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Fix list for WebSphere Application Server Version 5.1.1

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IBM® WebSphere® Application Server provides periodic fixes for the base, Network Deployment, and Express editions of release 5.1.1. The following is a complete listing of fixes for Version 5.1.1 with the most recent fix at the top.


Cumulative Fix 19 (
Fix release date: 18 July 2008
Last modified: 18 July 2008
Status: Recommended

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Component APAR Description
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK57734 CCSID value "0" in resources.xml is not valid and should not be permitted by the administrative console.
DB Connections/ Connection Pooling PK60000 Map DB2® error SQL30108N to StaleConnectionException.
PK63459 Unable to map SQLException: [ibm][sqlserver jdbc driver]exception generated during deferred local transaction to StaleConnectionException.
Dynamic Cache PK63819 No invalidation event fired in cache replication environment.
EJBDeploy PK62109 The algorithm for determining the "buzzhash" of the generated EJBdeploy code fails for filenames greater than 64 characters.
General PK60181 After issuing "force to stop" on unresponsive Application Server, NodeAgent never issues start command.
Java™ 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK60465 Version 5.1 security-properties in J2C properties file not being set at runtime.
PK60841 SQLException are not being mapped properly during get connection request in version 5.1 only.
PK62166 Issue warning message when isolation=rr and no UpdateWithrr met.
PK63921 Java.lang.NumberFormatException in V6.1/V5.1 mixed node environment.
Java Management Extensions (JMX) or JMX Client API PK60121 NodeAgent does not re-start hung Application Server.
Java Message Service (JMS) PK64471 MSGS0507E error occurs when using WebSphere MQ version 6 as the embedded JMS provider.
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PK61824 Version 5.1 log files are rolling over to filenames with blank spaces.
Plug-in PK61162 The plug-in does not verify the ResponseChunkSize value supplied in the plugin-cfg.xml.
PK62829 Plug-in log error messages are insufficient.
PK63499 Plug-in is marking servers down when a read from the client fails which is causing excessive errors to the user.
PK64492 Plug-in crashes HTTP server when waiting on application server response.
Security PK54749 Failure to login to WebSphere Application Server due to JSAS0130E and JSAS0240E error.
PK56088 SECJ0053E authentication error occurs sometimes when calling remote EJB even though user mapping is correctly configured.
PK57665 Ltpatoken2 not renewing after time out causes login failure.
PK60539 ConcurrentModificationException on Application Server start up with error SECJ0136I.
PK61271 Security cache not used for some security lookups.
PK61436 Potential security exposure in PropFilePasswordEncoder utility.
PK61610 The token received from Webseal did not contain the propagated cachekey attributes from front end server.
PK62427 SECJ0352E: could not get the users matching the pattern when using DNQUALIFIER as a attribute.
PK63118 EJB call sees org.omg.CORBA.NO_PERMISSION: security.JSAS0622E org.omg.CORBA.BAD_OPERATION: any without object vmcid:0x49421000.
PK63274 Performance regression when security attribute propagation enabled.
PK64717 Security attribute propagation does not occur when certificate authentication is set as supported on z/OS® CSIv2Inbound.
Servlet Engine/Web Container PK58331 NoClassDefFoundError seen when httpsession deserializes an object.
PK62447 The port set in the host header of a request is not returned correctly.
PK63329 Hang/deadlock in webcontainer when multiple threads are performing application cache invalidations after PK50969.
Sessions and Session Management PK56991 Unnecessary index/DDL creation during application server startup.
System Management/Repository PK61941 Wsadmin may leave some previously encrypted properties unencrypted.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK50836 Multiple web service clients running in the same application server use the same SSL repertoire for calls to different endpoints.
PK56365 Session context information is being stored in thread local storage.
PK60502 ClassNotFoundException during web service application startup on version 5.1.1.
PK63203 Web Services logfactory is not being imported properly after PK56398.
Web Services Security PK58226 Errors may occur when using ws-security and signing in interaction between V5.1 web service client and V6.1 server or DataPower®.

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Cumulative Fix 18 (
Fix release date: 7 April 2008
Last modified: 7 April 2008
Status: Recommended

Component APAR Description
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK52701 The number of "SoapConnectorThreadPool" threads exceed the value of
PK56058 Change diagnostic trace from deployment manager from runtime tab and "ok" fails to save.
PK57377 Dmgr administrative console shows wrong PID number and nodename in the JMS server runtime tab.
Data Replication Services PK42192 HTTP sessions not invalidated properly with single replica.
Dynamic Cache PK47988 Dynamic caching does not work correctly when a LSP uses the "c:import" tag with the "var" attribute from the JSTL.
PK58534 No caching on servlet include when context root is defined as "/.
PK59246 Memory leak when cache entry is returned to the pool.
EJBDeploy PK53975 Code generated by EJBdeploy sqlj=true for CMP beans incorrect.
General PK28619 Update version of struts shipped under optional libraries to 1.2.9.
PK58833 Need the fix for PK45951 available in WebSphere® Application Server V5.1.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK53126 OutOfMemory during a long running stress test.
PK56082 Need fix for version 3.7 of Data Direct JDBC driver so 64 bit return set does not have embedded null values.
PK56545 NullPointerException with ReadAheadHint access intent and empty child tables.
PK59038 Complex SQL queries failing when using MS SQL server after PK50607/PK56082.
Java™ Message Service (JMS) PK60909 Message-driven bean (MDB) listener ports fails to restart following an exception.
Plug-in PK57511 GSKit will not load on HP IA64.
PK57529 A graceful restart of the IBM HTTP Server causes a crash on HP-UX/PA-RISC 11IV2.
PK57661 A "generic" java.lang.NullPointerException message is recorded during a failed regeneration of the HTTP plug-in.
PMI/Performance Tools PK51075 Spurious error messages (PMRM0115E) in log file from request metrics.
PK51549 Java.util.ConcurrentModificationException when running several J2EE clients simultaneously.
PK57218 NullPointerException while closing a J2C connection.
Security PK52765 Unnecessary BBOO0220E SECJ0222E issued after an LTPA token timeout occurs / expires.
PK56855 Potential deadlock issue in WebSphere Application Server V5.1.
Servlet Engine/Web Container PK52059 Potential security exposure with serveServletsByClassnameEnabled.
Sessions and Session Management PK53762 SESN0066E messages in systemout log.
PK55900 SQLException when updating the session context due to recursive database call after PK43693.
System Management/Repository PK51080 Many zero byte tSync files are created in /tmp directory if incorrect ear path is used.
PK60090 Application validation fails, when V6 wsadmin client connects to a V5.1 server.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK56332 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException might be thrown on a Web Services client when an empty array is returned.
PK56398 Improve the serviceability of custom properties within Web Services.
PK57625 SAXParseException occurs when frontend client on Application Server V5.1 sends SOAP request over HTTP to V6.0. Web Services provider.
PK58642 Folder "/web-inf/attachments" is created and folder "attachments" is not deleted.

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Cumulative Fix 17 (

Component APAR Description
Classloader PK50684 opens a zipfile,but never closes it.
Dynamic Cache PK43596 NullPointerExceptions occurred in the invalidation of IDs after getting deserialziaton exceptions.
EJB™ Container PK51366 Ensure correct classloader is on the thread before transaction (tx) 'beforeCompletion' processing for each bean enlisted in tx.
General PK48233 Scheduler ASYN0030E cannot find metadata for J2EE name.
PK51478 Java.lang.NullPointerException when using extended document root and resource does not exist.
PK53203 Subscribers are not able to get messages because they appear to be locked.
Java™ 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK50607 Incorrect row count returned when deleting a row from a table.
Java Message Service (JMS) PK46886 Memory leak occurs after many message listener port restarts.
Plug-in PK44805 Z/OS http plug-in chunked post content data may cause a 500 response code.
PK48785 Sensitive information might appear in clear text in http_plugin.log file.
PK50173 Plug-in should not mark Application Server down when application returns 503.
PK52031 Plug-in returns a raw return code instead of a defined return code.
PK52540 After "apachectl graceful" command, httpd process continues, "http_plugin.log" file descriptor continues increasing.
Security PK46819 Out-of-memory with server-as-client stress run.
PK47489 LTPA token fails to be validated due to invalid signature.
PK47578 SECJ0350E and SECJ0351E error when creating LTPA token from EJB invocation with no realm.
PK47668 Not able to extract value from compound Relative Distinguished Name (RDN).
PK53560 Configurator role unable to update datasource from administrative console.
PK54219 Reduce role based J2EE security overhead.
Servlet Engine/Web Container PK50969 Deadlock in webcontainer code when hot deploy new or updated classfiles.
PK51068 Webcontainer response to unsupported or unrecognized expect header exposes clients to potential XSS vulnerability.
PK54499 Webcontainer option to override fileServingEnabled="true.
Sessions and Session Management PK47847 Session cache ID incrementation reduced for multiple web applications.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK50083 WSDL <binding> before <portType> causes NullPointerException at runtime.
PK52546 Webservices Content-Type is changed from multipart/related to text/xml when the connection from the provider is closed.

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Cumulative Fix 16 (

Component APAR Description
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK49640 Changing the existing JDBC provider name alters the "xa" flag from "true" to "false" in corresponding resources.xml.
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PK45726 Security exposure in wsadmin.
Classloader PK50311 A nullpointerexception is thrown due to the inability of the class loader to read meta-inf/ directory resource.
Data Replication Services PK48561 Hang during data replication service replication.
EJB Container PK46511 Bboo0220e cntr0035e duplicatehomenameexception exceptions when attempting to redeploy an application.
PK49122 Arrayindexoutofboundsexception thrown when serializing / de-serializing of the j2eenames.
General PK43018 Synchronization issues after deploying multiple applications at the same time.
PK46435 Java.util.concurrentmodificationexception in WebSphere Application Server runtime if J2EE application includes an EJB.
PK50321 Too many FFDC entries for probe = 232 in
Java™ 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK42681 Stuck connections functionality isn't working as anticipated. We create stuck connections and WebSphere Application Server does not detect same.
PK45239 J2ca0020e and j2ca0045e errors occur due to a deadlock in the J2C pool manager.
PK49302 Java level deadlock between getconnectionfactory and JTA XA recovery.
Java Message Service (JMS) PK39916 Mdb listener port does not finish coming down, thus this may prevent the WebSphere Application Server to terminate when issuing stop.
Plug-in PK43499 The pages stop getting ESI cached when setting custom property to true.
PK45381 411 post return code ignored.
Security PK42881 "WebSphere Application Server session manager doesn't support "httponly cookies" setting in the http header.".
PK43483 WebSphere Application Server security manager overwrite custom security manager.
Sessions and Session Management PK46781 Session.isnew() returning incorrect value.
PK48737 False session crossover detection.
System Management/Repository PK46519 Error during backupconfig: varmap.null.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK35259 Web services maintainsession property not maintaining httpsession info received from Web services servlet.
PK43398 Web services generated in Rational® Application Developer using the wsdl2java are returning parameters in response in wrong order for non WebSphere Application Server client only.
Workload Management (WLM) PK45785 Concurrentmodificationexception from WLM code.
PK48373 Workload management illegalargument port of out range on client.

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Cumulative Fix 15 (

Component APAR Description
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK40621 After using settraceoutputtofile method in wsadmin, the trace settings in the administrative console view do not change.
Classloader PK42703 Request that a log message be displayed for all versions that shows if there are files in the <was_home>/classes directory,.
General PK38317 Deadlock occurs after repeatedly dropping JMS connections using a generic JMS provider,.
PK40367 "WebSphere environment variable substitution for URL "specification" and name space binding "string value"",.
PK42219 In the http transport access log," the field in the access log (&b) should always be a "-" for 304 responses.".
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK38993 Application server hang with threads stuck in,.
PK39712 J2ca0114w messages occur every time a connection is used,.
PK40920 Connection factory custom property user id and passwrd ignored,.
PK42850 When connecting to i5/OS® an sqlexception is returned with sqlstate hy017 which is not mapped to a staleconnectionexception,.
PK43767 JMS connection leak in vector in,.
Java Management Extensions (JMX) or JMX Client API PK34412 Performance: nodesync recovery after restart,.
Java Message Service (JMS) PK35670 New Deadlock Issue caused by WebSphere V5.0.2.12 between MDB,.
PK42308 Outofmemory received in org/apache/wsif/base/wsifserviceimpl,.
PK43868 The client invokes a one way Web Service over JMS. the client always gets a wsws3411e: request timeout exceeded.,.
JSP PK39842 New Java compiler in V51 is causing poor performance to be seen with V50 JSP when the largebranch option is set to true,.
Plug-in PK37565 Plug-in calls arm API for blocking transactions too late in the process.,.
PK39241 Plug-in memory leaks during arm processing,.
PK39645 Serveriotimeout/ssl/iplanet not working,.
PK40730 Plug-in code sets keepalive=false if content-length is unspecified or chunkedresponse=false in plugin-cfg.xml,.
PK41735 Http 304 (not modified) doesn't remove content-length,.
PK42578 Application server response code of 400 should be considered a failed request instead of failing over to another clustermember.,.
PK43752 Plug-in may cause corrupted memory (and web server crash) when random load balance strategy was selected.,.
PK43921 Malformed headers may cause plug-in code to crash Web Service,.
PK44027 Application server returns 503 status code, and then plug-in returns 500 to client.
PK44334 Parsing error in IIS plug-in causes isapi failure,.
PK44852 WebSphere Application Server hang during ESI clear cache call to plug-in on sunone,.
Security PK36565 LTPA errors during server startup in V5.1,.
PK42672 Security will make multiple LDAP calls when LDAP hostname is mapped with multiple IP addresses.,.
PK43483 WebSphere security manager overwrite custom security manager,.
Servlet Engine/Web Container PK33016 Webcontainer fails to parse parameters in querystring,.
Sessions and Session Management PK38740 Some of the session look ups did not look at the remote server.,.
PK43638 The valueunbound() method not invoked when the session expires, when the session is persisted in database.
PK43693 Session persistence are unable to successfully start the application servers while the session database is down.,.
System Management/Repository PK42426 Application installation hangs when run on an extracted ear,.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK41053 Inconsistent behavior of xsd:date type fields in web services client,.
PK43316 Excessive logging of a java.lang.nosuchmethodexception to ffdc causes performance degradation when invoking web service.,.
Workload Management (WLM) PK40687 WLM nodeagent orb_listener_address > 32k causes illegal argument,.

