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IBM Upgrade Explorer Tool for SAP is an ABAP based IBM copyrighted (IBM © 2007, 2008, 2009) tool which can be used in pre-upgrade analysis. The tool can be used to get technical and basis related information of the current processing environment. The reports may be useful for a client; however, they were designed to be analyzed by IBM’s SAP Upgrade Factory.

The installation procedure is based on SAP’s transport management system. Explorer Tool for SAP analyzes information about the current system only. To date, Explorer Tool has only been tested on R/3 4.6C, R/3 4.7 (Enterprise), and ECC 5.0 with both Unicode and non-Unicode. IBM will frequently update the capabilities of the tool, so always check for the latest version and download it for use with each upgrade.

The Explorer Tool should be installed in the development system and then should be transported to QA and Production in succession following your Transport Management System (TMS) change management process. All reports, transactions, and code is read-only.

Some of the features are of the tool are:

1) Information about ALL development objects
2) Application Module of the programs.
3) Custom forms in different applications
4) ALE Interfaces
5) LSMW Objects
6) Languages Installed
7) Hardware platforms
8) Landscape information
9) Software components and their package levels
10) Used Programs/Transactions ( ST03 )

New in v. 1.6.1
11) Unicode Syntax Errors
12) Database Size and Free Space

New in v.1.6.2
13) New Authorization object to run SUET tool. User should have ZIBM_SUET_EXECUTION role to execute SUET tool
14) Provides the information about system setting( for "Statistical Data Retained For Months") in "Summary Report".
15) Separated the count of obsolete syntax and obsolete function modules in the "Cust_Developments" tab.

Additional features, functions, and the latest enhancements are listed in the documentation below.

The output from both the detail and summary report need to be understood to estimate an upgrade by IBM. Please send both reports in either HTML or MS Excel format to your IBM SAP consultant. The documents and programs on this page are designed to be used by person familiar with SAP and SAP Basis. Please feel free to download our tool with your systems using your standard promote to production paths. The team has made great efforts to make these programs error free. Recently the main program was changed to Z_IBM_UTILITY_UPGRADE to avoid any confusion while the functionality remain same and also the transaction code is still zibm_suet.

WARNING : To be used on R/3 4.6C (support pack SAPKA46C38, SAPKB46C13) or higher version of R/3 or higher system only.

Complete package including transports, Overview & Technical Use Instructions, and Readme files.
SUET 1.6.2 SUET 1.6.2

IBM Upgrade Explorer Tool Read Me File (Installation notes)
IBM SAP Upgrade Explorer Tool _SUET_ v1.6.2 - Readme.pdf IBM SAP Upgrade Explorer Tool _SUET_ v1.6.2 - Readme.pdf

IBM SAP Upgrade Explorer Overview & Technical Use Instructions
IBM SAP Upgrade Explorer Tool v1.6.2.pdf IBM SAP Upgrade Explorer Tool v1.6.2.pdf

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