IBM Support WebSphere Application Server V6.0.2 Fix Pack 9 for AIX platforms

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WebSphere Application Server Version 6.0.2 Fix Pack 9 for AIX platforms, also known as Version

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Reminder: Customer and Technical Support for IBM WebSphere Application Server Versions 6.0, 6.0.1, and 6.0.2 ended 30 September 2010 Fix Pack 9 for WebSphere Application Server Version 6.0.2 is provided for the following:

  • Application Server
  • Application Client
  • Web server plug-ins
  • IBM HTTP Server

Additional Products:
  • Java™ SDK (download separately)

Operating systems:
  • AIX
  • AIX System p5 and pSeries Power4 - 64 bit

  • How critical is this fix pack?
    This fix pack must be installed on top of WebSphere Application Server V6.0.2,,,, or

    Problems solved
    For details on problems fixed in Fix Pack 9, refer to the Fix List for V6.0.2 document.
    For details on the role of refresh packs and fix packs, see the Update Strategy for releases of WebSphere Application Server V6.0.

    Corrected Express V6.0 Japanese license
    A corrected version of the Japanese version of the Express V6.0 license includes text missing from the Express V6.0 product CDROMs regarding configuration of WebSphere Application Server Express and IBM HTTP Servers on separate machines in a DMZ configuration.

    Java SDK Fix Pack
    You can upgrade your SDK to the latest level by downloading from the table below. More information on Java™ SDK 1.4.2 Cumulative Fixes is available here:

    Change history
    Release date: 14 April 2006
    Last updated: 19 April 2006

    • 19 April 2006: The original Java SDK cumulative fix posted on 14 April 2006, with WebSphere Application Server V6.0.2.9, had an APAR number in the maintenace.xml file which prevented Portals from installing. The new Java SDK cumulative fix, published 17 April 2006, has the correct APAR number specified in the maintenance.xml file and will allow Portals to install successfully.
    • 14 April 2006: Published.


The minimum requirement for installation is WebSphere Application Server V6.0 Refresh Pack 2 (V6.0.2).

Prerequisites US English 100

Installation Instructions

Install Fix Pack 9 ( on top of IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 6.0.2,,,, or

Readme for Multi-Platforms US English 100
Fix List for V6.0.2 US English 100

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is DD?
32-bit Power PC AppServer 14/04/2006 US English 263403520 FTP DD
32-bit Power PC AppClient 14/04/2006 US English 49018880 FTP DD
32-bit Power PC Plug-ins 14/04/2006 US English 27607040 FTP DD
32-bit Power PC IBM HTTP Server 14/04/2006 US English 30105600 FTP DD
32-bit Power PC Java SDK 17/04/2006 US English 92661760 FTP DD
64-bit Power PC AppServer 14/04/2006 US English 263403520 FTP DD
64-bit Power PC Plug-ins 14/04/2006 US English 27607040 FTP DD
64-bit Power PC Java SDK 17/04/2006 US English 51886080 FTP DD
ZIP Format Files Directory 14/04/2006 US English 1000000 FTP DD

Technical support

Contact 1-800-IBM-SERV (U.S. only) or visit WebSphere Application Server Support site on the Web at:

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Application Servers WebSphere Application Server - Express General AIX
Application Servers WebSphere Application Server Application Client AIX Base, Network Deployment
Application Servers WebSphere Application Server IBM HTTP Server AIX
Application Servers WebSphere Application Server Plug-in AIX Base, Network Deployment
Application Servers Runtimes for Java Technology Java SDK

Problems (APARS) fixed
PK06273, PK06395, PK07858, PK08601, PK08678, PK08942, PK09218, PK09326, PK09684, PK09690, PK09786, PK10136, PK10162, PK10180, PK10276, PK10529, PK10536, PK10545, PK10748, PK10755, PK10851, PK10953, PK10989, PK11017, PK11028, PK11065, PK11112, PK11153, PK11164, PK11174, PK11268, PK11308, PK11377, PK11478, PK11500, PK11559, PK11623, PK11628, PK11634, PK11666, PK11825, PK11829, PK11889, PK11930, PK11998, PK12033, PK12055, PK12168, PK12181, PK12208, PK12235, PK12240, PK12300, PK12319, PK12360, PK12374, PK12388, PK12396, PK12529, PK12578, PK12597, PK12618, PK12619, PK12621, PK12634, PK12636, PK12658, PK12699, PK12707, PK12758, PK12785, PK12812, PK12830, PK12831, PK12840, PK12861, PK12908, PK12916, PK12925, PK12927, PK12998, PK13031, PK13096, PK13097, PK13109, PK13136, PK13187, PK13197, PK13224, PK13227, PK13300, PK13307, PK13310, PK13323, PK13327, PK13341, PK13344, PK13351, PK13358, PK13359, PK13414, PK13464, PK13468, PK13494, PK13499, PK13500, PK13553, PK13581, PK13596, PK13629, PK13633, PK13645, PK13654, PK13697, PK13746, PK13780, PK13787, PK13809, PK13814, PK13816, PK13866, PK13903, PK13960, PK13968, PK14033, PK14063, PK14065, PK14072, PK14104, PK14133, PK14152, PK14159, PK14241, PK14284, PK14285, PK14287, PK14289, PK14320, PK14340, PK14345, PK14391, PK14396, PK14435, PK14495, PK14514, PK14522, PK14523, PK14533, PK14559, PK14570, PK14571, PK14619, PK14634, PK14647, PK14649, PK14657, PK14661, PK14678, PK14706, PK14783, PK14787, PK14788, PK14790, PK14827, PK14886, PK14897, PK14904, PK14977, PK15007, PK15016, PK15026, PK15059, PK15063, PK15068, PK15085, PK15202, PK15440, PK15544, PK15699, PK16065, PK16129, PK16194, PK16623, PK02973, PK10185, PK10512, PK10588, PK10872, PK12570, PK12809, PK12858, PK12974, PK13198, PK13237, PK15628, PK04743, PK04958, PK05011, PK05190, PK05467, PK05700, PK06395, PK06422, PK06636, PK06694, PK06699, PK06934, PK06988, PK07128, PK07223, PK07266, PK07291, PK07351, PK07361, PK07717, PK07804, PK07880, PK07964, PK07979, PK08249, PK08266, PK08424, 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PK18328, PK19376

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More support for: WebSphere Application Server

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Operating system(s): AIX

Software edition: Base, Express, Network Deployment

Reference #: 4012064

Modified date: 2006-04-28