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Cumulative Fix 14 (

Component APAR Description
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK32462 Excessive console registrations lead to high cpu on the dmgr.
PK36194 Clustertopology of administrative console fails with nullpointerexception.
PK37255 On SSL configuration page "ssl_tls" protocol does not appear in the administrative console.
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PK33611 Wsadmin startup fails with defaultlang jython.
Classloader PK39535 Java™ 2 security warning sec0314w when WebSphere Application Server classloader attempts to read a system property.
DB Connections/ Connection Pooling PK37152 Indexoutofboundsexception using V4 data source when closing a connection with multiple open resultset objects.
Dynamic Cache PK31692 ESI edge cache is caching 500 errors.
PK32201 Outofmemory due to large drs messages.
PK32369 Dynacache servlet error when setheader name and value are null.
PK33017 Memory leak in dynacache.
PK34565 URL encoding issue in dyancache.
PK35824 Extending PK32201 to batching of invalidation events.
EJB Container PK34120 Classcastexception on foreign keys of same EJB running in the same JVM more than once.after PK26539.
PK37051 Indirect look-up from asynchronous bean is not thread safe.
EJBDeploy (WSAD) PK31457 In DB2® 8.1 universal driver setbinarystram() is only valid for blob/clob.
General PK31231 Response splitting addressed in PQ90505 doesn't seem to work in WebSphere
PK34909 Deadlock in JMS component in WebSphere Application Sever.
PK35192 Updi: updateinstaller 5.1 wizard does not necessarily select correct fix pack for uninstall if 10+ fix packs are present.
PK35320 Getresourceasstream() fails on classpath resource that has character '+' in its name.
PK38678 WebSphere Application Sever crashes due to out of memory.
PK38792 The launchclient process locks the preload file when there are just 7-8 app clients being launched. launchclient.preload locked.
PK40122 Increase of CPU utilization when moving to IBM WebSphere Application Sever
PK42455 When stop is issued on the server where localhost is not defined, the server may hang.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK24700 The deployment code for BPEL applications does not get cleaned up after an application "upgrade", or application "uninstall".
PK32186 J2C doesn't initiate destroy of connection for failing getconnection() in a transaction scope for no tx adapters.
PK34305 Intermittent wltc0014e and j2ca0026e in the trace/systemout logs.
PK37379 Cmp entity beans using cmr with enabled datacache show inconsistent results during read.
Java Management Extensions (JMX) or JMX Client API PK31606 Terminate option to use sigkill for faster shutdown.
PK31722 When setting ping interval = 0 it causes high CPU usage.
PK31836 JMX notification is not working with WebSphere implementation ofjmx
PK34814 Adminconfig getid command fails with invalid object name exception.
Java Message Service (JMS) PK32749 Tostring method holding the lock to the connection handle.
Java Transaction Service (JTS) PK32884 Systemexception during resource enlistment.
PK36334 Wtrn0016e logallocationexception occurs during application server startup.
PK38592 Ffdc logging for the transaction component does not log all necessary data.
JNDI/Naming PK37597 Variable for string name space bindings.
JSP PK31995 Jspbatchcompiler does not pick up shared libsin 5.1.1.x.
PK33136 Buffer allocation for tag body content leads to slow performance and poor garbage collection.
Plug-in PK22267 Plug-in did not flush stream buffers before requeuing for reuse.
PK26906 Plug-in ESI processor fails to parse multiple fragment ids in ESI rules.
PK34151 After "apachectl graceful" command, HTTPD process continues, "http_plugin.log" file descriptor continues increasing.
PK34291 ESI response processing could result in web server crash on Solaris.
PK37210 The "maximum size of request content" display of a console is wrong.
PMI/Performance Tools PK34067 Admg0302e message being received when tpv thick client is launched to connect to the deployment manager.
Programming Model Extensions (PME) PK26986 Workarea contexts are not serialized/deserialized.
Security PK26123 Potential security exposure.
PK27681 Out of memory received on version on AIX® .
PK30738 Potential outofmemory error while performing authcache eviction.
PK37522 Application server retrieves the cipher suite for the connection with incorrect values.
Servlet Engine/Web Container PK37113 Introduce webcontainer property "decodeurlasutf8".
PK37613 Debugsessioncrossover property generates false positives.
Sessions and Session Management PK32205 Problem with session persistence and multirow handling.
PK34206 Help improve performance by mulling fields.
PK37500 During error condition, session objects are dumped to stdout.
PK38420 Session object size cannot be determined.
PK38538 Deadlock in session invalidation.
System Management/Repository PK33220 JMX administrative client is not loading the properties file (soap.client.props).
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK23721 On Linux® and other non-Windows® platforms such as AIX, wsdl4j creates an incorrect URL resulting in filenotfoundexception.
PK30557 The application using WSIF causes intermittent failures regarding the commons logging to be setup.
PK32237 Nullpointerexception when wsdl2java is run with http proxy properties.
PK33156 Qname does not support the getprefix method or a 3-argument constructor that includes the prefix argument.
PK34903 Make mutlithreaded client-sent soap headers thread-safe.
PK35736 Cntr0020e due to concurrentmodificationexception when a multi-threaded application uses wsifutils.
PK35966 Wsws3161e produced when wsws3156e should have been when calling the gethandlerchain(qname) to indicate port name not defined.
PK36798 Out of memory exception in web services engine.
PK37098 Leak in web service call.
PK38290 Inconsistent behavior of xsd:date type fields.
PK38516 Web Service application is not able to deploy on
Workload Management (WLM) PK36737 Wlm no_implement after dmgr startup.

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Cumulative Fix 13 (

Component APAR Description
Activity Service PK30787 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException may occur when PMI is enabled.
Admin Console PK30285 Runtime performance advisor page in administrative console cuts off lines to 3 when sorted by 'advice applied to component' column.
Database HttpSession implementation PK29746 Steady increase in heap size causes OutOfMemory error in session components.
PK30585 Session invalidation can be disabled if sessions have been persisted with erroneus future system time.
DynaCache PK29332 The cache monitor display parameters are swapped in the administrative console.
PK29388 A JSP fragment does not appear to be getting cached in dynacache, returning NullPointerException.
IBM Java ORB PK30960 This is an update of the JDK for WAS 5.1.1 to IBM 1.4.2 SR6, or to the corresponding Solaris and HP-UX JDK.
J2C Implementation PK25981 Looping of threads in the code causing high CPU usage. Even if FFDC is disabled, the problem could exist.
PK29710 Enable stuck connection support before connections are created.
PK30380 J2C is reporting incorrect values to PMI for waiters.
PK32838 J2CA0046E when using using custom property password on datasourece.
JMS Server PK32670 J2CA0007W messages appear when using JMS resources.
Messaging Support PK27230 WebSphere Application Server will roll back a transaction to MQ 5.3 CSD12 or later instead of marking it for roll back.
Plugin Config File Generator PK27769 Plugin regen fails to bind the virtualhost name on dmgr, if UseMetaDataFrom binaries is set to true.
PK28568 The web server plug-in invokes armstart for http sub_requests. This causes a memory leak.
Systems Management Subsystem PK31314 ConfigServiceFactory.getConfigService() API returns null object.
Web Container Implementation PK27624 Application server hang getting too many open files error.
PK28415 WebAppInitializationCollaborator is not working as expected.
PK28557 NullPointerException thrown by JasperLoader when the SecurityManager is not null.
PK30121 Some double byte characters in query string are garbled.
Web Server Plugins Native Code PK25623 Plug-in did not correctly check some memory structures used by arm during re-loading of plugin config.
PK27903 Plugin sends content-length header with 304 not-modified.
PK28197 Retry interval is not honored by the web server plug-in.
PK28262 Random load balancing algorithm picks the same server over several attempts.
PK29018 No response sent to browser when last_modified header date is unrecognized.
PK30842 Custom error page is not served when postbuffersize =0.
Web Services PK28502 Web services engine should not log application exceptions to SystemOut.log.
PK30379 Getting an error SCWS2 framesetmodel.execute: java.lang.NullPointerException.
PK30941 The WebSphere Application Server web services engine fails to close connections when an exception occurs.
PK31582 DomParser is returning a 0x0D on first line in Microsoft Windows.
WebSphere Security PK28460 LTPA token validation failed before the expiration time out value.
PK29128 WasReqURL contains full url which includes the hostname, not the relative URL.
PK29217 Client fails to connect to version 5.1.x z/OS server.
PK30174 Rolename authorization fails if rolename placed after "DenyAllRole" in deployment descriptor.
WebSphere Utility Classes PK29725 Potential Security Vulnerability.

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Cumulative Fix 12 (

Component APAR Description
Activity Service PK22966 Activity sessions are left in a suspended state.
Admin Console PK23082 Unable to change the DRS name setting from the administrative console - save is not effective.
PK25202 Narrow querynames to avoid hang when refreshing the status of servers or applications on the adminstrative console.
PK28019 Boot classpath settings will not accept ";" as a valid path separator.
Classloader PK29198 ObjectInputStream class is not using the application classloader to deserialize proxy objects.
DynaCache PK13460 Disk cache performance, garbage collection, additional pmi matrix and cache policy enhancement.
PK24146 Filter out expiration and LRU based invalidation events.
PK24169 Upgraded WebSphere Commerce to V5.6.0.5 and message "SRTServletRes W WARNING: Cannot set header. response already committed" received.
PK24775 Cache policy incorrect when white space surrounds special character in the cachespec.xml file.
PK25800 High CPU can occur when setConsumeSubfragments is called extraneously.
PK25840 Messages filling up in the systemout.log file.
EJB Container PK26539 FindbyPrimaryKey can return wrong object when cache primary key is not properly updated by Application Server.
PK28341 JVM hung with object locking, get WSVR0605W.
EJB Deploy Utilities PK25209 EJB Deploy fails when invoked from the administrative console if the enterprise application contains a lib directory.
PK25565 NullPointerexception in the deployutils::isEJBJarDeployed method.
J2C Implementation PK24565 Logs full of J2CA0106 or J2AC0102, J2CA0099 messages.
PK25940 Enabling J2C trace causes connection leak in multithread environments.
PK26949 Application fails to connect to database using datasource custom properties to authenticate.
J2EE Client PK22266 WSCL0205W displays in the console while running application client module in debug mode from AST.
JDBC Connection Mgr PK26488 Leaking proxy objects when using version 4 style connection pooling.
Management Scripting System PK23789 Wsadmin throws InvalidAttributeValExceptionfor LDAP filters.
Management Subsystem PK19721 WSAdmin scripting isappready() function needs to return additional information about binary extraction progress.
PK21249 Terminate button not working on application servers.
PK24834 Sensitive information may be displayed in the ffdc log.
PK24896 ADMN0001W: unable to parse mbean descriptor file com/ibm/ws/management/descriptor/xml/discovery.xml.
PK25131 Excessive time spent on checking for empty directories slows down the node sync.
Needed for WSADIE PK25219 SOAP Exception with message "unable to marshall" for properties whose name matches a java identifie.
Performance Monitoring Instrumentation PK25610 TPV client hangs on rewind of binary log files.
Resource Adapters PK24767 Call resetconnection in the case of ewlm only if the DB2 driver supports such method.
PK25922 Out of memory exception causeed by adapter ffdc.
Runtime PK25446 The count for "total number of hung threads in the server" becomes inaccurate if the thread name is change.
PK25877 Problem with symbolic links in the install path.
SP related files and defects PK24130 Better buffer usage algorithm for BodyContentImpl buffer.
Systems Management Subsystem PK25440 Multiple Server startup attempts at the same time cause error.
PK26181 Need PK16602 integrated into version 5.1.x.
PK26921 StopServer command fails to resolve variables in version 5.
WSIF Runtime PK22460 WSIF code does not detect dynamic trace filter changes.
Web Container Implementation PK23475 Possible JSP Source Code exposure.
PK24779 Port number is not checked if virtualhost alias contains a wildcard '*' character.
PK26474 WebSphere Application Server is retrieving the cipher suite for the connection from the plugin to the appserver, should be from browser to plugi.
PK27027 ConcurrentModificationException might be thrown when applications are accessed by multiple users simultaneously.
PK28750 Warning message "TldListenerPr W WARNING:Exception thrown.Application may not start normally" appears in systemout.lo.
Web Services PK23616 User Eexceptions should not be logged in WebSphere Application Server's systemout.log.
PK25670 First wsdl:binding extension element used to determine binding namespace.
PK25945 WSWS0045E message should not be logged to trace if ejb has only jms router module but not http router module.
PK26853 Invalid package names generated by WSDL2JAVA when schema namespace includes :.
PK26992 JAVA2WSDL Command generates incorrect wsdl:part names in the resulting wsdl file:
PK27093 Application Server does not return a payload element with the name as defined in the wsdl schema.
PK27306 Unsendable SOAP and JMS messages can be saved to a temporary queue.
PK27664 A null xsd:token causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when processing a soap message with that null token.
PK28594 Anytype[] array mapping is incorrect, it should be base64binar.
WebSphere Security PK23387 Memory leak in webservices call.
PK24566 Additional search facility for LDAP
PK24601 Domain users are not able to login in application.
PK25190 IBM_security_logout results in nullpointer exception .
PK25607 SECJ0106E error caused by nullpointerexception.
PK25709 HTTP Session should not be created if an incoming http request is get.
PK27149 Tertiary table in the security cache is always empty.
PK29595 CacheException on removeEntry method.
WebSphere Utility Classes PK26039 Adjustments made to network clock time causing duplicate uuid events when executing the code on fast processors.
Workload Management PK29781 WLM routing fails after DMGR restart.

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Cumulative Fix 11 (

Component APAR Description
Administrative Console PK20200 Required parameters for a queue connection factory are incorrect.
PK21762 Unable to select the correct database type when deploying an application using the administrative console.
PK21910 Misleading info on the webui that the initial state of internal JMS server should be 'stopped'.
Base httpsession implementation PK19292 DuplicateKeyException in session manager under database persistence.
PK20614 NullPointerException in httpsession invalidate.
PK21006 Session objects remain in the DRSHttpSessCache instead of getting cleaned up when the session has been terminated.
Classloader PK21704 NoClassDefFoundError from customer application code causing a deadlock in the classloader.
Core Console Plugin Module PK17838 Potential security vulnerability with the administrative console.
Data Replication Service PK21576 Memory leak when removing replicated data due to failure to clean up metadata.
Deployment Descriptor Viewer Console Plugin Module PK20574 Blank screen displayed when selecting "view deployment descriptor" for a rar fil.
Dynamic Cache PK21262 Java.lang.NullPointerException is thrown by the cachemonitor application.
PK21504 Implement inactivity timeout for DistributedMap interface in dynacache.
PK21578 Certain methods (cacheproxyrequest) do not implement clone().
PK21655 Add the do-not-cache feature.
PK22899 Duplicate content is given on a cache hit when a parent servlet buffers its child includes. .
PK23942 Extending do-not-cache property support to the edge.
First Failure Data Capture PK24648 Incorrect date formatting in FFDC output.
IBM Java Generic Security Service PK23208 IBMSPNEGO can not consume SPNEGO token that is generated by cURL.
J2C Implementation PK21673 Method clearStatementCache(Object conn) throws SQLException on the WSCallHelper was added to clear the statement cache.
PK22655 Deadlock during FFDC dump for StaleConnectionException.
PK23245 CICS reource adapater tracing is not enabled dynamically when runtime tracing is enabled.
JDBC Connection Mgr PK24259 Supported iseries toolbox driver would not wprk with jdbc datasource.
Management Subsystem PK13727 Deadlock in NotificationService threads.
PK19572 WASX7017E exception in logs when running wsinstance.
PK21089 J2CResourceAdapter information within the deployment.xml is not refreshed properly for an updated resource adapter.
Naming Service - External Interfaces PK17671 Nodeagent does not show cell persistent URL resources.
Naming Service - Implementation - Server Only PK23972 In a mixed node environment, a version 5.1 node was giving a warning message of NMSV0804W when building the system name spac.
ORB Extensions PK19347 ClassCastException occurs when a local EJB is called first time concurrently with noLocalCopies option.
Performance Monitoring Instrumentation PK20883 Node cpu utilization on a server shows up as 100% incorrectly.
Release-to-Release Migration Tooling PK21433 Migration process fails to force DMGR cell names to match.
PK22451 Version 5.0 to version 5.1 migration: application server node migration incorrectly shows MIGR0369E message even with no errors in syncnode.log.
Resource Adapters PK21225 Data storage adapter internal error.
PK21517 Rollback appears to fail on Oracle.
PK23410 Administrative console test connection failed.
Runtime PK22277 HttpRequest.finish() allocates 16k byte array unnecessarily at times.
Runtime Framework PK21567 Server process does not communicate status.
Service Pack related PK22569 MQ is installed separately. Installation of fix pack 1 to Application Server version 5.1.0 removes 4 csd10 file sets from MQ in error.
Systems Management Subsystem PK21265 Wsinstance tool fails to update ports.
PK25778 The "about" section in the home page of the administrative console is editabl.
Trace Information Collection Tool PK22724 The collector output jar contains case sensitive and lowercase paths.
PK23334 Provide additional command line options when using the collector with the -help option.
PK23654 Collector does not collect directories on non-Microsoft Windows platforms.
Transaction Monitor PK20056 The transaction is taking more time than the transaction timeout setting of 120 seconds.
PK20881 Application server hangs due to deadlock when multiple application servers are involved in a long-running transaction.
PK22074 CNTR0019E occurs when using ExtendedJTATransaction to manage caching.
Web Container Implementation PK20196 Invalid hex values in pathinfo should result in bad request instead of blank page.
PK21347 After applying apar PK10219, there may be some instances where a servlet will have 2 instances of some of the http parameters.
PK22673 Equal sign ("=") in the query string results in java.lang.IllegalArgumentException after PK0950.
PK22795 Webcontainer is maintaining references to compound class loader.
PK23011 If file name or path contains double-byte character set (DBCS) characters the file cannot be displayed.
PK23256 Euro character not working in ISO-8859-15.
PK23481 Decoded uri path elements should not consider a plus sign "+" to be a special character. (only in query strings.
PK23496 SendError(), in the HttpServletResponse, throws an exception if the getOutputStream() had previously been called.
PK23670 Possible JSP source code exposure.
PK24263 Request object is not properly reset on an exception during included servlet initialization.
Web Server Plugins Native Code PK16296 Plugin fails to recognize the server as being active on servers (with plugin esiInvalidationMonitor) that were marked down.
PK22267 Plugin isn't flushing buffer before it returns the socket.
PK22999 Plugin should not pass the client: connection: header to Application Server.
PK23493 Plugin returns incorrect HTTP response for apache after PK19936.
Web Services PK23362 Using complexType with simpleContent with restriction to another complexType, WSDL2Java generated the wrong code.
PK20442 Updated SAAJ can be used to set the SOAPAction header.
PK20869 WSDL2JAVA emitted helper file won't compile with restriction to a date, datetime, or time type.
PK20938 NullPointerException occurs with web services engine trace on when Configured.getOption is called from web services handler.
PK21113 WebServices JSSESocketFactoryclass cannot handle http status line with multiple spaces.
PK21320 wsws3039e: error: resource has been deleted.
PK21929 Using SOAPMessage.writeTo method to log full message content - the message contains duplicated attachment part.
PK22260 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException may be produced when euro characters are used in SOAP messages.
WebSphere Security PK19527 LDAP queries for nested groups are too expensive.
PK23252 LDAP registry implementation gets no route to host while starting the application server.

