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Lotus Domino server maintenance tips

Preventive Service Planning


You should schedule regular restarts of your Lotus® Domino® server to ensure best performance and server availability. Over time, Domino server memory allocation and fragmentation may cause performance degradation on memory constrained systems resulting in unscheduled server outages. Your server maintenance schedule should include the following.


  1. Schedule monthly server restarts.

  2. Perform required database maintenance (compact, fixup, updall, etc.) on names.nsf, admin4.nsf, log.nsf, cldbdir.nsf while the server is down.

  3. Schedule the following tasks on a weekly schedule: FIXUP, UPDALL and COMPACT of all databases while the Domino server is offline.

    NOTE: The weekly FIXUP process can be avoided if Transaction Logging with AutoFixup is enabled on your Domino server, favoring restart recovery time. Additionally, IBM services may recommend against FIXUP if the server being managed is single node (not clustered) and server availability is a customer top priority, In those cases IBM services will recommend running FIXUP after the server has crashed due to corruption. The recommendation to run FIXUP weekly is to reduce the likelihood that corruption would be the cause of crash. If your environment has never experienced a corrupt database, you may be able to skip FIXUP.

  4. Perform tape backup restoration tests to ensure valid recovery data.

  5. Review monthly server statistics for performance and availability issues.
    - Statrep.nsf should be used to complete this review.

  6. Run a Cluster Analysis (if the server is clustered and not a single node).

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