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Error: 'SMSDOM Panic: CreateMutex failed in CGlobalMutex Constructor.....' when installing

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You try to install Lotus Enterprise Integrator® (LEI) on Microsoft® Windows™ without success. When you run "ndctest.exe" as indicated in the troubleshooting steps, you receive the following error message:

    "SMSDOM Panic: CreateMutex failed in CGlobalMutex Constructor....."


This is a Windows error due to a conflict between a third-party product (Symantec Mail Securtiy for Domino) and the LEI installation.


The workaround was to uninstall the Symantec AntiVirus product (SAV) and then install LEI.

Issuing a "quit" command to SAV did not work since the error continued to display during the LEI install which never completed.

As an alternative to uninstalling SAV, try stopping SAV if it's running as an NT Service (set the service to start manually instead of automatically). Also stop the related processes in the NT Task Manager before proceeding with the LEI install. SAV can be reenabled after the LEI install completes.

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Software version: 6.5, 7.0, 8.0

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Modified date: 11 March 2009

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