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Cumulative Fix 10 (
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Component APAR Description
Administrative Console PK13771 Password custom property for j2c connection factory should be encoded in the administrative console and resources.xml file.
PK17936 Setting operating system name parameter has no effect.
Application Install Tool PK16831 Documentation of AppManagement API usage.
Base HTTPSession Implementation PK17746 Multiple DRSHttSessCache instances results in java.lang.OutOfMemory.
PK19100 Web module or application name in the "session object internals" section of a session trace is missing.
PK19389 Performance degradation with sesion serial access.
Data Replication Service PK15961 High CPU utilization caused by the data replication service.
Dynamic Cache PK12081 Caching html with comsume-subfragment=true throws exceptions.
PK18803 Cachespec.xml file needs to be modified because of apar PQ93063.
PK18921 Add a method to FragmentInfo that will disable automatically appending the method type to the cache-id for GET and POST requests.
PK19299 Dynacache is dependent on absolute URI. This can cause fragments not to be cached.
DynaCache Monitoring Application PK13087 CacheMonitor application triggering OutOfMemory condition.
EJB Container PK16329 J2CA0081E: method destroy failed while trying to execute method destroy on ManagedConnection.
PK19059 Application gets less detail for an exception than an application server.
J2C Implementation PK17508 Memory leak when getting a connection handle on a spawned thread and closing the same connection handle on Application Server thread.
PK19133 Multi threading issue with Subject class processing inside security wrapper class.
PK20988 Purge pool immediate throws a ClassCastException.
Management Scripting System PK17493 $AdminApp taskInfo command fails for war files.
Management Subsystem PK01943 Allow dynamic JSP updates.
PK16490 Node validation is ignored after PK11271, 5.1.1.
PK16492 Addnode.log file may contain sensitive information.
PK16645 Nodeagent not re-starting an unresponsive application server after it stops it even though auto-restart is enabled.
Messaging Support PK17866 NullPointerException and listener ports fail to start when (or PQ97829) is applied.
NT Service Launcher PK16872 Problems with Japanese machines and Microsoft Windows services.
PK18205 Wasservice.exe continually tries to restart an application server if the java process is killed using Microsoft Windows taskmanager.
ORB Extensions PK17967 Using the IIOPTunnelServlet will cause incoming requests to hang during heavy load. Smaller load is handled successfully.
Performance Monitoring Instrumentation PK20342 PMI viewer request type=server but it receives jvmRuntimeModule data instead.
Resource Adapters PK09641 Using oracle's specific method getNUMBER on ResultSet object from wscallhelper.jdbcpass gets java.lang.IllegalAccessException.
Runtime PK16703 An IllegalStateException is thrown when the content-type header is not included in the response.
PK18129 The Dumpnamespace utility causes high CPU in the nodeagent.
PK20366 Pre-load class files cause classloader errors when custom registry files are located in /lib/ext directory.
Runtime Framework PK20367 Enable the WebSphere application server runtime to accept endpoint host names specified as variables.
Systems Management Subsystem PK14684 Change WebSphere embedded messaging message to indicate the server portion of WebSphere embedded messaging is not installed.
Trace Facility PK13288 If an application changes the timezone with TimeZone.setDefault(), it can effect the time for all application.
PK17709 Memory buffer trace settings do not get output to systemout.log.
Transaction Monitor PK17131 the current transaction has beenrolled back because of a deadlock or timeout.
PK19059 Application gets less detail for an exception than an Application Server.
WSIF Runtime PK17996 Operation of a service can't be determined when using multiple operations and WSIFobjects are separate for send and receive calls.
PK19407 A file called client-config.wsdd in a .war file is not being picked up by the classloader.
Web Container Implementation PK20181 Source code of a JSP might be displayed.
Web Server Plugins Native Code PK14635 Requests are sometimes routed to the incorrect server.
PK14887 Enable use of ServerIOTimeOut in plug-in module on Solaris platforms.
PK19936 When Application Server returns HTTP response code 200 OK, the plugin resets this to custom HTTP response code.
PK20628 Remote Internet Information Server 6 causes "unexpected end of file from server" SocketException in web application.
Web Services PK01685 Application startup takes too long or may run out of memory when application has large file sets.
PK03790 Web service invocation from service integration bus / web services gateway returns Server generalException error.
PK10189 Java2WSDL does not create import element when one schema references another.
PK15328 The MDB should execute a rollback if any error occurs.
PK17152 The emitter file generated by WSDL2Java for large WSDL file gets compilation error "code too lar."
PK17242 Web service call connects to wrong endpoint.
PK17473 When using an authenticating proxy server, a web service invocation fails with authentication erro.
PK18409 Requests through proxy server must retain absolute Request-URI.
PK18424 Webservice request with an attachment often causes the messages,WSWS3234E and TRAS0014I, to be logged even though the transfer succeeds.
PK19168 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException error because WWW-authenticate is in incorrect format.
PK19906 The AttachmentPart.getSize() method returns the wrong size.
PK20275 SOAPMessage.writeTo in Handler Causes a Protected State Violation if the message contains attachments.
PK20512 Umlaut, utf-8 encoding of xml-files is ignored by the web services engine when delivering a *wsdl, or *.xsd fil.
PK20762 When a JAX-RPC handler is deployed to a WSGW service getLocalName and getQualifiedName return blank.
WebServices Engine PK10832 Useless class generated for simpleContent with restriction.
PK13960 WSDL2Java mapping file generation incorrect.
WebSphere Common Configuration Mode + CommonArchive and J2EE Models PK14566 Sensitive information might be displayed in the trace.
PK15326 WCCM CommonArchive layer has a memory leak caused by the use of File.deleteOnExit.
PK16221 Properties and schemas are missing four schemas; incorrect references to; errors in java.xsd .
PK19408 Update the iFix originally shipped under PK01685 so that it can install on
WebSphere Security PK12070 No option to failover to basic authentication when using certificate authentication and client has no certificate.
PK15682 Security credential cache may be missed.
PK17045 SSL redirect on server fails if server port is listed in multiple virtual hosts with different hostnames.
PK17814 runAsSystem returns null without performing naming action.
PK17870 JSAS0543I, JSAS0548I and JSAS0414E error messages in systemout.log file during server startu.
PK19167 SPNEGO token created by ibmspnego.jar is not consumable by Microsoft Internet Information Server.
PK19195 A corrupt token may cause security issues on Solaris operating system.
PK19899 TAI doesn't show the correct number of PDPrincipals.
Uncategorized PK15571 Inserting certain script tags in URLs may allow unintended execution of scripts.
PK16432 J3CA0056I error when closing a JMS connection from a servlet running inside of WebSphere Appliation Server version5 or 6.
PK16915 Web service invocation from the web services gateway gives proxy authentication error when SSL is enabled.
PK22257 Error from web services deploy tool: exception thrown: error saving jar.

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Cumulative Fix 9 (
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PK08647 '*=dump=disabled' tracing has no effect.
PK10560 Add preferences options on the console users and groups panels in the administrative console.
PK11183 Cannot override JNDI names of ejb-refs (ejb-ref binding) from specifying a bindings file in administrative console.
PK11486 Sensitive information may be printed in log when orb comm tracing is enabled.
PK11652 Instance pool needs to be implemented by the JSPContainer for a Singlethread model.
PK12004 Property to flag off webcontainer setting the default content type (text or html).
PK12022 $AdminConfig list EndPoint $scope command list all endpoints irrespective of scope specified.
PK12033 Application server will not start due to invalid binaries after EAR deployment and full resynch.
PK12482 Cleanupnode does not remove the server from a cluster if that server is no longer on the network.
PK12711 Wsadmin returning "0" for CCSID even when not specifying anything in the console in creation of MQ queue destination.
PK12999 Administrative console allows a large number for maximum number of historical log files which causes server start failure.
PK13062 ABENDU4039 running z/OS WebSphere Application Server. Application looping performing SessionData.removeAttribute.
PK13493 Deadlock reported in webcontainer code "".
PK13496 Adminclient.html information center page is misleading with the security settings required.
PK13701 BuildRrecoveryClassLoader fails with java.lang.ClassCastException.
PK13781 Response.isCommitted() retuns false after a call to the sendRedirect() method.
PK13785 throws a ZipException when restoring large zip files.
PK13792 Getpathinfo() returning garbage with utf8.
PK13843 In the administrative console, the runtime tab and configuration tab often switch places.
PK13852 J2cCconnection factory passwords need to be decoded due to PK13771, which now encodes these passwords.
PK13989 The FileServing servlet reports the wrong error message.
PK14171 IllegalStateException occurs when using external cache.
PK14220 Attachments received by a web services client are not deleted from the filesystem.
PK14228 SessionPersistenceMode attribute is not being migrated during Migration.
PK14247 unknown protocol: jms.
PK14281 IsAppReady funtion which was incorporated in version does not work as expected.
PK14396 J2CA0088W seen when under a heavy load.
PK14635 Requests are sometimes routed to the incorrect server.
PK14673 MOF attributes or references get modified concurrently.
PK14709 ConcurrentModificationException with the database persistence thread.
PK14826 NullPointerException when committing a connection.
PK14887 Enable use of ServerIOTimeout in plug-in module on Solaris platforms.
PK14952 Re-include dynamic weight updates.
PK15038 High CPU with low load and the data replication service configured.
PK15137 GetResource() returns null URL on implied dir in JAR.
PK15208 Data Replication Service does not mark servers down when network goes down.
PK15310 Performance enhancements when replicating invalidation events.
PK15338 EARExpander returns error code 0 (which means success) even though the command actually failed because of a corrupt EAR.
PK15437 ArrayIndexOutOfBounds: 0 Exception in ClusterDescription.
PK15493 Extra comma may be incorrectly appended to security name.
PK15540 The Edge Side Include (ESI) statistics were not returned to the user with correct values.
PK15544 Cluster member launch fails with thread hung waiting on NodeSync completion event.
PK15582 JVM hangs when the preloader attempts to create a temp file.
PK15676 Memory leak in was.activity of com/ibm/ws/activity/activitycoordinatorimpl objects.
PK15680 FormLogout page may not be found.
PK16066 Randomly, application servers are not being restarted during nodeagent start, as per the monitoring policy setting.
PK16068 Generated start server scripts don't use the umask set in the server.xml file.
PK16085 Sensitive information is shown unencrypted in the trace.
PK16100 A JCA connection in the WebSphere Application Server connection pool is not reused.
PK16216 If the include file ends with .ssi (instead of .jsp) and contains double-byte character set (DBCS) characters, the page shows up garbled.
PK16249 Application server may hang in session code.
PK16300 Enabling tracing using both grop name(s) and component name(s) will not behave as expected, group levels will get applied last.
PK16307 WebSphere application server will not allow zero as a valid input on the orb_listener_address.
PK16324 Migration doesn't retain the enable="false" setting.
PK16480 Org.omg.CORBA.NO_IMPLEMENT: no Useable Targets error occurs on JNDI lookup of EJBs after deployment manager restarts.
PK16489 Web service invocation from the web services gateway gives proxy authentication error.
PK16520 Errors when creating the extension helper database helper.
PK16569 $AdminConfig listTemplates command fails with ConfigDataNotFoundException.
PK16671 Java heap grows till OutOfMemory because of leak in com/ibm/isecuritylocalobjectcsiv2utilityimpl/sessionhashtable.
PK16887 Duplicate entry when updating a performance metric.
PK16914 Memory leak in com/ibm/ejs/j2c/j2cxaresourcefactory hashtable.
PK16987 WebSecurityException: invalid URIi passed to Security Collaborator when the pathinfo is null in the request.
PK17064 ANT build fails with StringIndexOutofBoundsException: string index out of range: -1 exception.
PK17190 ClassLoder is not loading the files in DFS.
PK17501 Update of ccf.jar to fix synchronization problem.
PK17698 Creating a cluster member fails with NullPointerException.
PQ94384 Post parameters not preserved in form login per servlet-specification-2.3 section

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Cumulative Fix 8 (
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PK03208 Plug-in config file generated incorrectly.
PK05700 Unexpected empty result set returned when LifeTimeInCache data for bean which is CMR of another which itself is CMR, has expired.
PK06622 wsdl2java generates wrapped objects for non-soap binding WSDL.
PK06778 wasservice.exe does not stop running when the service is told to stop, even though Application Server's java process stops.
PK07342 OutOfMemory error occurs when large number of WSIF requests are submitted to web services engine.
PK07804 Recursive element definition in WSDL redefine block causes an infinite loop in wsdl2java that leads to WSWS3185I and WSWS2039W.
PK07834 PD_WAS.prop is incorrectly synchronized from Network Deployment to other nodes in a distributed environment.
PK07938 Wildcard * in plugin-cfg.xml file doesn't act like normal regular expression.
PK08678 $AdminControl help startServer wait time information needs correction.
PK08893 Sync fails with NullPointer exception.
PK09218 Purge connections on xa_retry for DB2 client reroute.
PK09331 Plug-in generation failed on multi-homed dmgr machine.
PK09505 Include parameters corrupt when using Double-byte Character Set (dbcs).
PK09684 Security invocation credential expired.
PK09707 Filter value is not retained for clusters.
PK09786 Deadlocks detected in session manager during session preinvoke & postinvoke operations.
PK09798 In the administrative console, servlet exceptions occur when creating a new data source for a user defined jdbc provider.
PK09928 When jmsDeliveryCount property is not set when JMS message is constructed, number format errors are logged in FFDC.
PK09929 Enhance classloader classpath caching
PK10107 Security issue with Administrative Console.
PK10219 getQueryString() returns null when serveServletsByClassnameEnabled="true".
PK10276 Dynamic cache unrestricted growth in internal push-pull table.
PK10452 Hostname name entry check in serverindex.xml is case sensitive when creating unique ports for server.
PK10456 Memory leak in fragmentcomposer of dynamic cache.
PK10582 PMI returns incorrect statistics for given object name.
PK10791 Internet Information Server integrated authentication causes repeated 401 error with plugin isapi.
PK10794 Memory leak in FragmentComposer for applications with large servlet responses.
PK10816 Deploying a gateway service with WSDL location uddi and with proxy authentication enabled fails with error WSGW0072E.
PK10856 addNode command fails when directory tree includes "cells" or "nodes" directory.
PK10947 JMX password in clear text in ffdc logs.
PK10989 Problem using special characters with ids and passwords and using basic authentication.
PK11017 Sensitive info is showing in session trace from session context.
PK11112 java.util.ConcurrentModificationException in sessioncont extmbeanadapter.getSessionsInfo() method.
PK11145 All data sources are listed regardless of the jdbc provider name specified.
PK11153 Application Server does not throw a StaleConnectionException when the SQL exception that should throw it is in the middle of the stack.
PK11271 Security permissions problems when client tries to save to master configuration.
PK14211 Unable to use absolute url for logoutexitpage value on post ibm_security_logout.
PK11457 Ant task fails when nowait option used on start- or stopServer method.
PK11478 WSADIE generated CICS ECI integration code causes java 2 security failure.
PK11530 Problem with base64binary and hexbinary types.
PK11550 Invalid access control error for the resource adapter.
PK11637 Compare INET address on quiesce instead of by hostnames.
PK11691 Java.lang.arrayindexoutofboundsexception thrown when using the tivoli performance viewer for WebSphere Application Server v5.1.
PK11825 Deadlocks when setting the cmp field directly in the ejbLoad of an application.
PK11879 Version 5 application fails with serialization cannot occur for java.util.arraylist when using array/ejb in handler in v 6.0.2.
PK11928 Provide additional information to dynamic cache in push-pull environment.
PK12208 ClassNotFoundException using generic URL support.
PK12319 Security/integrity exposure in http request handlers.
PK12376 ISMP is not able to handle DLFS file system on AIX® .
PK12396 When running a webservices program with security enabled, memory usage increases when a lot of soap exceptions occur.
PK12578 LDAP search may not find user attributes in zOS LDAP with RACF.
PK12621 Don't pretty print domsource.
PK12635 If using LDAP registry with special characters (such as \ ), authorization may fail .
PK12679 IBM SDK 1.4.2 SR3, solaris 1.4.2_09+IBM ORB142 SR3 and hp-ux ORB142 SR3 ifix for v6 and v5.1.1.
PK12707 JDBC provider template files have duplicate identifiers causing conflicting datasource entries
PK12830 ESI plugin should be able to disable saving of the jsession cookie.
PK12861 Implement ClassloaderURLConnection.getContentType().
PK12925 Performance monitoring on a linux sles operating system is returning an incorrect value for free memory.
PK12927 ORA-25408 is not mapped to StaleConnectionException so connection pool purge policy is not enforced.
PK12998 Init method on the oracle.sql.struct class is not permitted from jdbcpass.
PK13197 Adding back setDatabaseDefaultIsolationLevel() method.
PK13224 Application Server may use the wrong mechanism to verify a client.
PK13301 SOAP fault name missing from external wsdl interface definition generated by web services gateway.
PK13358 Unlock jar files in shared libraries.
PK13464 Isolation level switching may lead to integrity or deadlock issue in DB2.
PK13540 Deadlock in drs code causes application server hang.
PK13777 Memory leak in the drsHttpsEssCache.
PK13814 The date and time format in ffdc is not consistent with other runtime logs.
PK13853 Application server hang in the drs component.
PK13866 Cluster context is not bound in the name space when a cluster is created.
PK13903 Application Server will not start with an environment variable of path [a through =] in ASCII value in the Windows command environment.
PK14076 NullPointerException in
PK14128 NullPointerException is thrown when detail is added to a SOAPFaultException.
PK14201 Web services gateway namenotfoundexception appears in trace.log.
PK14328 The parent servlet cache entry still does not cache on first hit.
PK14478 IO error read timed out after PK08648.
PQ97829 Not able to use the WebSphere variable as a queue manager name.

