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IBM Installation Factory for WebSphere Extended Deployment Version 6.1.1

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The Installation Factory plug-in for IBM® WebSphere® Extended Deployment Version 6.1.1 creates turn-key installation packages for installing WebSphere Extended Deployment.

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The Installation Factory plug-in for WebSphere Extended Deployment Version 6.1.1 is available for use with the following components:

  • WebSphere Virtual Enterprise
  • WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid

Using the Installation Factory plug-in, you can create a customized installation package (CIP) or an integrated installation package (IIP) to automatically complete the following operations:

  • Install the shipped version of the product.
  • Install the currently available refresh pack.
  • Install the currently available fix pack.
  • Install one or more interim fixes as needed.
  • Augment one or more profiles.

The Installation Factory combines the installation image for a version or release of a product component with optional assets to create a CIP. You can also reduce the footprint of an installation image by customizing your CIP to include only the platform support that you need.

In addition, the Installation Factory can combine multiple CIPs, or installation images, or both, into a single integrated installation package (IIP). An IIP installs multiple installation packages in one session instead of installing each package independently one at a time.

Change History

  • 31 August 2009: Initial release, Version 6.1.1
  • Prerequisites

    The Installation Factory plug-in for WebSphere Extended Deployment Version 6.1.1 requires the Installation Factory for WebSphere Application Server, Version 7.0.x.

    The Installation Factory requires approximately 500 MB of system temporary space, such as the /tmp directory on Linux® or UNIX® operating systems, for the processing engine to merge the installation image with maintenance packages. Also, adequate disk space is required to contain the installation image, the maintenance packages, and the customized installation package. The disk space requirements vary, depending on the number of maintenance packages included, the platforms selected, and the features selected.

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    Installation Instructions

    Download Installation Factory for WebSphere Application Server Version 7.0.x for your operating system.

    Download the Installation Factory plug-in for WebSphere Extended Deployment Version 6.1.1 from the Download Package section of this document.

    Unpack all the downloaded packages to the same location before using the Installation Factory. Note that the tar command, which is included with certain operating systems, might have a path length limitation that can affect the unpacking of the Installation Factory. If you encounter problems while unpacking an Installation Factory tar file, try using the latest version of GNU tar.

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    Download package

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    Installation Factory plug-in 8/28/2009 English 23868801 FTP DD

    Cross Reference information
    Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
    Application Servers WebSphere Virtual Enterprise General AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows 6.1.1

    Document information

    More support for: WebSphere Extended Deployment

    Software version: 6.1.1

    Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

    Reference #: 4024182

    Modified date: 23 February 2010

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