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Toshiba Corporation has purchased "IBM Retail Store Solutions (RSS) effective August 1, 2012 and has become Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS). Although some products still show product names as IBM, they are now Toshiba products. The PID codes have not changed.

There are many features that are available to customize the OS and Application Software for TGCS point of Sale terminals. This guide lists features and descriptions for most TGCS Retail Store Solutions current software product offerings.


The information contained in these documents is intended to augment the Sales Manual and the published Announcements. In the event of any conflicting information, the source documents (Sales Manual and Announcements) take precedence over these documents.

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Release Date
File Link
4690 OS Version 6
Version 1.3
May 18, 2012
4690 OS Version 6RV3.pdf4690 OS Version 6RV3.pdf
4690 OS Version 6 Software Maintenance Description
Version 1.0
April 21, 2009
4690 OS V6 SWM V10.pdf
4690 Application Debugger 5799-RXD
Version 1.1
August 26, 2009
4690 Application Debugger 5799-RXD v11.pdf
4680-4690 SA Support 4610 5799-QYL
Version 1.0
August 26, 2009
4680-4690  SA Support 4610 5799-QYL v10.pdf
4680-4690 GSA Support 4610 5799-QYN
Version 1.1
August 26, 2009
4680-4690 GSA Support 4610 5799-QYN v11.pdf
SI V3R3 5639-P71
Version 1.0
October 4,2011
EJ 5697-G45
Version 1.1
August 26, 2009
EJ 5697-G45 v11.pdf
ACE V7R3 5639-BA1
Version 1.0
October 4, 2011
ACE EPS V7R3 5639-BA2
Version 1.0
December 15,,2011
SA 5696-536
Version 1.1
October 5, 2009
GSA 5696-546
Version 1.1
October 5, 2009
DIF V2R1 5639-GG5
Version 2.1
September 28,2010
4690 RAIS Connect AS400 5799-RNT
Version 1.;0
December 8, 2009
4690 ASTRA V5 5799-TTC
Version 1.0
December 8, 2009
Support for SLEPOS 11
Version 1.0
October 5, 2009
IBM Support for SLEPOS 11 V10.pdf

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Point of Sale Software 4690 Operating System General 4690 6.1 All
Point of Sale Software Electronic Journal (EJ) General 4690 2.0 All
Point of Sale Software General Sales Application (GSA) General 4690 All All
Point of Sale Software Supermarket Application General 4690 1.0 All
Point of Sale Software SUREPOS ACE & SUREPOS EPS General 4690 6.0 All
Point of Sale Software SLEPOS All

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