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Cumulative Fix 7 (
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APAR Description
PK03077 In mem-mem mode NullPointerExceptions are thrown by the session manager during invalidation processing.
PK03986 Unable to generate unique session id.
PK04465 Application server hangs.
PK05011 Sensitive informaion is being displayed in the session trace.
PK05916 Undefined class error on wsdl2java when WSDL contains complex type with underscore in it.
PK05996 DuplicateKeyExceptions are thrown when the session id is invalid.
PK06181 Modifying transaction service properties would set enable = false for transaction service in server.xml.
PK06439 Variables in log path are not being displayed correctly.
PK06694 PLG: Expires header not present for 304 status code response.
PK06792 Unable to get PMI data using omegamon and a NullPointerException results when an attempt is made to get the PMI data.
PK06860 Intermittent poor response when application code uses java.lang.thread.stop().
PK06934 Add trusted method array on class oracle.sql.Array .
PK07048 LocalNotificationServiceDispatcher is creating small objects and exhausting the java heap. OutOfMemory in class.
PK07210 Code change to associate the CacheableReferenceable with the JNDI Cache.
PK07266 Configservice.discard() should require configurator role.
PK07706 wsadmin throws OutOfMemoryError when deploying large ear.
PK07767 NoSuchElementException when 2 wars which have exactly same name are contained in different ears after PQ89113.
PK07832 Soap Connector fails with an expired credential token. Getting secj0306e and secj0306e in the application server log file.
PK07859 Original ear file gets deleted during deploy from administrative console.
PK07880 Reduce CPU spike when running dynamic cache disk cleanup.
PK07887 Replication causes memory growth when resets occur. Pooled topic subscriber wrappers are not getting unsubscribed.
PK08205 The KeyRingPassword custom property for cics resource adapter is not masked in administrative console and resource.xml file.
PK08257 WSWS3368E is logged when a webservices client tries to deserialize an empty array due to a SAXParserException.
PK08259 Dead lock, hang in drs -- in method drspools.getaccjms.
PK08426 Disable informational debug messages on the trace log file.
PK08430 Fix transactional behavior of SOAP/JMS for one-way operations.
PK08540 404 error displayed instead of 200.
PK08648 Leftover data from a previous request corrupts the request method of a subsequent request.
PK08677 Fix content-type handling in mime messages with respect to SOAP/JMS.
PK08959 Use com.sun.jndi.ldap.connect.Timeout for non ssl connection.
PK09023 PLG: Plugin incorrectly decodes certain incoming urls into signed characters with negative values.
PK09067 Web service handlers may not be invoked if port name starts with lowercase letter.
PK09185 PLG: IBM HTTP Server 1.3.x crashed when mod_alias is run before application server plug-in.
PK09237 AutoRestart=true on the JMS server has no affect in some conditions.
PK09246 PLG: Unable to load ARM library on HP-UX.
PK09320 PLG: CloneSeparatorChange change wasn't reflected in plugin-cfg.xml.
PK09795 ClassCastException in SAXParserFactoryImpl class
PK09964 Allow configuration of the server header.
PK10132 AccessControlException thrown when running a servlet under an external security manager.
PK10145 WSNinitctx.close() does not need to get a new initial context if it does not have one.
PK10208 Not able to install cumulative fix on top of Express version
PK10333 Credential is returning a Null GetUniqueSecurityName.
PK10400 PLG: HTTP Response code not correctly set.
PK10997 Content type not set correctly if dynacache is enabled.
PK11117 ClassCastExceptions are seen when security encryption is enabled on the replication domain.
PK11286 Unable to start WebSphere Application Server after a power outage. It complains of a "tranlog corruption".
PK11388 Create one ClassLoader, only, per application module.
PK12027 Memory leak in invocation cache after applying cummulative fix

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Cumulative Fix 6 (
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APAR Description
PK01714 Warning message in log files when using WPS 5.
PK01733 PQ89391 does not correct all problems with removal of config files during startup.
PK02205 Node agent is slow to detect hung/unresponsive application servers.
PK02406 In memory to memory mode, session.RemoveAttribute by the application is not removing the attribute from the backup servers.
PK03077 In memory to memory mode, NullPointerExceptions are thrown by the session manager during invalidation processing.
PK03366 Shutdown web application does not release classloader and its associted objects.
PK03423 Standalone checkbox improperly exposed on Admin panel.
PK03430 PK00346 did not completely correct the serverindex.xml corruption. Need to sync the EMF code.
PK03711 Session invalidation is delayed for in-memory sessions if customer's application performs forwards/includes.
PK04091 Provide a configurable property for determining buffer size.
PK04170 The validation code generates incorrect message "error_drssettings_local_broker_name_required".
PK04255 Application server startup shows non-encrypted password for LDAP user registry server password.
PK04365 Update adminconsole v5.1.x for french translation. change "rechargement annul " to " rechargement activ ".
PK04380 EJB clients fail to connect to application server after restart.
PK04493 Session.getValue returns the attribute after the attribute was removed earlier in the same request.
PK05011 Sensitive information is being displayed in the session trace.
PK05013 Implement SOAPAction support for SOAP/JMS.
PK05095 JMS server initial state is always set to started in the Admin Console.
PK05162 Cannot add the schema name to the table name for the scheduler database without getting schd0046e errors.
PK05340 Service.getwsdldocumentlocation() returns invalid URL.
PK05365 Cntr0040e and dsra9110e are logged when running finder method ofan EJB; the find succeeds ok, but the messages are logged anyway.
PK05604 When setting the invocation cache = 0, the application server will throw an error: lrucache e out of memory:.
PK05677 RdbOnePhaseXAResourceImpl needs to accomodate system exceptions.
PK05682 The number of"com/ibm/ws/webcontainer/srt/webappinvoker" objectsis almost double the number of the invocation cache setting.
PK05689 On Linux platform, unresponsive application server causes hang in node agent.
PK05701 Webservices engine not cleaning up the workspace.
PK05839 Request fails if encoding is surrounded by quotes.
PK05841 Allow default isolation level to be specified on the datasource.
PK06032 Wstemp directory is accessed for writing events before it is created.
PK06078 DB2 client reroute SQLExceptions should be mapped to StaleConnectionException.
PK06173 Nested "root" exception is not returned when using EJB local or remote interfaces when transaction begun in bean method context.
PK06177 Nested "root" Exception is not returned when using EJB local or remote interfaces when transaction begun in bean method context.
PK06317 Unable to display cluster topology.
PK06371 Servlet exception on process logs ok button in Administrative Console.
PK06421 PLG: High availability changes to WebServer plug-in.
PK06524 A SOAP JMS Web service invocation from the Web services gateway returns GeneralException: transport 'wsifjms' not found.
PK06574 PLG: Plug-in causes IIS to crash when unexpected EOF is received in response.
PK06699 EAR file w/ overly long WSDL filename uninstallable.
PK06750 The version value being output by the PMI Servlet (perfservlet) does not reflect current WebSphere version.
PK07045 Using overloaded methods in Web services does not work.
PK07143 When an EJB on a server calls another EJB on another server, if client inactivity timeout is met the first server can't tell.
PK07187 DRS causing application server crash.
PK07191 Options to generate EJBdeploy code for SQL92 and SQL99 are not available in the Administrative Console for WebSphere Application Server.
PK07207 PQ84102 is not fixing the issue that was supposed to be fixed.
PK07263 ExceptionIninitializerError when using tag libraries after PQ83860.
PK07288 PLG: Issues generating plug-in. gets error plgc0028e:.
PK07366 Sensitive information is shown in plain text in FFDC log when exception is thrown.
PK07443 PLG: Plugin causes IBM HTTP Server to crash when accessing the application.
PK07544 Hang in WebSphere, with Dynacache configured.
PK07704 NullPointerException is thrown when the trace string is set to *=all=enabled.
PK07807 Conm7006e exception says "satasource" instead of "datasource".
PK07954 DRS timesout when another instance has been stopped.
PK07969 Improve PK07045 fix.
PK08023 StreamCorruptedException when using byte array in session data.
PK08130 JSP compile error after applying PK03366.
PK08168 PLG: Cache monitor for ESI generates incorrect output under certain conditions.
PK08339 Wmsg0050e generated when starting WebSphere Application Server due to a Java.lang.NullPointerException.
PK08581 WebSphere Test Environment (WTE) hangs during startup after applying SP or PK01688.
PK08582 fails with Java.lang.NoClassdefFoundError: com/ibm/ws/bootstrap/wslauncher.
PK08832 State in Java docs that helpers can't be used by apps directly.
PQ94384 Post parameters not preserved in form login per Servlet-spec-2.3 section
PQ96173 Error during validation of server cluster membership
PQ98340 Message chkw5525e the alias xxxxxx is used by more than one security authorization entry.
PQ98552 Some files are being added twice into the collection.
PQ98616 Application EAR file is not able to save as in WebSphere releaseof AAT (Application Assembly Tool).

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Cumulative Fix 5 (
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APAR Description
PK00068 Add debug message for debugging flushToDiskOnStop function.
PK00176 Result of WSDL file is not the same between the Java2wsdl.bat command and same feature in WebSphere Studio Application Developer GUI.
PK00281 Cannot run WSADMIN under an instance.
PK00348 Dmgr hangs during the save process when workspace files are moved into the master configuration, multi-thread issue.
PK00453 When a WSADMIN script deletes the last replication domain entry in the file, it also deletes the config file.
PK00682 Invalidating a large number of entries in cache takes a long time.
PK00856 Deadlock when HTTPconnection class tries to log a message whose text cannot be found and RAS attempts to log message too.
PK00890 Java.util.ConcurrentModificationException encountered due to some other thread modifying the same resource.
PK00893 After starting nodeagent, it displayed as stopped in the Administrative Console, even though nodeagent is up and running.
PK01157 Administrative Console should not accept more than 1 output file name in the process log or JVM logs.
PK01215 PLG: 404 response was received when custom ErrorDocument was defined in httpd.conf.
PK01384 StackOverflowError and server crash when a WSDL contains illegal circular references.
PK01396 WSADMIN $AdminConfig modify $QqueueConnectionFactory $AttributesCommand throws ConfigServiceException after PQ92961.
PK01435 WSADMIN.bat script doesn't pass return code to Microsoft Windows like script does on UNIX® systems.
PK01523 Some scenarios of logging on to Administrative Console with 2 different users shows error 404 before the console comes up.
PK01601 When two applications are stopped in succession, the second application will encounter a NullPointerException during servlet destroy.
PK01665 the scheduler tables are not accessible.
PK01724 If subclass of Java.lang.exception is thrown, errorhandle2 is not shown.
PK01801 JSession id needs to integrate with authentication session error 500: sesn0008e: sessionContext.
PK01812 TAI header response is already committed when application server tries to write to it, failure generates errors in SystemOut.log.
PK02063 Need option not to display certain querystring parameters when trace is enabled.
PK02087 NullPointerException when stopping TIVOLI HTTP JMX admin MBEAN.
PK02090 Recursive messages are displayed every 10 seconds in SystemOut.log.
PK02109 When the nodeagent is restarted, the following exception is logged, org.omg.corba.object_not_exist:bad_server_id (1).
PK02127 Sequence of stopnode -stopservers is incorrect.
PK02369 The default connection timeout for a JDBC connection pool is 1800 seconds when it should be 180 seconds.
PK02412 SessionID being reused even though "UseInvalidatedId=false" JVM parameter is being set for session manager.
PK02432 IndexOutOfBoundsException occurs obtaining endpoints.
PK02439 Internal Replication Domains are not listed properly in the administrative console.
PK02464 Session loss during failover.
PK02486 PLG: Plugin marking all clones or JVMs down when only one is down.
PK02503 FFDC logs contain readable passwords which presents security problems.
PK02574 StaleConnectionException was not thrown and connection pool is not clear for shareable global getconnection when an XAER_rmfail J2CA0030e trans error occurs.
PK02640 NullPointerException in thrown during XA recovery.
PK02827 JMS NullPointerException on rollback.
PK02836 Servlet filter parsing is handled incorrectly.
PK02925 Application update fails using "wascon" (config role)sign on, but it works using wsadmin.
PK02976 Java message service listener port deadlock after queue manager restart.
PK03064 PLG: Added support for secure communication using federal information processing standards cryptography to WebSphere Plugin.
PK03111 JSP problem with Turkish locale.
PK03168 Further improve Dynamic cache disk offload JVM memory utilization
PK03189 ConfigurationNotificationThread::buildlsdlist needs same parsing fix as in PK02330.
PK03192 Mark users usuable when successfully routed through LSD.
PK03229 Manipulation of SOAPFault is broken.
PK03275 PMI to mask unidentified messages.
PK03287 J2C auth data password cannot be reflected dynamically into the security runtime using WSADMIN scripting.
PK03534 Disabling sysbase meta data will prevent application server from starting.
PK03695 Add option to run with no EJBPool.
PK03763 The handle list close processing will not close all of the connections in the list if an exception occurs.
PK03848 TIVOLI Performance Viewer does not display information for application servers which contain embedded JMSServers.
PK03904 Administrative console - help is currently not available for the requesteditem.
PK03925 Nullpointer in PMI when refreshing other nodes in mulit-node environment.
PK03943 Session invalidation fails for DB2 on zOS.
PK03973 Migration fails to handle relative path in deployment.xml binariesURL attribute.
PK04002 Microsoft Windows 2003 has to be added to the collector OS list.
PK04077 Using the JRAS logging API, resource bundles located in application .ear files are not located by the runtime.
PK04087 Multiple includes of tag libraries in JSP pages causes XML parsing Exception when JSP is compiled.
PK04177 Application Server does not fully prevent user access to the META-INF and WEB-INF directories.
PK04470 Deadlock condition after server session was returned to pool and marked as empty.
PK04482 Modify classloader to reduce heap consumption.
PK04487 PLG: "RetryInterval" parameter not behaving as expected.
PK04558 Application hangs using SYBASE JDBC driver.
PK04743 The inuse connection information is not correct when WAS.j2c trace is not enabled.
PK04747 Full file system may cause sync to remove applicationss from node.
PK04785 Correct the ServletCacheRequest.IsUncacheable() method.
PK04804 Possible Java deadlock in
PK04837 PLG: Plug-in caused Internet Information Server (IIS) crash when ChunkedResponse is set to "true".
PK04847 Upgrade DB2jcc.jar for cloudscape and modify scripts.
PK05050 Map Exception caused by NullPointerException.
PK05053 Flush the introspector caches.
PK05058 Unexpected error:
PK05256 Ripple start reacts to stopping not stopped, prematurely starting a stopping server
PK05276 The existence of Client.product causes Migration to fail
PK05387 JVM deadlocks related to Dynacache.
PK05616 addDynamicServlet doesn't reset servletpath.
PK05760 During the processing of a Servletrequest the ContentLengthInputStream returns a -1 after PQ97193
PK06004 Stop server link in FirstSteps console defaults to dmgr in base install.
PK06062 A WebSphere Application Server hosted Web service produces a SOAP fault message containing wsws3139e error when invoked from a process.
PK06214 PLG: End of Plugin-cfg.xml file is inconsistant, with extra characters.
PK06427 To resolve the regression caused by PQ92268, do selfCorrection only in DMGR
PK06433 Address concurrent administration issues.
PK06873 Cumulative fix for Client is required.
PK07645 Tracing Enhancement to the following component: WAS.adapter.
PQ93459 Gsscontextimpl.acceptseccontext() with an AbstractMethodError if SPNEGO is configured.
PQ97212 Inability to determine if an installation of a application has completed has been corrected with a WSADMIN function.
PQ97264 Formbased logout does not honor sendredirect.compatibility.
PQ98460 BodyContentImpl buffer length is too long.
PQ98662 When using session persistence to a DB2 database an SQL arithmetic exception occurs.
PQ99291 DB2 SQL codes -30080, -924, and -923 should be mapped to StaleConnectionException.
PQ99687 Secint cross-site security vulnerability in WebSphere Application Server.
PQ99751 Do not add HTTP request info to cache key.
PQ99966 ConcurrentModificationException in nodeagent SystemOut.log file.
PQ99981 Errors in operation implementaion of WSIF provider.

