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Error "stpolicy.exe has terminated abnormally" appears on Domino console

Technote (troubleshooting)


Occasionally, there are a large number of errors appearing on the console that relate to stpolicy.exe. It appears to indicate a crash in the stpolicy task. The error that repeats is as follows:

Stpolicy.exe has terminated abnormally.

The error has been known to occur in multiple situations, for example, when a server is upgraded to Lotus Sametime 7.5 or in some cases when restarting after a crash or hang.

Resolving the problem

If using Sametime 7.5, make sure the following JVM argument is provided under the [Policy] section of sametime.ini file:

POLICY_VM_ARGS=-Xmx128m -Xms128m -Xgcpolicy:optavgpause

This setting is included by default in Sametime 8.0 and later.

If the error occurs after a crash, hang, or other interruption of service, then take these steps to resolve the error:

  1. Shut down the Domino or Sametime server by executing the quit command.

  2. Using Task manager, if nnotesmm.exe still exists, terminate it.

  3. Delete the pid.nbf file from the data directory

  4. Restart the server.

In a few cases, this error occurred because stpolicy.nsf was corrupt. To address the corruption, try these steps:
  • Run maintenance tasks (for example, fixup) on stpolicy.nsf. Refer to Sametime Community server database maintenance (#1373171).
  • Restore stpolicy.nsf from backup. Or in a clustered environment, you could pull a new replica from another working server.
  • Create a new stpolicy.nsf database using the template stpolicy.ntf. To do so, copy the template to a local Notes workstation, create the new database locally, then copy to the server. After that, you need to configure policies again.

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Software version: 7.5, 8.0, 8.5

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Modified date: 22 August 2017

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