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WA05: WebSphere MQ Workflow - Java UPES

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WA05 provides an implementation of user-defined program execution servers (UPES).

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WITHDRAWN: The Java UPES is structured as a Web application. It requires a Web Application Server which complies to the Java Servlet V2.2 (or later) specification. The web application hosts and administers the Java UPES. After methods of Java classes are deployed to the JavaUpes they can be mapped to FDL PROGRAMs using the Java UPES Administration Interface. If you add the Java UPES to your workflow architecture, you can define processes which include activities that invoke methods of a wide variety of Java objects, without writing any additional code. It also provides:

» a utility for FDL to XML Schema (XSD) transformation
» a tool that uses FDL to create the corresponding XML schema. You can use the XSD for
example, to validate your IBM WebSphere MQ Workflow XML documents.

The following changes have been made in this release:
» WMQWF v3.6 support
» Bug fixing

Author: IBM WSS Business Process Solution Development, IBM Germany,
Category: 2
Released: 18Jun01
Last Updated: 15Dec05
Current Version: 3.6
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The SupportPac requires:
• The Java Development Kit (JDK) V1.3.1 or higher
• MQSeries Workflow Version 3.4 or higher

Installation Instructions

To install the SupportPac for WMQWF
1. Download the to a directory of your choice
2. Create a sub directory below the SMP folder of the WMQWF installation directory
3. Uncompress the downloaded file into the created folder in step 2. and maintain the folder structure
4. This will create the necessary files and sub-directories.
5. You may delete
6. Follow the instructions in the Guide.html file in the doc directory to complete the installation of the SupportPac.

Note: contains a copy of the UPES framework runtime.

Download package

For downloading please contact

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options 15/12/2005 US English 5415908

Technical support

Category 2 SupportPacs are provided in good faith and AS-IS. There is no warranty or further service implied or committed and any supplied sample code is not supported via IBM product service channels.

Please read the LICENSE2 TXT file that accompanies the SupportPac to determine if you want to use it.

Document information

More support for: WebSphere MQ Workflow

Software version: 3.6

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Platform Independent, Solaris, Windows, z/OS

Reference #: 4000664

Modified date: 15 December 2005

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