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Cumulative Fix 4 (
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APAR Description
PK00035 TrustStore password printed in ORBRas trace output as plain text.
PK00065 Security: troubles with security when portlet parallel rendering is on.
PK00049 Fixes a problem in the DRS (Data Replication Service) component with 'get' operations.
PK00098 ClassNotFoundException on bean class thrown when getEJBMetadata called on EJBhome from EJB client packaged with EJB client stubs.
PK00117 Startserver -script generated script incorrect export variables missing quotes (" ") and lang.
PK00210 A parked connection handle is created for unshared connections that is not necessary.
PK00265 Memory leak with large number of entity EJB instances.
PK00296 Keyfilename and trustfilename are not being displayed by WSADMIN.
PK00335 MessageDrivenBean preinvoke fails with ResourceException: reassociate call failed.
PK00346 PQ92268 causing corruption to serverindex.xml file with concurrent administrators.
PK00347 If the dmgr hangs during the enterprise application install, 0 byte files will be created and left corrupting the config.
PK00382 Java2 security violation with scheduler and EJBs.
PK00437 Dynacache serving wrong content when replication is enabled.
PK00560 Alleviate WSIF interoperability with SOAP clients restrictions.
PK00564 StockQuote Webservices sample fails to return a quote value.
PK00582 Enlist errors cause message-driven beans to stop detecting messages, and the application server to hang when shutting down.
PK00583 Security mechanism negotiation fails if the target does not support LTPA.
PK00603 NullPointerException when Web service application is stopped and restarted, with PMI enabled.
PK00626 WebSphere application server v5.1.x HTTP request fails if content-type header contains characterset with quotes.
PK00652 NullPointerException in getXAResource().
PK00693 Perfservlet doesn't show connectors containing parenthesis () even though data is recorded and shows correctly in TPV.
PK00773 Allow cross release serialization / deserialization of J2C objects.
PK00776 Applying PQ93063 or sometimes results in UnauthenticatedAccess to secure resources.
PK00852 SSO tokens with custom cachekey from TAI are not handled correctly.
PK01016 The information passed to the authorizationtable interface is incorrect.
PK01047 Error in EJB deploy.
PK01049 ConcurrentModificationException being thrown.
PK01179 Naming Exception when Web services client using SOAP/jms accesses a port other than 2809.
PK01334 When updating applications from WSADMIN using RMI connector, the wsadminscript hangs and the application is not updated.
PK01364 Erroneous "no service has been defined" message when running an application program using JAXRPC interface.
PK01392 Storage leak in B2B XML code caused by Webservices LTPA security code in v5.1.
PK01405 WebSphere Studio Application Developer Integration Edition generated classes are not used to serialize a request.
PK01428 Crash with WebSphere Application Server library
PK01477 Enlist errors cause message-driven beans to stop detecting messages, and the application server to hang when shutting down.
PK01674 Trace can't be set if WSGW installed.
PK01688 Launch on a non-primordial (main) thread.
PK01845 Fix static instance of simpleDateFormat in a threaded model.
PK01916 HTTP basic authentication fails due to incorrect encoding in WebSphere Application Server base (default to platform encoding, should be UTF-8).
PK01923 Stopserver may fail with LDAP registry.
PK02042 ActivitySession.SystemException beginning UserActivitySession.
PK02178 PLG: Need to create symbol files for plug-ins on Microsoft Windows.
PK02306 XA recovery may fail to complete in-doubt transactions.
PK02307 EJB's which get marked as "invalid", for whatever reason, are not removed from the cache and therefore cannot recover.
PK02309 When using custom LDAP registry, if memberof is addded to 'group member id map", LDAP search may fail.
PK02320 Publish the latest vaprt.jar to fix NullPointerExceptions when a composer or converter is passed a null value.
PK02330 When fixed ports are used for iiop traffic, non-LSD host/port entries are placed in the alternateIIOPaddress.
PK02366 Cannot generate Web service from Java bean with read-only attributes.
PK02517 VersionInfo command has syntax errors for languages other than English.
PK02634 Service Pack incorrectly updates the ND.product file in federated environments.
PK02953 Suppress recurrent warning if cause of SQLException is StaleConnectionException.
PK03753 TestHeaderNamespacePollution fails.
PK03796 Duplicate configuation name configuation cause by Express -
PK03801 Test.wsdl.clash fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
PK03852 trace enhancements for the following component(s): WebSphere Application Server.j2c.
PQ86926 Admn0022e access denied for jmx client with global security on.
PQ89620 Compensation service recovery logs not giving enough informationto determine root cause of problems.
PQ90832 in deletemq...log when using
PQ92872 Broker version v1 returning from the WebSphere namespace as opposed to v2.
PQ93063 Request class servlet path methods do not return correct information - getServletPath() getPathInfo().
PQ93460 SOAP security digital signature validation fails.
PQ94022 WASService fails when created using restart parameter equal to false.
PQ94424 Cannot deserialize user fault without setter methods.
PQ94707 Newly created servers fail to start after XD install.
PQ94708 NodeSyncTask a adms0023i: a synchronization operation reached the iteration limit.
PQ95394 ClassCastException when calling SOAPBody.getFault() SOAPbody.has fault() first and SOAPBody.hasFault() always returns false.
PQ95719 Applications may not uninstall from administrative console if custom prop. is set.
PQ95840 Migration issue: backward compatibility to 5.0.2 client stubs.
PQ95907 Custom property for xa resources which hints to the transaction manager to commit this resource last in a transaction.
PQ95961 After setting "" JVMproperty to true, unable to access Administrative Console.
PQ96015 PLG: If Plugin tries to reuse a keepAlive connection but the connection to the application server is not cleanly closed, plugin takes awhile to failover.
PQ96100 PLG: Plug-in did not check the return code, passed invalid pointer to IBM HTTP Server.
PQ96109 Webservices - runtime exception when running the client proxy by providing full LDAP lookup names.
PQ96137 Recursive messages are displayed every 10 seconds in systemOut.log when an application is stopped using RPA.
PQ96278 XML schema types in a referenced XSD not included in WSIF type mappings.
PQ96454 Class cast exception with command cache.
PQ96461 Problems when starting WebSphere application server as a service on Microsoft Windows platform.
PQ96498 Removal of unneeded secj0336e error during authentication failure.
PQ96571 Ripple start is not stopping and starting the server in sequence on WebSphere Application Server 5.1.x.
PQ96608 StopServer username/user discrepancy in usage statements.
PQ96679 Problems doing a refresh image of embedded WebSphere Application server 5.1.x.
PQ96752 1024 connection limit with jni reader threads.
PQ96915 Plgn007 error. HTTP transport has a problem of not immediately halt processing on a connection.
PQ96953 Special characters are not getting escaped correctly by application server returned from LDAP .
PQ96954 PMI transaction commit counts not incrementing.
PQ96955 Application Server unable to locate files if file name or path contains Double-Byte Character Set (DBCS) characters.
PQ96973 Registering the incorrect MBEAN name with PMI.
PQ97003 Running the deletemq script on AIX, 'env' is prepended to the MQ command names causing IOExceptions after PQ90832.
PQ97028 WSLD2Java builds client with syntax error.
PQ97033 Web services - element type namespace ignored.
PQ97080 Classloader performance enhancement.
PQ97091 Application Server 5.1 does not remove the instances of the attachment in the "attachments" folder as expected.
PQ97102 Net stop of application server shows errors in WASService.exe.
PQ97168 Ora-12545 with SQLstate 66000 could not be mapped to a staleConnectionException even using custom mapping.
PQ97193 Request.getRequestURL does not return the correct value after being forwarded.
PQ97197 OutOfMemoryException, heap dump and Javacore: with security: cached ASIV2EffectivePerformPolicy not removed on some ASIV2 ops.
PQ97236 WSIF does not resolve WSDL and xsd imports in JARs, with location of ./ or without schemaLocation attribute.
PQ97348 System starts encountering numerous errors (too many open files, class not found errors) when browing runtime messages.
PQ97368 Deliver Struts 1.2.4 as an optional library.
PQ97429 Provide configurable property for 303.
PQ97575 When persisting session to DB2 7.1 on Z/OS, SQL0204n error is received with SQLstate=42704. WebSphere Application Server truncates userid/schema name.
PQ97763 Strts*.tmp files are not cleaned up in $was_home /temp/manager/dmgr/adminconsole/adminconsole.war.
PQ97899 PQ57613 (set header after response committed) is not in 5.x releases.
PQ97945 PLG: Improve plug-in so persistent connections are maintained by proxy.
PQ97968 After installing the update, the uninstallation of the update fails.
PQ97977 JSP with tag lib causes null output when accessed.
PQ98000 Export target name for identity assertion does not follow CSIV2 spec.
PQ98035 ClassNotFoundException Webcontainer session listener.
PQ98053 Unmapping custom exceptions may not work.
PQ98102 Infinite loop encountered in workload management selection during server quiesce causes an application server to take several hours to stop.
PQ98130 Administrative console gives incorrect info when listner ports have same name.
PQ98242 Webservices engine is throwing SAXParseException instead of original exception "serialization cannot occur" .
PQ98309 During loading of a WSDL (at application install) a file not found exception occurs due to an incorrect URL being used to import an XSD.
PQ98330 Migration changes path seperator in some XML files.
PQ98400 Removing clusters using WSADMIN throws stringIndexOutOfBoundsException.
PQ98404 Multiple pages are not accessible when adding more than 20 console users in the Administrative Console.
PQ98508 Web services ID assertion digital signature configuration takes "wsec5073e: usernametoken has no id attribute" Exception.
PQ98511 A NullPointException is received when connecting to WebSphere Application Server v4.0 from SAS.
PQ98512 A SOAP request message loses multiref elements when sent from the Web services gateway.
PQ98524 EJBs which have multiple method signatures with the same method name may have security roles from one method apply to another.
PQ98539 Serviceability enhancement: Monitor WwsThreadLocal usage.
PQ98544 Tiles_attribute property requires Struts.jar in the server classpath.
PQ98577 When using a heavily loaded server, asynchronous beans may not get driven.
PQ98588 Multiple Web applications deployed to the same context root potentially allow unauthorized access to protected URIs.
PQ98626 # character in its XML namespace (for example, 2000/09/xmldsig#) causes errors in generated code.
PQ98664 On Japanese locale machines JSPtranslate translates the yen symbol incorrectly for jsf.
PQ98665 WASService.exe - application error when shutting down the operating system with out stopping WebSphere Application Server.
PQ98682 Web services deserialization problem.
PQ98749 WSIF timeouts not used in all providers, need clarification.
PQ98793 Getting NullPointerException at engine.soappart.setcontent(
PQ98832 UnknownHostException: WSIF must use a local copy of xsd file when no internet connection is available.
PQ98899 Generic JMS resource is not listed in the administrative console drop down box buring application deployment.
PQ98920 Webservices call w/doc literal SOAP binding has a blank XMLns attribute throws "no such operation".
PQ98925 Administrative Console does not display multiple URL patterns or multiple web resource collections in deployment descriptor.
PQ99042 NoClassdefFoundError occurs when classloader delegation mode is set to parent_last for Jakarta commons logging (Log4J).
PQ99045 After installing cachemonitor and Dynacacheesi applications on the server shows internal server error.
PQ99075 Adminconfig.create fails on types with no attributes.
PQ99097 Connectons are broken on SSL connections for EJB clients if a firewall is in between the client and server.
PQ99118 Application server should take advantage of backend failover support.
PQ99136 JVM command line arguement with "$" in file name fails.
PQ99202 SAAJ SOAPconnection cannot deserialize response message.
PQ99224 Deadlock occurs during Exception handling for MDB.
PQ99250 Fix multiple EJBDeploy problems.
PQ99319 WSDL2java should fail when it finds an inner class.
PQ99326 WebAppPmiListener sometimes throws NullPointerException.
PQ99338 WebSphere Application Server need to implement an custom property to let user keep the content length header when user has set content encoding header.
PQ99347 Under heavy load, connections are discarded and created.
PQ99359 Node agent fails to restart Application Servers if startup sync for nodeagent is enabled.
PQ99360 JSP:root tag does not allow template data.
PQ99364 Flush before find environment settings don't work for CMP 2.x.
PQ99409 PLG: Use of metrics within Plugin causes IBM HTTP Server sig faults.
PQ99454 SimpleType is deserialized incorrectly as null.
PQ99465 Incorrect response code sent during server shutdown.
PQ99478 JSPBatchCompiler can not pick autoResponseEncoding flag up from IBM-web-ext.xmi. The result is garbaged JSP output in DBCS environments.
PQ99483 Invalidations not flowing to caching proxy.
PQ99499 Memory leak in dynamic cache.
PQ99537 Source code for JSP could be displayed instead of formatted output.
PQ99584 J2EE application client launcher ( returns rc=0 even when unable to start the client application.
PQ99625 Security configuration limitations in Web services gateway administration.
PQ99649 NullPointerException thrown from WSDL2java.
PQ99650 Fix JMS URL parsing logic.
PQ99653 Problem with autoResponseEncoding setting after PQ89614.
PQ99678 EJB method with input parameter of type Javax.activation.DataHandler fails when created as a Web service in v5.1.x.
PQ99684 High CPU usage when using the process choreographer provided with WBI-sf 5.1.1 if the application server is idle.
PQ99694 Pmi0023w messages appear in the SystemOut.log file when using WebSphere application server version 5.x.
PQ99695 Windows service terminated with system error "other system semaphore cannot be created".
PQ99726 WSDL2java cannot generate a Java class that extends an enumeration class.
PQ99854 WebSphere Application Server base: clear all on dynacache causing site to hang.
PQ99864 SOAP deserializer error.
PQ99888 Default value for WebSphere MQ topic connection factory "broker version" in the administrative console is incorrect.
PQ99912 Rollback behaviour is different in 4.0.5 than in 5.1.1.
PQ99940 Connection pooling does not work correctly after a staleConnectionException is received.
PQ99958 Request metrics does not log ARM return code, which makes the debugging difficult. This apar will log the ARM return code.
PQ99975 The namespace prefix (e.g., SOAPenv ) is omitted from the SOAP envelope in a SOAP response returned by the Web services gateway.
PQ99986 IllegalOperationException when invoking a single stateful session bean.
PQ99998 Perfservlet fails to query multiple server's.

