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The Web Service Process Management Toolkit combines business process management technology with Web Services and offers the tools and samples needed.

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WITHDRAWN: Web Services are self-describing, self-contained, modular applications running on the Web for the benefit of enterprises who want to create innovative processes and value chains. The Web Service Process Management Toolkit (WSPMTK) combines business process management technology with Web Services and offers the tools and samples needed. The WSPMTK tools and samples complement Websphere MQ Workflow and allow you to create complex Web Services.

Web Service Process Management Toolkit (WSPMTK) allows you to:

» Compose Web Services into a business process

Composing Web Services allows you to choreograph the interaction of a set of Web Services within a business process and add control logic to the business process. For example, consider a book ordering process of an online book store: The first step of this process might be to check the credit card of a customer. If the credit card checking is favorable, the book is delivered and an e-mail is sent to confirm the order fulfillment. Checking the credit card is done through a Web Service, which is offered by a credit card company, and sending an e-mail is a Web Service provided by an e-mail provider. These Web Services can be plugged together into a Workflow process, allowing you to make the new e-business applications visible. With the WSPMTK you can choreograph Web Services and even other software components, for example, Java programs to combine both intranet and Internet components.

» Implement a Web Service as its own business process

Using a process as implementation for a Web Service allows you to compose complex Web Services with the characteristics of a process. To implement a Web Service as a business process you must create a process model and publish it as a Web Service. For example, the book ordering process could be provided as Web Service and published into UDDI using the WSTK. As soon as the Web Service is invoked, the process, which is published as a Web Service is executed unter the control of the process management system, Websphere MQ Workflow. Websphere MQ Workflow offers a message-based XML interface, which allows you to execute process instances. A process instance can invoke activity implementations by means of sending and receiving XML messages.

The following changes have been made in this release:
» NLS message catalog handling enhancements
» Bug fixing

WA07.zip contains a copy of the UPES framework runtime, you do not have to download it.

All administration functions are available via a Web Service interface, a command line interface, an HTTP interface and a browser-based graphical interface.

Author: WSS Business Process Solutions Development, IBM Germany
Category: 2
Released: 27Jul00
Last Updated: 15Dec05
Current Version: 3.6
»Please note that the version number shown in the right-hand pane is the version of the WebSphere MQWorkflow or WBI product that this SupportPac applies to. The date is the last webpage refresh.

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The prerequisites required for this SupportPac are:
• JDK V1.3.1or later
• WebSphere MQ Workflow V3.4 or later (or MQSeries Workflow V3.3 or later)
• Apache AXIS V1.1
• A Web Application Server which complies to the Java Servlet V2.2 or later specification (ie IBM WebSphere Application Server V5).

Installation Instructions

To install the SupportPac:

1. Download wa07.zip to the installation directory of Websphere MQ Workflow, for example \fmcwinnt or /usr/lpp/fmc.
2. Uncompress using InfoZip's Unzip .
3. This will create the necessary files and sub-directories. If you use other unzip programs, ensure you specify the option to re-create stored directories.
4. You may delete wa07.zip
5. Follow the instructions in the guide.html file in the /doc directory to complete the installation of the SupportPac.

Note: wa07.zip contains a copy of the UPES framework runtime.

Download package

For downloading please contact wmqwf.supportpacks@de.ibm.com

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
wa07.zip 15/12/2005 US English 3990123

Technical support

Category 2 SupportPacs are provided in good faith and AS-IS. There is no warranty or further service implied or committed and any supplied sample code is not supported via IBM product service channels.

Please read the LICENSE2 TXT file that accompanies the SupportPac to determine if you want to use it.

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