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Cumulative Fix Strategy for WebSphere Application Server V5.0 and V5.1 releases

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Announcing an updated strategy for delivering Cumulative Fixes for IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0 and V5.1 releases.

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Cumulative Fix Strategy overview:
WebSphere Application Server Support is delivering this strategy to provide a clear upgrade path that reduces the risk of installing collections of Application Server fixes.

This is in response to requests for published collections of fixes that are:
  • Delivered in a timely manner
  • Tested together
  • Without new features or behavioral changes
Starting with WebSphere Application Server V5.0.2, component specific Cumulative Fixes are replaced with a single Cumulative Fix that will be updated regularly.

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Cumulative Fix details:
  • Delivery will be timely (every 12 weeks). The date of the next planned Cumulative Fix will be published in Recommended Updates at least 30 days before availability.
  • There is a single list of all defects for each release, that is updated for each new Cumulative Fix and Fix Pack.
  • Install on top of either a specific Fix Pack with no Cumulative Fix applied or a Fix Pack with any previous Cumulative Fix installed ( could be applied to 5.0.2 or
  • New Java™ SDK Service Releases are tested with the latest Cumulative Fix, but delivered separately. Java SDK Service Releases are included in Fix Packs.
  • The Update Installer, Plug-in and Edge components are delivered in each Cumulative Fix, but are also published separately for your convenience.
  • Superseded Cumulative Fixes will be withdrawn, with the two latest Cumulative Fixes available. For example, supersedes When was published was withdrawn.
Types of solutions provided for WebSphere Application Server


Characteristics of Each Solution


  • A new WebSphere Application Server that includes major new function, such as V5.1
  • This is a separate installation that can coexist with other Application Server releases
  • Full testing of all applications with new release is recommended

Fix Pack

  • A package that includes minor new features and fixes, such as V5.0.2
  • Fix Packs are cumulative, so V5.0.2 includes features and fixes contained in V5.0.1, as well as Cumulative Fixes and Interim Fixes published for V5.0.1
  • Fix Packs uninstall all Cumulative Fixes and Interim Fixes previously applied to the release. So it is necessary to check the list of delivered fixes to determine if an Interim Fix must be reinstalled.
  • Regression testing of critical functions with the new Fix Pack is strongly recommended

Cumulative Fix

  • A package of only fixes, such as V5.0.2.3
  • Cumulative Fixes install on top of a specific Fix Pack, such as V5.0.2
  • Cumulative Fixes also install on top of a previous Cumulative Fix, such as V5.0.2.2
  • Cumulative Fixes are just that, so V5.0.2.3 includes all fixes in V5.0.2.2
  • Cumulative Fixes uninstall all Interim Fixes applied to the release since the last Fix Pack or Cumulative Fix was installed. Therefore, it is necessary to check the list of delivered fixes to determine if an Interim Fix needs to be reinstalled.
  • Brief testing of critical functions with the new Cumulative Fix is recommended

Interim Fix

  • A single published emergency fix, such as PQ79582
  • Interim fixes are created when a stand-alone fix is required between Cumulative Fixes. They are validated by at least one customer prior to publishing
  • It is recommended that you test functions impacted by the WebSphere Application Server component fixed

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Upgrade planning:
Choose the appropriate upgrade solution and verify that the needed individual fixes are included in Cumulative Fixes or Fix Packs:
  • Review Recommended Updates to help you plan upgrades.
  • In order to ensure quality Cumulative Fixes and Fix Packs, individual fixes that become available late in the development cycle may NOT be included in a Cumulative Fix and Fix Pack.
  • In cases where individual fixes are not included in a Cumulative Fix or Fix Pack, these fixes will be uninstalled and need to be installed again after the Cumulative Fix or Fix Pack is installed.
  • The historyInfo utility lists the history of installed and uninstalled fixes.
Prior to installing any WebSphere Application Server solution in production, appropriate testing should be done on a test system.
Upgrade options for WebSphere Application Server

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Recommended upgrade path:
  • Upgrade to latest Cumulative Fix for current Fix Pack in order to proactively avoid problems already resolved within WebSphere Application Server.
  • Upgrade to the latest Fix Pack only when there is time in the development schedule for a full regression test of your application.
  • Below is an upgrade scenario where Fix Packs and Cumulative Fixes are installed as soon as they are available:

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