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Cumulative Fix 3 (
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APAR Description
PQ89874 If valueUnbound method gets called as a result of the session timing out. the following error is seen J2Ca0075w.
PQ91905 Java.lang.NullPointerException- socket closed
PQ92268 Selfcheck tool for config XML files, preventing administrative collisions when merging copies of the config files.
PQ92520 WSDL generated for initTypeMapping() is greater than 64 kb.
PQ92521 Orb is getting stopped before SOAPConnector which causes secj0306e error during shutdown.
PQ92874 Memory-to-memory session sometimes returns a null.
PQ92961 Addition of validation logic to check for duplicate JNDI names in case of URL's in URL resource providers only.
PQ93022 FileNotFoundException: filename too long during war file deployment (base and dmgr).
PQ93063 Request class Servlet path methods do not return correct information - getservletpath() getpathinfo().
PQ93092 Extension helper reports thin driver when using ORACLE "oci" URI instead of "oci8".
PQ93108 Installing fixpack 1 to 5.1 (5.1.1) can downlevel IBM HTTP Server.
PQ93178 Enterprise application update will now keep the metadata changes during the update, e.g. classloader settings, starting weight.
PQ93482 Admc0053e is issued when starting server with security enabled.
PQ93531 Application install fails with error admn0022e when using WSADMIN install syntax.
PQ93711 Performance improvements for performance monitoring.
PQ94008 Use objectcategory instead of objectclass to search MSAD server.
PQ94112 Forwarding by use of requestDispatcher, the getRequestURL method returns the full URI including the query string.
PQ94124 ClassCastException after receiving staleConnectionException while running EJB.
PQ94190 Element calltxlifeRequest: element name should not contain "request" and namespace missing. (i.e.calltxlife).
PQ94206 FileNotFoundException: filename too long when federating node to dmgr.
PQ94233 SSL traffic logged into wrong log.
PQ94384 Post parameters not preserved in form login per Servlet-spec-2.3 section
PQ94819 Synnode : product version mismatch Exception instead of invalid credentials.
PQ94884 Runtime messages on the Administrative Console are not sorted by timestamp.
PQ94918 Monitor role can export EAR file when it should not be allowed.
PQ94952 Support isolation level switching for DB2.
PQ94972 Application update fails with the NullPointerException.
PQ95017 Administrative Console removes the EAR file from originial directory when installing and does not replace back.
PQ95059 During application deployment, a warning message appears in SystemOut.log saying adma5050e: invalid number format for reload interval.
PQ95079 EJBs mapped to the SQL92 backend ID failing.
PQ95274 Receive illegalStateException when enabling EJB bean cache and set the "activate at" parameter to "once".
PQ95393 Overflow sessions not handled properly.
PQ95408 JSP throws a ClassCastException at runtime when JSTL-RT and JSTL-EL tags are used in the same page.
PQ95420 With lifetime in cache and when the expiry triggerred, the EJB finder doesn't return the correct results for 1-n cmr EJB.
PQ95432 HTTP session persistence fails - session table doesn't exist.
PQ95437 Customer experiences LSD adresses that contain 0 and negative port.
PQ95474 Defect in common connector framework (ccf.jar) in WebSphere Application Server v5 causes application server hang.
PQ95500 JDBC provider template corrections needed.
PQ95614 Using custom finder methods in CMP 1.1 beans may lead to Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError or a slowdown of the application server.
PQ95659 When designating JSP attribute c:\scratchdir, receive classDefNotFound.
PQ95665 Removing the monitoring policy link from deployment manager process definition.
PQ95673 Do-not-consume property for non-cacheable fragments.
PQ95726 NullPointerException with incorrect EJB-link.
PQ95734 Naming client does not check the compatibility level correctly.
PQ95794 Error when generating deployment code for a BPEL process.
PQ95798 Cluster member removed using jython still shows in application server list from Administrative Console after PQ88179.
PQ95803 For v4 datasouce if idle timeout is set to 0, the Java process consumes high CPU.
PQ95836 Application Server needs to be restarted if LDAP server goes down.
PQ95851 EJBContaineri e wsvr0062e: unable to start EJB.
PQ95908 WebSphere Application Server.adapter, manualedit.jacl script fails to backup JDBC-resource-provider-templates.xml across file systems.
PQ95938 InterruptedIOException is not being logged in SystemErr.log when a read error occurred on the post.
PQ95990 Recovery may fail on WebSphere Application Server restart.
PQ96001 When stdin/out redirects are null on XP, second invokes hang.
PQ96036 When saving configuration changes to the repository after deploying an application, the save operation fails.
PQ96046 Application Servers don't recover after the LDAP server is stopped and started, processes hang.
PQ96113 Problem with servlet application potentially terminating session.
PQ96116 Usefips is enabled but the SSL configuration is not using fips approved JSSE provider.
PQ96141 JSP compiler is not handaling return code from file.setLastModify() method to detact if operation is successful.
PQ96203 JMSException mqjms1068: failed to obtain XAResource.
PQ96228 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException by DB2DatastoreHelper during creation of managedConnection.
PQ96241 Mapping "com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.sybSQLException: incorrect syntax near 's'." to StaleConnectionException.
PQ96336 PLG: Customer requests 128-bit encryption or stronger, but 56-bit encryption was used in the application server.
PQ96338 Ports 1507, 5557,5559, 5558 bind to zeroed IP address.
PQ96360 "secj0321e: role based authorization" error is generated when non administrator role logs onto the Administrative Console.
PQ96433 Attach return code as req attribute.
PQ96436 PLG: Plug-in regeneration created incorrect affinitycookie.
PQ96447 Webservices response is coming back in a different encoding scheme than original request. eg:UTF-8 instead of iso-8859-1.
PQ96576 Unable to compile class for JSP:code too large after PQ86604.
PQ96658 Application Server 5.1.1 Servlet connecting to an Application Server 4.0.7 EJB throws Javax.naming.ServiceUnavailable and corba.internal Exceptions.
PQ96684 Customer experiences incorrect routing of requests to nodeagents, causing an out of memory condition.
PQ96695 Shutdown sequence prevents security authentication.
PQ96716 A gateway service deployed with selective SOAP parsing enabled and not operating in proxy mode returns an empty response.
PQ96748 invalid cursor name when running with cloudscape networkserver.
PQ96760 PLG: Fix for misleading error message in HTTP_plugin.log on IIS6. reg.keysize is an optional param.This message was changed to info.
PQ96826 This fix allows the WSDL2java tool to emit v5.1 compatible code.
PQ96843 The HTTP session times out prematurely and the valueUnbound method is invoked at that time.
PQ96967 Restart application on war module reload under policy application.
PQ97001 Leak in Dynacache under the com/ibm/ws/cache/cacheserviceimpl.
PQ97022 Long running processes which use SOAP over JMS fail with the wsws3269e: error: default type mapping cannot be modified.
PQ97066 Database request times out or deadlocks when error occurs causing 2 different connections to be used for select and update.
PQ97151 Dead lock in DRSResetJMS.
PQ97153 WebSphere Application Server v5.1.0.5 runtime interpretting xs:element as required.
PQ97166 Infinite loop in when a NullPointerException is caught in CM after a parkhandle call.
PQ97327 Webservices performance problem due to array handing in beanPropertyDescriptor.growArrayToSize.
PQ97352 On stopping cluster, status is partially stopped.
PQ97380 The HTTP header content-type charset and XML encoding values in a gateway response are incorrect and always set to UTF-8.
PQ97392 When restarting Application in cluster,other cluster-members create heapdumps, because of OutOfMemory when performing external cache writes.
PQ97493 Identity assertion fails when authenticated userid contains ampersand "@".
PQ97591 Warning: wsws3293e: error: the class Webservice.address does not contain a default constructor.
PQ97592 Dynacache clear command takes too long.
PQ97753 WSIF schema parser does not recognise WS-I array declarations.
PQ97924 Session replication function is not working.
PQ97964 SOAP envelope corruption causes SAXParseException.
PQ97984 HTTP 1.1 client hangs with sockettimeout after PQ92547.
PQ97985 SOAP body disappears in WSGW using lazy parsing.
PQ98190 Disable template invalidations during JSP destroy.
PQ98214 Transtrategy calling setBeanRollbackOnly erroneously.
PQ98291 Invalid fault generation.
PQ98295 Cache should pool large objects that are allocated for managing disk cache.
PQ98693 Msgs0508e and J2Ca0046e errors when using embedded messaging with global security enabled after PQ95215.
PQ98758 Test failures around the use of multiprotocol.
PQ99084 Prevent NullPointerException in wsrdbxaresourceimpl if there are no resources to recover.
PQ99357 Added functionality to the update installer to check ifixes that are part of the service pack being applied, and to check the classes directory for test files (any files) which could possibly interfere with the installation the user is about to perform.
PQ99411 Trace enhancements to the following components: WAS.adapter, WAS.j2c,

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Cumulative Fix 2 (
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APAR Description
PQ85203 Update of portal to v5.0.2 fails on Solaris™.
PQ88198 SQLException is not wrappered by a StaleConnectionException before being wrappered by a ResourceAllocationException.
PQ89401 Extract nested exception from InvocationTargetException to improve problem determination.
PQ89425 Add support for rollbackonly propogation for earlier releases of WebSphere Application Server.
PQ90689 Java.lang.NoSuchMethodException : the WebContainer does not have any starttransports without arguments method defined.
PQ91063 "use meta data from binaries" and inconsistencies with Webconsole view.
PQ91104 Filter value is not retained in adminconsole application server, even though the retain filter criteria is checked.
PQ91120 Secj0306e errors occur when shutting down an application server with Administrative Console or WSADMIN.
PQ91216 TSX:dbconnecttag Exception in WebSphere Application Server
PQ91262 Stopping a server from the console fails with security enabled when using RMI as the transport.
PQ91357 Web service with DII call creates a message with namespace of "".
PQ91386 conm6008w returns wrong datasource name.
PQ91455 Struts application does not replicate dynamic cache content.
PQ91618 Update installer screen needs to be resized when language is German or French.
PQ91701 Windows registry has user/password exposed when security is enabled causing a security risk.
PQ91739 System will hang during heavy load when using large session data object to do memory to memory replication.
PQ91756 ND.product is not updated with correct version information during service pack install or uninstall.
PQ91771 PLG: Plugin using ESI caching is not releasing sockets.
PQ91787 For SUN JDK command line argument maxpermsize cannot be set.
PQ92056 Req.getgetparameter("foo") fails to get parameters when JSP has JSP:include and JSP:param before req.getgetparameter("foo").
PQ92229 Update namestore.xml under right credential because of the system management change in PQ88753.
PQ92230 Prevent parked managed connection from being destroyed after a fatal error occurs.
PQ92273 Install of cumulative fix 6 hangs at 4% during the adapter install.
PQ92312 File transfer EAR file does not work if all HTTP transports are SSL enabled and global secuirty is not enabled.
PQ92454 In EMS, sender bean can get the second CmmException back instead of the original, more useful, CmmException.
PQ92478 Failure changing activity.log location on Administrative Console "file name is not a valid entry.".
PQ92542 Unable to debug JSP containing inner classes top level attribute innerclasses not recognized.
PQ92550 Active directory LDAP returns invalid XML character reference to null, causes SOAP Exception in Web service client.
PQ92607 Use new tracing mechanism for ORACLE 9i datasources.
PQ92641 PLG: Apache plug-in does not send client certificate (no $wscc in plug-in trace).
PQ92819 Sometimes post data is not cleared if the application failed to read it on time.
PQ92923 Include from namedDispatcher should not see Javax.servlet.include.* attributes.
PQ92929 PLG: Plugin causes IBM HTTP server child processes to crash when "apachectl graceful" or kill -hup was issued.
PQ93018 Check for StaleConnectionException in synchronizePropertiesWithCRI().
PQ93037 Dmgr migration fails if variables.xml does not exit at the /server level of config's HFS.
PQ93112 PLG: Plugin introduces a performance problem for all subsequent Plugin releases.
PQ93133 NullPointerException when calling getConnection.
PQ93139 causes application server not to start.
PQ93170 negative seek offset when shutting down.
PQ93183 WSIF not using formathandler to parse null response message.
PQ93185 In Servlet user mapping default /* to / as per specs.
PQ93247 Tivoli Performance Viewer is started but there is an error opening the log file.
PQ93259 WebSphere Application Server JMX timer not firing reliably.
PQ93263 Client unable to override security server host and port.
PQ93270 Status area of administrative console displays incorrect page number in event message browser.
PQ93317 Cloudscape locking issue when using CLOBS.
PQ93388 JSP parameters not read correctly.
PQ93394 The mustUnderstand tag in wsse:Security should not always be true.
PQ93396 Dynamic cache - unable to adjust disk offload cleanup below 24hr.
PQ93397 French version of WebSphere 5.1.1 under console-->servers Window has 2 buttons that are labelled with "stop" in French.
PQ93427 Sync fails because application server has OutOfMemory problem. This happens because of the sync notification.
PQ93441 when run Webservice standalone client using
PQ93445 Do not set escape processing after SQL has already been processed.
PQ93494 Web services engine fails to load IBM-Webservices-bnd.xmi in WebSphere Studio Application Developer v5.1.1.
PQ93512 Performance degradation after migrating application from 3.5.3 to 5.1 using datadirect 3.3 JDBC driver to SQLServer 2000.
PQ93557 Getbody() call in handler causes problems with the Web service engine due to the translation of representation.
PQ93621 Cache monitor does not escape cache IDs.
PQ93660 Webservice engine is adding a second set of double quotes around a SOAPAction value.
PQ93671 Concurrent access to for the same user for the admin server and an application causes authentication to fail the second time.
PQ93689 ResourceMgrImpl fails with NullPointerException when loading improperly configured resources.
PQ93710 There is no Javadoc for correlation service for request metrics.
PQ93714 Timeout causes the current transaction to rollback.
PQ93755 Colon in the path portion of a URL to WSDL causes problems for WSDL2Java.
PQ93775 PLG: iPlanet plug-in failed to handle head request.
PQ93815 Migration of resource.xml passes information of whatever node you are on rather than owningNodeDirectory.
PQ93819 When 10 or more DB tables are joined in query, pmgr6022e results.
PQ93881 When useThreadTagPool flag is used in the JSP attribute assembly properties, JSP fails to compile when a tag in the JSTL is used.
PQ93972 An attempt to view an external WSDL definition with the gateway admin tool gives wsgw0040e NullPointerException.
PQ94005 Cannot set orb requestTimeOut to a value higher than 300 seconds.
PQ94032 XML validation code fails with error wsvm1035e and throws an exception Java.lang.NullPointerException.
PQ94073 Configuration validation is failing when validating server config that has a JVM with duplicated system property names.
PQ94100 Changing Run As user for nodeagent causes it not to start.
PQ94101 Failed to resume the transaction during process_signal() call on remoteActionWrapper.
PQ94103 Don't include unchanged cached context on upstream response.
PQ94107 Out of memory errors with Tivoli Performance Viewer.
PQ94116 When using WebSphere or 5.1.1 and connecting to DB2, receive: cli0126e operation invalid at this time. SQLState=hy011.
PQ94195 Loopback into process where activity began is broken.
PQ94220 Individual token expiration times are not properly checked within a subject.
PQ94240 Invalid no_permission Exceptions after the LTPA token expiration time has been exceeded.
PQ94249 The first caller in the propagationToken caller list changes.
PQ94250 A remote cache lookup is done unnecessarily for SSO token if the SSO token exists in the local cache.
PQ94270 Getting Exception while using BPEL to access SOAP/jms Webservices.
PQ94279 No_permission invoking EJB deployed on z/OS.
PQ94304 WSSubject.doAs() or WSSubject.setRunAsSubject() do not allow access to administration of naming resources.
PQ94308 Fix dynamic cache problems with struts tiles, save attributes property and command invalidations.
PQ94325 PLG: Under stress, the Webserver IBM HTTP server restarts itself due to segmentation fault in the plug-in module.
PQ94334 Addnode utility returns without indicating error (return code zero).
PQ94356 Fix error that occurs when adminconsole webui.pme is updated
PQ94359 Updates to the update installer.
PQ94382 RoleBaseAuthentication is looking for the caller subject first.
PQ94387 Server emits warning messages about undefined variables.
PQ94403 Signifigant performance and scalability improvement when running with ORACLE XA capable datasources.
PQ94469 WebSphere Application Server fixpack 1 for v5.1.1 fails to install on SLES 9/Linux 390.
PQ94553 PLG: Multiple Websites support in WebSphere Application Server Plugin for IIS
PQ94676 Included request parameters do not meet the Java Servlet spec [javax.servlet.include.query_string <> getQueryString()].
PQ94762 Umlauts in UTF-8 encoded SOAP-message are not treated as UTF-8 characters.
PQ94764 Runtime updates to marshall.jar to support RAD v6 Data Java Bean.
PQ95002 PLG: ESI: WebSphere Application Server plug-in caused Web server to core dump.
PQ95050 WebSphere Application Server emitters have missed generating some Java files.
PQ95095 PLG: ESI caused performance degradation.
PQ95104 $adminconfig validate command generates inaccurate validation messages in WSADMIN.valout file.
PQ95152 WSDL2java -noDataBinding parameter generates uncompilable code.
PQ95197 WSIF native JMS sync request hangs when in transaction, gets receive timed out.
PQ95215 Connection Factories can get auth aliases set when looked up from a client.
PQ95282 Administrative Console locks up using LDAP security with SSL after PQ90945.
PQ95298 WSDL array problem in Web services gateway with deployed Java classes smart client.
PQ95327 SOAPAction value in external gateway WSDL definition is lost and always set to SOAPAction="".
PQ95338 CommonArchive error when running EJBDeploy.
PQ95372 Dynacache breaks push-pull in DRS.
PQ95441 Remove service with the gateway admin tool fails with wsgw0071e if the target service WSDL is not available.
PQ95449 Functional enhancements for WebSphere commerce suite.
PQ95451 CPU utilization displays incorrectly for non-english single byte character set languages.
PQ95497 Custom HTTP URL prefix not added to WSDL when publishing WSDL files using the administrative console.
PQ95602 Java2WSDL for JMS transports still generates a response for void returns.
PQ95608 NoSuchObjectException occurs with mixed release cluster.
PQ95790 NullPointerException when exception returned from WebSphere Application Server 4.X server.
PQ96534 Multiprotocol Web service change needs to be backported to WebSphere Application Server
PQ96535 Regression in RPC/DOC literal operation

