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PK68103; Runtime usage JDBC provider error with DB2 z/OS

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When you configure Common Event Infrastructure to use DB2® for z/OS® database as repository, the created data source in IBM® WebSphere® Application Server is based on a JDBC driver

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PK68103 resolves the following problem:


Two problems:

1. If we do not change driver type to 4, the datasource cannot connect successfully.

2. If we don't change the Implementation class name the following error will be raised:, the event can not be submitted and will show exceptions such as:

[6/13/08 11:04:16:583 CST] 0000003e SystemOut O __Claim1BG_Claim1_situation = 1 [6/13/08 11:04:16:584 CST] 0000003e SystemOut O GenericBG_Generic_situation = 1 [6/13/08 11:04:25:132 CST] 0000003e RegisteredRes EWTRN0063E: An illegal attempt to commit a one phase capable resource with existing two phase capable resources has occurred. [6/13/08 11:04:25:177 CST] 0000003e RegisteredRes EWTRN0086I: XAException encountered during prepare phase for transaction



The data source should be type 2 based drivers only when the Application Server is installed on z/OS systems and the repository is DB2 z/OS. In all other situations that a DB2 z/OS is configured the data source should use a type 4 JDBC driver.


IBM WebSphere Application Server users that want to install and configure Common Event Infrastructure (CEI) to use a DB2 on z/OS database as a repository.


When you configure CEI to use DB2 for z/OS database as a repository, the created data source in WebSphere Application Server is based on a JDBC driver type 2.


Users who have CEI configured with DB2 z/OS should check their data source configuration and reconfigure in all cases except the prior description.


The behavior was corrected by getting the information about the operating system where the Application Server is installed on. The result is the usage of type 2 based JDBC providers only in case where Application Server is installed on z/OS and using DB2 on z/OS. If the CEI is using DB2 on z/OS but Application Server is based on a different operating system the Application Server database related resources will use a JDBC type 4 driver based approach.

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