MA98: WebSphere MQ - Connection Endpoint Look-up Exit

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WebSphere MQ - Connection Endpoint Look-up Exit

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WebSphere MQ Connection Endpoint Lookup exit offers WebSphere MQ users a way to retrieve connection information from a LDAP repository like Tivoli Directory Server.

During MQCONN/X API call, WebSphere MQ C client drives the Connection endpoint look-up exit to retrieve connection information stored in a LDAP server. The exit connects a specified LDAP server, retrieves connection information, basically a list of MQCD arrays and gives back to WebSphere MQ C Client. WebSphere MQ C Client then uses the connection information to connect to a queue manager.

Possible Uses
WebSphere MQ Client applications connecting to queue managers using connection information retrieved from a LDAP Server. All users who currently use CCDT can use this exit.

Skill Level Required
• C Programming.
• Some knowledge of the concepts and terminology associated with WebSphere MQ.
• WebSphere MQ Client side administration.
• WebSphere MQ application programming.

Authors: Shashikanth R Thambrahalli, Savitha Joshi and Bhavya R Krishnapura, ISL-Messaging
Category: 2
Released: 03Mar11
Current SupportPac Version: 1.0
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WebSphere MQ v7.0.1, Fixpack 4 or higher

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Unzip the SupportPac and read the user manual. Details are inside the user manual guide.

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