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Cumulative Fix 1 (
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APAR Description
PQ74549 Concurrent session access still occurs after allow serial access turned on.
PQ83426 The JSP compiler inappropriately attempts to compile dependent source files when *.java files are packaged in the JAR file.
PQ83990 EJB deployed in a cluster with orbix interoperability fails.
PQ84379 Certpath not recognizing the format. (cert revocation list).
PQ85045 JSP includes can escape out of context root.
PQ85137 WSDL2java command fails to correctly map idref and idrefs XML attributes.
PQ85251 Connection reaper thread will only be started when needed. Previously the thread was always running.
PQ85635 Application server running out of memory slows down deployment manger console, making administration impossible.
PQ85848 A recursive call in the WLM code causes an out of memory or Java segmentation fault in a workload managed environment.
PQ86164 JSP compiler swallows compilation error messages.
PQ86512 Session serialization is not working on WebSphere Application Server.
PQ86604 JSP compiler has a limitation on 32kb methods.
PQ86894 AppServer not restarted on node restart even though the monitoring policy is set to previous.
PQ87148 Java byte[] mapped to xsd seq/maxoccurs instead of base64binary.
PQ87224 In a multi-node environment the deployment manager only discovers one node agent.
PQ87525 Deadlock in session manager during serialization of HTTPSession objects.
PQ87534 Synchronization in databaseSessionData.toString can cause a hang in certain Exception scenarios.
PQ87593 WSDL2java with complex types generates code which does not compile.
PQ87654 Intermittent ConcurrentModificationException under heavy load.
PQ88150 Sessionmanager:unable to generate unique session id in 10 tries,.
PQ88319 JSP precompile JSPlist files not deleted.
PQ88430 In a clustered env, use of multirow schema fails for session persistence.
PQ88476 Serialization problems with SOAP faults of complextypes.
PQ88496 Ant scripts fail when WAS_USER_SCRIPT variable is being used to set WAS_EXT_DIRS.
PQ88556 Drop the EJBDeploy driver to WebSphere Application Server 5.1.x Service Pack.
PQ88635 The value of Javax.servlet.include.query_string should come from the request of the Servlet calling the include method.
PQ88671 HTTP session invalidation ClassCastException after failover.
PQ88706 Duplicate subfragments in Dynacache.
PQ88801 Add new methods to jta extensions.
PQ88924 Configservice queryconfigobjects function, application server API, does not work properly.
PQ89034 PLG: ESI/plug-in serves cached secure content.
PQ89072 In a large WebSphere Application Server topology, cluster members get orphaned when the deployment manager gets overloaded during cell startup.
PQ89309 Replication broker hangs on z/OS platform.
PQ89329 WebSphere Application Server 5.x - if the contextroot of war is '/' for Web service, the server can't find the WSDL file.
PQ89520 Add a system property which can be set so that the EJBcreate() will not defer the creation of the bean until EJBpostcreate().
PQ89614 Autoresponseencoding and autorequestencoding are not working as expected.
PQ89638 QueryEngineException when attempting to access WDO object on SYBASE server.
PQ89762 The file looks for the wrong key.
PQ89773 WebSphere Application Server 5.1 WSDL containing a datetime object not serialized or deserialzed correctly.
PQ89840 Using ssoauthenticator to implement custom login Servlet, custom registry doesn't receive valid password if it contains umlauts.
PQ89912 Changed repository synchronization code to better handle potential timing issues with concurrent repository update.
PQ89915 Uninstall and reinstall of an application will remove all information in symbolic links; this should not happen.
PQ89916 JDBC datasource panel shows empty dropdown box for non-admin user.
PQ89963 WSADMIN script ignoring the ' defaultbinding.ejbjndi.prefix ' option when the ' usedefaultbindings ' option not specified.
PQ89976 Improve the diagnostic steps for J2Ca0114w.
PQ90033 Deployed application EAR does not clean out the config/temp directory.
PQ90077 HTTPSession session =req.getsession(true); session manager is not creating jsessionid cookie.
PQ90079 Secj0053e using granular security on beans.
PQ90082 Two system out files are being created.
PQ90107 Getbyname() failure when tunneling with security enabled.
PQ90130 Administrative console help causes FFDC error ClassNotFoundException for XMLreaderfactory causing WSADMIN NullPointer error in attributes.
PQ90138 JMSserver does not start on server2 of wsinstance created instance. msgs0101e exit code: 16.
PQ90177 Change default option from overwrite to discard in the Administrative Console save conflict page.
PQ90201 Mapping ora-17430 to StaleConnectionException.
PQ90221 Optimistic concurrency failure results in transactionrolledback Exception, EJB client is unable to handle original exception.
PQ90256 A defunct pid is created due to insufficient rights to a non-default log location when server1 fails to start.
PQ90273 Java.lang.NullPointerException in com/ibm/ws/ejbpersistence/cache/cachemanagerimpl.cacheforeignkeys.
PQ90275 Custom SSL property ignored when using WebSphere internal HTTP server.
PQ90334 The MB2MDB tool generates a malformed classpath in WebSphere Application Server 5.1.x.
PQ90447 ClassCastException: Servlet.response.responseerrorreport ...webapp.geterrorpagedispatcher(
PQ90505 HTTP response splitting security vulnerability.
PQ90558 WSDL2java: rpc/encoded arrays not handled properly.
PQ90581 Enterprise applications in a cluster show a status as "unknown" in the Administrative Console.
PQ90586 Files synchronization fails with IOException; broken pipe.
PQ90591 A cluster member replaces first created cluster member list on horizontal scale node.
PQ90607 Add Oracle.sql.struct to the trusted methods of JDBCpass.
PQ90644 Enable the use of custom properties to set secexit, secexitinit,recexit, recexitinit, sendexit and sendexitinit.
PQ90662 Response headers on SOAP messages do not get set on EJB's.
PQ90666 Non-SSL client fail to make connection with WebSphere Application Server SSL supported server
PQ90673 SOAP message has invalid XML when client sends correct userid but invalid password using basicauthentication.
PQ90677 Need to suspend/resume transactions in the JNDI initial context factory when it makes an orb call.
PQ90687 When rashelper walks through a nested SQLException, it should print out the SQL code and SQL state.
PQ90721 Customer is seeing Java.lang.IllegalArgumentException when remote replicators are configured.
PQ90763 Poolquiesethreads can build up in some connection nullpointer cases increasing memory usage.
PQ90784 Publish fail: problem parsing WSDL document abstract publish fail: problem parsing WSDL document.
PQ90840 Serverstatus script stopped after an application server returns a status of outofmemory.
PQ90843 Reduce the size of the transaction logs by creating fewer entries for JMS connection factories.
PQ90851 Resource reference lookup is not thread safe.
PQ90901 PLG: ESI: 500 code was returned instead of 200.
PQ90907 Application server fails to start when using SYBASE.
PQ90913 "creating chained request with buffer:" message causing systemout.log file to fill up.
PQ90945 Keystore and truststore passwords specified in clear text in FFDC logs.
PQ90954 GlobalTransactionExceptions are seen when committing a connection in a local transaction.
PQ91033 Request for secure file ending in "/" served without challenge.
PQ91073 Dynache does not differentiate between HTTP request methods causing it to return incorrect responses.
PQ91090 DRSw0001e and DRSw0005i are repeatedly seen with broken pipe.
PQ91128 WSDL2java's -n option not working.
PQ91134 Correct the order of replicators chosen by the reset function.
PQ91136 Cloudscape incorrectly changed column type name from int to integer.
PQ91149 Request metrics passed wrong status to ARM agent. as a result, many ARM transactions were considered as abort.
PQ91154 Java2wsdl fails to resolve relative path to imported xsd.
PQ91206 A log.error(e.getmessage()) fails with a NullPointerException.
PQ91225 Usability enhancements for testconnection.
PQ91242 NullPointerException when starting a server through the Administrative Console.
PQ91261 Exception: "javax.naming.NamingException: error during resolve. root corba.transaction_rolledback: context already active".
PQ91281 Java2wsdl "-properties JMS.location" fails.
PQ91282 URL in request not being recognized
PQ91284 Move log message to trace file.
PQ91288 Remove unwanted APIs from a naming IDL.
PQ91295 Org.omg.corba.bad_param when doing a lookup with multiple hosts in the provider_url.
PQ91386 conm6008w returns wrong datasource name.
PQ91494 Users have to restart Application Server when TMPT ARM agent is restarted.
PQ91628 Z/OS c++ 1.2 compiler does not reject _packed as error.
PQ91650 Message larger than max_message_size should be discarded instead of replicated, due to connection reset and exceptions.
PQ91651 Upgrade cloudscape JARs provided with WebSphere Application Server.
PQ91679 Handle NullPointerException and start nodeagent after applying Fix Pack 1 on WebSphere Application Server51.
PQ91680 Certain custom JSP tags (urn:jsptagdir) fail.
PQ91702 PLG: Plug-in regeneration did not pick up all JSP file extensions.
PQ91709 Nmsv0817w added in pq82383 needs to be removed to avoid confusion.
PQ91754 Empty SSO domain name causes many security exceptions on server startup.
PQ91760 "choice" inside "sequence" causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException.
PQ91762 Backport classutils.forname change plus more.
PQ91775 SecurityException not caught while loading a class.
PQ91785 Migr0285e NoSuchMethodException thrown during migration of 5.0.x to 5.1.x
PQ91814 HangDetection threshold adjustment algorithm fails to adjust when initial threshold value is set to 1.
PQ91825 Migration of security.xml at server level fails in network deployment environment.
PQ91907 Migration of universal EJB test client does not capture the name of the .jacl script properly due to spaces in the name.
PQ91918 Missing space " " characters in migrated stanza added by customer prior to migration are not carried forward.
PQ91978 Polymorphic maxoccurs="unbounded" arrays sending soapenc:array.
PQ91981 Exception element that is an xsd:string causes internal error.
PQ91993 Web services application fails to start - non-standard mime types should be mapped to Javax.activation.datahandler.
PQ92056 Req.getparameter("foo") fails to get parameters when JSP has JSP:include and JSP:param before req.getparameter("foo").
PQ92121 The word "request" in method names cause mapping problem.
PQ92205 PLG: Apache Plug-in kills HTTPD.
PQ92339 Editing LDAP config would not change runtime LDAP properties.
PQ92347 Naming server not passing all context IDs to the client.
PQ92370 Using the "do not consume" property in dynamic caching give incorrect results.
PQ92409 PQ85891 not fixed in 5.1.1 jmx notifications take too long to complete. it will cause timeout for operations such start/stop.
PQ92428 ISOlevel switching may lead to data integrity/deadlock in DB2.
PQ92483 When migrating to WebSphere Application server 5.1, the comments in the old server.policy file are replaced by the comments in the new file.
PQ92498 Web services getcontent() does not return SOAPenvelope contents.
PQ92547 BPEL process hangs when attempting to invoke an
PQ92559 WebSphere Application Server LDAP function failing if record has a white space after a comma.
PQ92704 Collector tool fails to create a proper JAR file that file can be extracted from.
PQ92725 Remove message from one-way invocation.
PQ92773 When global tracing is enabled (*=all=enabled), the application server will fail to initialize.
PQ92840 PLG: Error in HTTP_plugin.log about failure to find ESI cache id.
PQ92886 JMSlistnermdb should set transportversion property on reply.
PQ92925 Java mail: cannot make smtp mail session to connect to port 2525 using custom property "mail.smtp.port" with value 2525.
PQ92948 Message text for wsws3324e to be changed.
PQ93002 When debugging a JSP, user may get a MalformedInputException
PQ93017 Error bringing up the online help from the WebSphere Application Server console screens on some languages.
PQ93026 Java UTIL concurrentModificationException in the nodeagent Systemout Log file.
PQ93067 Collector tool hangs.
PQ93069 Distributedmap invalidation failure when using non-serializable keys in a non-clustered environment.
PQ93094 PLG: IIS Plug-in fails when ARM is enabled.
PQ93138 Runtime performance advisor is not registering notification MBEAN correctly.
PQ93449 While running collector tool, msinfo32 displays an error message stating that a path is invalid.
PQ93452 The paths of collected files can contain drive letters in upper and lower case.

