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Toshiba and IBM SurePOS Terminals: A Pictorial Guide to Features for WITHDRAWN Products

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There are many features that are available to customize The Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (formerly the IBM) Point of Sale terminals. T

It is not intended that these documents will be maintained other than to keep them available for reference.

Most of these still carry IBM Logos because they were withdrawn prior to the transition from IBM to Toshiba


The attached guides are intended to archive documents used to identify product features of those products that have announced withdrawal from marketing. Current Product Guides are on Article R1003844

The information contained in these documents is intended to augment the Sales Manual and the published Hardware Service guides In the event of any conflicting information, the source documents (Sales Manual and Hardware Service Guides) take precedence over these documents.

These versions are not planned to be updated or corrected.

Current Version
Release Date
File Link
4610-TI 3,4,5,6,8,9 Printers
Version 6.6
Aug 13, 2011
4613-1x8 SurePOS 100
Version 2.5
July 29, 2011
4800-7x3, x84
SurePOS 700 Terminal
Version 6.9
Mar 11, 2014
4800 SurePOS 700 POS Terminal

Models 7x1, 7x2

Version 3.3
Oct 23, 2009
4800 Guide to Features V33.pdf
4810 SurePOS 300 POS Terminal Model 33x
Version 5.6
March 25, 2009
4810 Guide to Features V56.pdf
4820-2WB, 2GB, 5WB, 5GB (Withdrawn Feb 28, 2011)

4820 SurePoint Displays (2007 and earlier marketing models)
Version 5.0

Version 3.1
Sept 13, 2010

Nov 16, 2007
4820 Guide to Features V50.pdf
4820 Guide to Features V31_2007.pdf
4838-132, -135, and -137
AnyPlace Kiosk

Version 1.0

Version 8.6
June 15, 2007

March 14, 2014
4840 SurePOS 500 POS Terminal

Ann 7-28-09 WD 31Dec2009

Version 7.6
Nov 6, 2009
4840 Guide to Features V76.pdf
4851 SurePOS 500 POS Terminal

Ann 7-28-09 WD 31Dec2009

Version 6.6
Dec 4, 2009
4851 Guide to Features V66.pdf
4845 Self Checkout (including AnyPlace Self Checkout Info)
Ver 2.1e1
June 10, 2011
4846 SurePOS 500 POS Terminal

Ann 7-28-09 WD 31Dec2009

Version 6.4
Nov 6, 2008
4846 Guide to Features V64.pdf
4855 AnyPlace Self Checkout
Draft V06
April 22, 2009
4855 Ordering Guide V06 Draft 04022009.pdf

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Point of Sale Hardware SurePOS 700 Series Configure Platform Independent 4800-721/741/781/C41, 4800-722/742/782/C42, 4800-723/743/783/C43, 4800-7x4 All
Point of Sale Hardware SurePOS 300 Series Configure Platform Independent 33x All
Point of Sale Hardware SurePOS 500 Series Configure Platform Independent 4840-xx3, 4840-xx4, 4846-xx5, 4851-xx4/4951-xx4 All
Point of Sale Hardware 4820 SurePoint Solution Flat Panel Display Configure Platform Independent 2xx/5xx All

Document information

More support for: Kiosk

Version: 4836-13x, 4836-13x/4838-13x

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Software edition: All

Reference #: R1003893

Modified date: 2011-11-07