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The resources provided below can help you successfully plan and execute a migration to a newer version of the WebSphere Application Server. The goal is to provide a central set of information and references to enable you to perform their migrations with little or no assistance. The overall migration process requires careful planning and execution no matter how trivial the technical aspects might seem in order to maintain compatibility for your current applications. 

Various factors will affect the migration scenario you choose. In general it is always advisable to migrate to the latest WebSphere release. However, each migration scenario is unique and requires careful consideration in making that decision.


WebSphere V7.0 and WebSphere V8.0 along with the underlying Java 6 used in WebSphere 8.5 are going End Of Service in April 2018. For more information, please review the announcement at:
For migration workshops in your area - check out

Planning and best practices

Migration Tools
    Whether you are moving your workloads to a later release on-premises or exploring cloud platforms, tools are available to help. Learn more about these tools and find additional resources in the Migration article in the WASdev Developer Center.

    Migration Planning
      Migration Strategy Tool 
        This tool helps you learn about migration alternatives for the future of your WebSphere applications.
      WebSphere Migration Discovery Tool
        The purpose of this tool is to gather basic information on a customer's Java EE applications, Java EE installations, and testing stages and to estimate the effort required to migrate them to WebSphere, or if WebSphere is already in use, to a newer version of WebSphere. This tool also has a cloud discovery feature to learn more about cloud migration options.

    WebSphere Product Migration Tools
      WASPreUpgrade command
        The WASPreUpgrade command takes a snapshot of the configuration data and the installed applications contained in a WebSphere Application Server profile from a previous installation and saves it to a migration backup directory.
      WASPostUpgrade command
        The WASPostUpgrade command takes the data captured by the WASPreUpgrade command in the migration backup directory and merges it into a new target profile, which was created in the newly installed version of the WebSphere Application Server.
      createRemoteMigrJar command
        For remote migrations or cross machine migrations, use the createRemoteMigrJar command to create a JAR file that enables you to run the WASPreUpgrade command on a system which does not have the latest version of WebSphere Application Server installed.
      UrbanCode Deploy: WebSphere Application Server – Configure
        The UCD WebSphere Configure plug-in product manages WebSphere configurations, allowing you to move configuration settings from an older version to a newer version of WebSphere.

    WebSphere Application Migration Tools
      Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries
        This command-line tool allows you to quickly evaluate your application binaries to determine which edition of the IBM WebSphere Application Server is the right fit, to obtain an application inventory, and to perform detailed version-to-version migration analysis. To learn how to use this tool see What is the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries?
      WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit
        This Eclipse-based tool scans application source to perform detailed analysis for WebSphere version-to-version migrations and traditional WebSphere to Liberty migrations. It also supports detailed analysis for migration from JBoss, WebLogic, Oracle Application Server, and Apache Tomcat servers as well as Tomcat configuration migration capability. You can optionally perform code updates where a quick fix is available.
      WebSphere Configuration Migration Tool Eclipse plug-in
        This Eclipse-based tool helps migrate your existing traditional WebSphere resources to a Liberty server configuration file. In addition, it helps migrate your WebLogic or JBoss resources to a Liberty server configuration file, or use it to create a Jython script that, when run, creates equivalent resources in traditional WebSphere.
      UrbanCode Deploy: WebSphere Application Server – Deployment
        The UCD WebSphere Application Server - Deployment plug-in provides capabilities for deploying applications to and performing administrative tasks for WebSphere Application servers.
Migrating from third-party servers
Migrating to the cloud

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