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MustGather: Read first for WebSphere Application Server

Technote (troubleshooting)


Collect troubleshooting data for problems with IBM WebSphere Application Server. Gathering this information before calling IBM support will help familiarize you with the troubleshooting process and save you time.

Resolving the problem

Gathering component specific information

For assistance in help identifying the component causing problems, visit the Troubleshooting Guide for WebSphere Application Server.

Otherwise, take a look at the following components. If one of the product components below matches your symptom, or the part of the product with which you are experiencing problems, follow the instructions in the associated MustGather document.

MustGathers and related information for the WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty profile:

MustGathers by component for WebSphere Application Server (All Releases):
Submitting information to IBM Support

After a PMR is open, you can submit diagnostic MustGather data to IBM. If using SR, update the PMR to indicate that data has been sent.

Related information

Related information

Recording your screen to share with IBM Support

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Application Servers WebSphere Application Server - Express General AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows 8.5, 8.0, 7.0, 6.1
Application Servers Runtimes for Java Technology Java SDK

Document information

More support for: WebSphere Application Server

Software version: 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 8.5.5,

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Software edition: Base, Express, Liberty, Network Deployment

Reference #: 1145599

Modified date: 28 February 2013

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