration, the MySupport subscription creation and editing of existing subscriptions was turned off Tuesday October 14th.
  • Current MySupport product subscriptions will be loaded to the My Notifications tool and verified Thursday evening, October 23rd.
  • The MySupport URL ( will be redirected to My Notifications ( after the migration is completed.
  • The software support website pages will contain an updated "Stay Informed" box, help page references to My Notifications, and a new "Site Tour" on Friday morning, October 24th.
  • A confirmation email (see below) will be sent to all subscribers on Friday October 24th.
  • Client notifications of new/changed technical support content will continue uninterrupted based on their subscription parameters.

Please review this file for more details about the available functions and how to use My Notifications:

Confirmation email
Clients with MySupport subscriptions will receive the following notification after their subscriptions are migrated to the new My Notifications facility.

Subject: Your IBM MySupport subscriptions have been moved.

As part of IBM's continuing efforts to consolidate and improve our web-based technical support resources, we are moving your technical support subscriptions from the old MySupport application to our new subscription service:
My Notifications -

You will continue to receive your current subscribed weekly emails, however, we would like to make you aware that there is now an option to receive daily email notifications. We would encourage you to review your existing subscriptions and modify them to take advantage of the new features and flexibility offered to you in My Notifications. You can read more about the features of the My Notifications service here:

The email messages resulting from your technical support subscriptions will now originate from Please add this email address to your address book to ensure you continue to receive your notifications properly.
If you have any problems or questions regarding this transition, please contact us using our My Notifications feedback link:

What is "My Support"?
    My support is the automated way to keep in touch with support changes such as new driver & BIOS releases and important news flashes for all IBM products including POS Systems and Software. Below is a quick guide to My Support

    Create your profile TODAY and join those in the know!
Where do I find "My Support"?
    Your "My Support" profile is available on any IBM or Lenovo webpage. As shown in the example below, "My Support" can be found under the "My IBM" tab on any of our pages.

What is my "IBM ID"?
    To access your support profile, you must first log-on using your "IBM ID", this ID is used for multiple purposes on the IBM and Lenovo websites, not limited only to "My Support". We recommend you visit the "My IBM" site and see the other benefits of this personalization capability.

    If you already have an "IBM ID", simply log-on to access your profile. If this is your first time visiting, click the "register" link to create your ID.

Personalizing "My Support"
    Once you have reached your profile within My Support, you should add all products for which you wish to have updates regarding. You may add as many products as you like.

    Click on the "Edit Profile" tab to view/add/change your profile.

    The example below is a profile configured for updates regarding the "IBM AnyPlace Kiosk" and the "IBM SurePOS" products.

    Once you have checked all that apply, click the "Add Products" button at the bottom. You will see a confirmation page containing the products you have added.

Your Personalized Page
    Now that your profile has been created, click on the tab for "My personalized page" and the "My Support" page will display the latest hot topics for those products. These topics are updated regularly as important information becomes available.

Automated Email Alerts
    You can configure "My Support" now to automatically send you an email notification when updates are available to the products you have profiled. These update notifications can be new drivers, the latest BIOS updates, publications, How To documents and much more.

    To configure "My Support" to send these notifications, click on the "Edit profile" tab again. Then click the heading for "Subscribe to email".

    Select the profiled product set for which you wish to receive notifications.

    Check the box for "Please send these documents by weekly email", then select each of the topic categories, as shown below, that you wish to receive updates for, then click the "Update" button at the bottom.

    A confirmation screen will be displayed noting the selections you have requested.

    From the screen above, you may choose "Select more email" to register more products for the automated notifications, or "Go to my personalized page" to return to the Main "My Support" page.

    You will now receive weekly notifications as information on your profiled products is available.
Sample "My Support" Email Notification
    Below is an example of an email notification.

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