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What makes one database replica larger than another

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In Notes, you replicate a database to several servers. The database size differs substantially from one replica to another. Why does this happen?


There are several factors that can affect the size of a replica copy:
Selective replication - Selective replication formulas are often used to limit the size of replica copies by limiting the documents which are replicated from a master copy.

ACL - If the access control list (ACL) does not allow all of the documents or design elements to replicate, then the replica copy will tend to be smaller than the original.

Read access - If there are reader access lists in documents or design elements that do not include a replicating server/user, then the replica copy will not get those documents or design elements, and will tend to be smaller.

View indices - Just because a view is used on one replica copy does not mean that the view is ever used on another replica copy. The view index might be built on one copy but not on the other (view indices do not replicate). Fewer built view indices means a smaller database.

You can check the view index sizes by looking at log.nsf in the Database Size view. Private views can also contribute to the view indices size since they are not brought over during replica creation or during subsequent replications (this is a function of Private design elements). Private views are listed in the Database Size view of the server's log.nsf, and this is an easy way to check for their presence and size. A local copy (not a replica) of the database can also be examined using NotesPeek to determine if it has Private views.

Replicating deletion stubs - It is possible to not replicate deletion stubs (File --> Replication --> Settings) by enabling "Do not send deletions." This will diminish the size of the replica.

Space used - A database that has many documents and/or design elements deleted will have a lower percentage of space used. This unused space does not replicate. Compacting such a database will reduce the size of the file.

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