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Fix Pack 1 (5.1.1)
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APAR Description
PQ74390 Cannot specify the separate diagnostic trace service file names for a deployment manager or a node agent
PQ75395 An InvalidNameException exception occurs when a name binding contains a period
PQ75769 Incorrectly defining the same host and port in two virtual hosts. An application using one of the virtual hosts does not work
PQ76254 WebSphere Application Server supports the creation of multiple data sources with the same Java Naming and Directory Interface name
PQ76567 The DistributedMap interface does not support non-string objects as keys
PQ77318 Unable to create resource adapters at cell level in a wsadmin scripting environment
PQ77482 After installing WebSphere Application Server V5.0.2, the security.xml file is not updated
PQ77648 The wsadmin command tool error messages are not displayed correctly when there are single quotes in the properties files
PQ78404 Fix the administrate console for PQ76051
PQ78639 Name space bindings fail when the Application Server references no longer exist
PQ78647 During a fix pack installation, the installation counter starts for any uninstallation of the interim fixes
PQ78797 The server.xml file is corrupted when you take action in the administrative console
PQ78824 Files in the /wstemp directory are not deleted and the directory continues to grow
PQ78848 The information center article "Developing custom services" does not state limitations of custom services implementation
PQ78968 The password is not encoded after specifying the authentication data in the Java 2 Connector authentication data entry field
PQ78996 Session invalidation time-out values greater than 11,930 minutes or 715,827 seconds might cause the session to time out before that amount of time is elapsed
PQ79113 The JavaServer Pages container wraps an IOException exception with a ServletException exception during the service call
PQ79145 After applying WebSphere Application Server V5.0.2, the ND.product file does not reflect the new version
PQ79683 The getIsolationLevel class method is declared as "final" in some of the DataStoreHelper classes
PQ79953 A connection factory is not created if the Java Naming and Directory Interface name is not specified
PQ80044 Reducing the J2CA0086W warning messages that are logged in the System.Out log file
PQ80111 Deserialization problems with the SOAPElement type
PQ80132 After running the WASPostUpgrade tool, you cannot add new resources at the server level
PQ80162 Deleting the first and the second cluster member of the same name
PQ80175 When the useMetaDataFromBinaries attribute is enabled, the administrative console does not display the updated Java Naming and Directory Interface names
PQ80244 Uniform Resource Locators (URL)s decoding tokenizes URLs before unescaping
PQ80252 Connection manager calls clean up the physical connection, then destroy the connection that is never used in a transaction
PQ80287 Some administrative console help links are broken, resulting in 404 errors
PQ80290 The wsDefaultBindings Ant task does not work in V5.0.2 but works in V5.0.1
PQ80354 Invalid ThreadPool Java Management Extension MBean names exist, which are created by asynchronous beans
PQ80386 A CLASSCASTEXCEPTION exception occurs when the include statement is used with the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions type
PQ80452 A deadlock occurs between the FastHashtable class and the Buckets class inside the FastHashtable class
PQ80483 When disabling the process from the init directive, the process does not receive the termination signal
PQ80492 The Tivoli Performance Viewer administrative console stops when connecting to a large multi-node cell
PQ80509 Clicking "Local Topology" in the administrative console shows nothing when the browser language is set to French
PQ80512 The installation of WebSphere Application Server V5.0.2 stops at the installation of Web services security
PQ80592 Applications that use a SiteMesh open source library do not work properly
PQ80612 The request parameter is not reset properly when an exception occurs
PQ80756 The caching in the client fails because the information in the cache does not match what is returned from the Head request
PQ80757 Problems occur when the configuration root does not specify the driver letter
PQ80758 An unclear Class Not Found exception occurs in the First Failure Data Capture log file
PQ80759 When a trial version of WebSphere Application Server expires, the stopServer command does not work
PQ80762 Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) messages that are defined in Web Services Description Language containing more than one SOAP header element cause exceptions in Web Services Invocation Framework
PQ80776 The run-time trace panel does not show the updated fields
PQ80783 The SETBYTES method returns a NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION exception when the second parameter byte array is null
PQ80818 An Enterprise JavaBeans container incorrectly displays an ISOLATIONLEVELCHANGEEXCEPTION exception
PQ80913 The Internet Information Services plug-in does not set the WebSphere Application Server private header that has remote host information
PQ80921 The administrative console for JDBC provider shows the first 20 application servers but the console actually contains 40 application servers
PQ80922 A Web container does not set the $WSRA header when no $WSRH header is received from the HTTP request
PQ80924 The WebSphere Application Server plug-in does not handle backslash characters in the cookie value of the HTTP request
PQ80925 The Application Server is unable to communicate with a node agent because of a multi-cast discovery problem
PQ80954 The performance advisor displays a NumberFormatException exception
PQ80973 Malformed IF-MODIFIED-SINCE headers cause 500 errors
PQ81014 An AccessException exception occurs after security is enabled
PQ81020 Cannot perform name binding within the message driven bean that has a RunAs role defined when security is enabled
PQ81024 The Application Server makes too many Lightweight Directory Access Protocol calls
PQ81029 The Internet Information Services plug-in sets the "Connection: Close" HTTP header on the response if the header is not present in the response
PQ81034 The Runtime Performance Advisor causes security exceptions in a Network Deployment environment
PQ81101 Unable to return the indirect interoperable object references in a clustered environment
PQ81125 Cannot connect services on the Application Server through the Internet Information Services plug-in
PQ81137 If you enter arguments to the additionalCommandLineArguments field of the Java Virtual Machine settings, the settings cannot be migrated
PQ81144 The filter chain cache keeps growing if all the URIs are unique
PQ81147 An empty Simple Object Access Protocol response message is displayed when an exception occurs and is caught by the Web services gateway
PQ81192 Security exposure with the simplefileservlet file occurs when Edge Side Include is cached
PQ81214 The TAG_NULL_TAG data structure has an incorrect length
PQ81248 Objects that implement the JavaX.servlet.HTTP.HTTPSessionListener interface do not get the listener processed in a clustered environment
PQ81253 Two listener instances, instead of one, are created for an object that implements both the HTTPSessionListener and ServletContextlistener interfaces
PQ81256 If the first server in a cluster is down, the login fails during the initial context lookup
PQ81321 A null value is returned when issuing the getInstrumentationLevel command
PQ81346 The plug-in fails to mark the server down
PQ81392 When attempting to migrate a message bean that is written for Version 4 using the Version 5 MB2MDB utility, the migration process fails
PQ81416 The isNew method returns true for the including servlet and false for the included servlet
PQ81473 When attempting to migrate a message bean that is written for Version 4 using the Version 5 MB2MDB utility, the migration process fails
PQ81524 The JavaServer Pages container cannot detect an update of the new JavaServer Pages file
PQ81539 The Hashtable array index is set too high by default
PQ81554 The Initial State setting in the administrative console shows the incorrect status
PQ81567 The node agent (Java process) suddenly goes down
PQ81615 The HttpSessions table is not created
PQ81734 An associated Web services gateway fix is needed for PQ81734
PQ81792 The configurable option is added for the redirect port source
PQ81793 The compatibility flag for virtual host matching is added
PQ81796 A one-way (output-only) operation produces a java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException exception
PQ81797 The plug-in sends the empty special header to WebSphere Application Server
PQ81808 An error is logged when finishing the connection, when cleaning up the unread POST data in the Finish method
PQ81817 When using the Tivoli Performance Viewer, many anonymous directories are created within the wstemp directory
PQ81948 The updateinstaller program needs 260 MB in the /tmp and was_home directories but the information center incorrectly states that 400 MB is needed
PQ81997 An Error 100 message is displayed when installing Cumulative Fix 2
PQ82007 The WebAppNamedDispatcher class incorrectly wraps a ServletException exception or an IOException exception that is produced by the include servlet
PQ82068 The keep alive threads time out based on the connectionIOTimeOutValue value instead of the connectionKeepAliveTimeout value
PQ82075 When deployment manager and node agent processes are started from services, the event log contains messages about not finding descriptions for the event ID(103)
PQ82093 Client authentication fails when using Java Secure Socket Extension shipped with the WAS_Security_07-07-2003_5.0.2-5.0.1-5.0.0_JSSE_cumulative_Fix.jar file
PQ82121 The Edge Side Include processor serves wrong pages
PQ82123 Exceptions might occur if an updated resource adaptor or the code generated from WebSphere Studio Application Developer Integration Edition is used
PQ82137 An OutOfMemoryError error occurs when you deploy a large application using the ws_ant script
PQ82141 Dynamic cache replication does not consider the save attribute
PQ82150 The scheduler function fails when using a DB2 UDB for z/OS database
PQ82151 The updated enterprise archive file does not have the server path
PQ82202 Removing the -lc_r link option from all the native library links
PQ82330 The AddOutPutFilterByType directive does not respond to a content-type set
PQ82361 The iPlanet Directory Server plug-in fails to initialize with a GetLastError error
PQ82376 The class path of an extension MBean provider does not work
PQ82377 The connection pooling manager cannot map an SQLState HY000 or an ErrorCode 0 exception to a StaleConnectionException exception
PQ82431 Excessive security messages occur in the SystemOut log file for the failed authentication cause the log file to reach capacity and affect performance issues
PQ82511 An incorrect header is attached to the "connection refused" errors
PQ82528 The messages are misleading when you click the Database link in the administrative console
PQ82612 A performance problem occurs when authenticating to the Application Server using IAIK key store and Sun key manager
PQ82629 The servlet context is not available until the contextInitilized method completes
PQ82637 The message driven bean listener port does not attempt to restart after the Enlist errors occur
PQ82698 Processes that are interruptible and use the Java Message Service activities experience that the connection pools get short on connections after a short period of time
PQ82740 The Internet Information Services plug-in corrupts the POST request data
PQ82742 Cannot disable the refresh interval directive in the plug-in
PQ82756 Problems occur when using the third party plug-ins
PQ82868 Custom configService API displays an exception when called before security initialization because of a null instantiation
PQ82880 Cannot access the application through the IBM HTTP Server V2.0 plug-in
PQ82951 A NullPointerException exception occurs when reading from a cache entry
PQ82970 A NullPointerException exception occurs in a JavaServer Pages file if two addheaders are set without setting an expiration header
PQ82999 When deploying a process build using WebSphere Studio Application Developer Integration Edition that has a CICS or IMS activity, the workbench might terminate
PQ83070 The source definition for the JavaServer Pages compiler Ant task is incorrect
PQ83105 An Enterprise JavaBeans file create method fails with a corba:no_permission exception
PQ83175 The Was_home>\bin\ltpa_ldapsecurityprocs.jacl script is hard-coded for server1
PQ83264 The plug-in does not resolve the primary server name and the back-up server name correctly
PQ83277 Restart the Application Server because of security constraints
PQ83284 The JavaServer Pages files with multiple include or forward elements might not display properly
PQ83334 Memory leak occurs while reloading the plug-in configuration
PQ83402 Asynchronous beans are blocked when the associated thread pool is saturated
PQ83409 The perf.tuning component fails in the fix pack installation
PQ83426 The JavaServer Pages compiler inappropriately attempts to compile the dependent source files
PQ83430 The thread safety issue with the object key code in the Location Service Daemon causes the object_not_exist errors
PQ83461 The dynamic cache causes a class casting error in a JavaServer Pages file
PQ83508 The trust file of global security overrides certificate authorities by setting the property
PQ83536 A query string is lost with the post method
PQ83576 Duplicate classes exist in the gskikm.jar file by WebSphere Application Server and the gsk7cls.jar file by Global Security Kit
PQ83628 Installing multiple instances of WebSphere Application Server in the same box map to different IP addresses
PQ83679 The Java Authentication and Authorization Service fails after the Application Server restarts
PQ83713 Performance Monitoring Infrastructure configuration tab settings do not set the state of the run-time tab on startup
PQ83756 Simultaneous JavaServer Pages compilation can result in an error
PQ83816 The deadlock that occurs during the Application Server shutdown can cause the stopServer command to stop
PQ83886 The session does not check null, which might result in a NullPointerException exception
PQ83910 The node agent stops with a Java deadlock when security is enabled
PQ83918 The dynamic cache does not work with the Java Standard Tag Library tag
PQ83952 The compound class loader uses a hashset code that is unsynchronized
PQ83975 The Web services start command returns immediately
PQ83987 A missing cache change event problem exists in the dynamic cache
PQ83999 Calling the Sybase stored procedure the second time results in exceptions
PQ84101 Problems occur when creating a new stand-alone server and using an existing server, which is a member of a cluster, as a template
PQ84102 An error occurs when running requests directly to an application server to the embedded HTTP transport
PQ84196 The JavaServer Pages processor cannot find the Tag Library Descriptor files located in the Web archive file
PQ84217 Deadlocks occur in the session manager during the server startup
PQ84248 When setting up the database query using the jndiName property on the tag, the query class sets the URL provider
PQ84271 The session manager supports the Informix database V7.31 to create the session table
PQ84398 A NullPointerException exception occurs when Java Message Service connection pools are quiescing
PQ84485 The 'NextPage' and 'PreviousPage' radio buttons do not work.
PQ84489 The earexpander.bat file does not clean up the ?c:\documents and settings\\local settings\temp? directory
PQ84502 The session manager invalidation thread incorrectly invalidates the newly created session
PQ84518 Double byte character set (DBCS) characters are broken with the forwarded JavaServer Page files
PQ84539 The plug-in memory leaks occur upon the IBM HTTP Server restart
PQ84595 The dynamic cache does not correctly handle the content type of encoding
PQ84598 Very high CPU usage occurs in an idle system when a huge cache timeout value is used
PQ84616 The call.getResponseMessage().getSOAPPartAsString() method gives an empty string instead of an XML message
PQ84630 Add an Xaexception: xaer_rmfail exception to the staleconnectionexception exception map
PQ84704 The use of ExtendedHandshake = True causes 500 response codes
PQ84795 Web applications fail to start if the debugging service is enabled and the debug class filters are added
PQ84817 A streamcorrupted error occurs when using the memory-to-memory session
PQ84826 An wsadmin tool failure does not result in an Ant "build failed" error when the "user" and "password" arguments are specified
PQ84887 The plug-in does not fail correctly
PQ84902 A Web Services Description Language request-response operation can be modeled with multiple fault messages
PQ84930 No authorization check for the queryNames method exists
PQ84932 Edge Side Include cache uses a larger buffer and causes an out-of-memory condition
PQ84950 The iPlanet Directory Server crashes while stopping the Web server
PQ84950 Updates of PQ84950
PQ85011 An exception occurs when configuring the session failure
PQ85021 The asynchronous beans application might receive a NullPointerException exception when the application runs without Identity Assertion
PQ85023 The HttpSession listener does not work properly in WebSphere Application Server, Version unless it is implemented directly
PQ85045 JavaServer Pages files use directory escapes to include files outside the context root of the Web application; this behavior is not the expected behavior
PQ85052 The JspBatchCompiler tool does not pick up the shared library
PQ85071 The Library.policy file permissions are ineffective for shared libraries
PQ85093 Determining the JavaServer Pages files reloading status
PQ85099 A java.util.ConcurrentModificationException exception occurs when message driven beans process messages
PQ85108 The session manager displays an exception when updating the session table
PQ85137 The WSDL2java command fails to map the IDREF and IDREFS XML attributes
PQ85230 The updateInstaller program supports the installation of the earlier dated cumulative fixes on top of the latest cumulative fix
PQ85234 A new session object is successfully created
PQ85255 The console validation cannot validate a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol URL when specifying the "External Provider URL" for the "Generic JMS Provider"
PQ85291 Check the exception map when the prepared statement is closed
PQ85318 The Application Server does not stop because of a deadlock between the Data Replication Service and Distributed components
PQ85348 The WebSphere Application Server plug-in for the Internet Information Service Web server does not send the error pages
PQ85402 The header string is corrupted by the MutableString class
PQ85425 The database name is not a required property for the data source connecting to the MS SQL server database
PQ85432 An HTTP connection is not closed in the event of an input or output exception
PQ85469 The stored response does not follow the local settings when it is returned to a calling servlet
PQ85510 An out-of-bounds exception occurs if the code checks are off the end of the array
PQ85511 An invalid URL HTTP GET request displays a 200 error message instead of a 404 error message
PQ85560 The ConcurrentMofificationException exceptions occur while driving multiple Web services client requests into WebSphere Application Server, Version 5.0.2 for z/OS
PQ85561 Some property files in the /etc directory within WebSphere Application Server do not have the expanded WASROOT in their contents
PQ85565 WebSphere Application Server creates a new session ID if it receives a cookie whose name ends with JSessionID
PQ85568 Web services performance improvements are required for WebSphere Application Server for z/OS
PQ85571 Clicking a link to a secured resource results in a NullPointerException exception
PQ85687 The content type set in the header does not work correctly
PQ85692 A ConnectionIOTimeout exception does not occur for the subsequent request when the request exceeds the keepalive timeout value
PQ85816 A NullPointerException exception occurs in the servlet wrapper when using the Context.getNamedDispatcher method in a servlet
PQ85830 PQ76013 sets an unexpected return code when an IO exception occurs while processing the post data
PQ85891 A large configuration causes the stopserver command to stop
PQ85941 Improving the cluster manager and cluster MBeans for better performance in a large scale environment
PQ86061 A NullPointerException exception might occur when viewing the external Web Services Description Language (WSDL) where the deployed WSDL file contains a MIME multipartRelated element
PQ86090 Making change to the emitter to emit the holders
PQ86120 Lost connections occur when using non-shareable connections to a data source and the database server is stopped and restarted
PQ86174 The "error in gsk_secure_soc_close: GSK_INVALID_STATE(gsk rc = 5)" message is displayed in the plug-in log file
PQ86230 Calling the acheableCommandImpl.updateCache method on a non-cacheable command causes a NullPointerException exception
PQ86231 The performance servlet does not return the metrics when using Lightweight Third Party Authentication
PQ86347 The HTTPS redirected request becomes an HTTP request with the front end of the Secure Sockets Layer offloader
PQ86349 Changing the update installer program to check for the install_root value to enforce the use of the setupCmdLine script to prevent the bad Java Development Kit copy
PQ86420 The changes do not take effect when the resources are reloaded after modifying the settings for a resource such as a data source
PQ86448 You cannot set the trace option names with spaces
PQ86457 The silent installation of Fix Pack 2 requires the installation of the x11.base.rte file sets
PQ86467 The plug-in fails to parse and set the headers on Solaris Operating Systems
PQ86603 The Mod_alias and Mod_rewrite modules in the IBM HTTP Server 2.0.x might not work properly after applying PQ8288
PQ86731 The JavaServer Pages comment lines that contain dashes immediately following the <%-- cause a "PaseException:Unterminated <%-- tag" exception
PQ86791 Adding a new method to the permitted method section for the Oracle:oracle.sql.StructDescriptor.createDescriptor object
PQ86845 The MQ clients lose the topic subscriptions if WebSphere Application Server that uses the embedded MQ is stopped and restarted
PQ86845 Removing disabled=true from the component.xml file
PQ86897 The J_password value is passed to the J_security_check filter and displayed in clear text with trace enabled
PQ86930 Single signon does not work between WebSphere Application Server, V3.5x or V4.0.x and V 5.0.2 when the Lightweight Third Party Authentication key is generated with no default Lightweight Directory Access Protocol port
PQ87002 The Web services gateway restore function fails to restore the configuration correctly and the error WSGW0081E occurs
PQ87017 A memory leak occurs
PQ87037 A null array problem occurs during the deserialization process when Web services send the client an object that contains an array of objects with null elements
PQ87100 Web services send a vector or hash table containing null elements to a client, causing errors during deserialization
PQ87196 A NullPointerException exception occurs during a node synchronization operation but the synchronization is successful
PQ87206 Cannot configure the purge policy for the session pool of the WebSphere MQ queue connection factories using the administrative console
PQ87226 Updating the edge adapter Java archive file
PQ87236 The deadlock that occurs in the administrative console is because of a defect existing in the Tivoli Java Management Extensions code
PQ87239 The last access is not updated properly with memory-to-memory replication, cluster, and tuning level to medium
PQ87241 The request.getNamedDispatcher method causes a NullPointerException exception with the dynamic cache enabled
PQ87248 The initial context factory implementation in the naming code does not work correctly with a multiple thread environment when the name space connection is set to lazy
PQ87311 The file looks for the wrong key
PQ87331 Resetting the ParkedConnection flag before reusing the McWrapper objects
PQ87399 Adding the "env" prefix to the calls to the new processes to ensure that the sub-shell environment is set up correctly
PQ87409 The service control manager says that the service starts on refresh but actually the service is not started
PQ87415 The monitoringPolicyId command returns an empty string
PQ87533 The third party Java Message Service pub or sub broker displays an error when starting the message driven bean configured to use a durable subscription
PQ87536 Updating the Connect JDBC driver to V3.3.27
PQ87547 High CPU usage occurs when you close the browser or click the stop button while the response is being written
PQ87572 A FatalErrorNotification error notification is not called after an XAError error occurs
PQ87594 The addNamespaceDeclaration method does not change the default name space to URI when called with prefix
PQ87597 The subsequent pages are not shown when more than one page exists in the JDBC provider page
PQ87615 The temporary JavaServer Pages files for an enterprise application are cleaned up when uninstalling an enterprise application
PQ87632 Cannot access the administrative console with global security enabled if the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol user has blank characters in the distinguished name
PQ87650 The plug-in processor does not merge the security constraints defined in the web.xml component file into the web.xml root file
PQ87690 The enterprise application fails to load the local topology because of the dash in the application name
PQ87714 A NullPointerException exception occurs in the getMBeanStatDescriptor method for the Tivoli Performance Viewer while connecting to the server
PQ87741 The client key store password appears in the stopServer.log file in plain text format when issuing the stopServer server1 -trace command
PQ87787 Disabling the save option for all the administrative tools when the conflicting configuration changes exist
PQ87800 The PMI0011W error message is malformed and the token is not found
PQ87805 A Web services client request fails with an SAXException: WSWS3140 exception
PQ87816 A Web services client request fails with a WSGW0043E exception
PQ87903 A NullPointerException exception occurs when the value attributes are missing in the variable.xml file during migration
PQ87926 The WebSphere Application Server security does not support the Simple Object Access Protocol multilingual message
PQ88074 Obtaining a session ID from the object returns a null value
PQ88152 An error occurs during the remote object request broker communication after applying PQ83268
PQ88166 The JavaServer Pages files do not fully load on the browser because of the lower linger timeout
PQ88187 Exceptions occur when the external cache group number is larger than 1
PQ88203 Unable to locate the Tag Library Descriptor file on the reload of a JavaServer Pages file
PQ88235 The files in the configuration directory are not deleted on uninstallation of an application when the directory contains symbolic links
PQ88261 Errors occur in the updateVariable.jacl script if the default server is removed from the migrated system
PQ88471 Java level deadlocks occur between two threads, both dealing with connection pool
PQ88472 Trust Association Interceptor performance degrades when the credential for the distinguished name is not cached
PQ88519 The getRefererURL method adds domain information to the WASReqURL cookie
PQ88530 The WebSphere Application Server security handler for the target service response does not remove the security header before forwarding
PQ88538 The cluster members with duplicate server names fail to migrate
PQ88656 The client browser displays the old content when Edge Side Include is enabled and the application is redeployed with a modified static content
PQ88672 The Tivoli Performance Viewer might hang if it is started without a running WebSphere Application Server to connect with
PQ88711 A "String index out of range" error occurs when Performance Monitoring Infrastructure is disabled
PQ88857 Users with "monitor" authority cannot see data when using the Tivoli Performance Viewer
PQ88985 A stop in the distributed replication service is caused by a thread deadlock between two threads
PQ88994 An IndexOutOfBoundsException exception occurs on the application server startup
PQ89138 No WebSphere Application Server internal headers are sent for the post/_dynacacheESI/ESIInvalidator servlet
PQ89218 An exception occurs when the finders are used more than once
PQ89413 The message is not delivered to the dead letter queue, which results in an MSGS0509E error from WebSphere embedded Java Message Service security service
PQ89439 WebSphere Application Server

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