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This SupportPac allows MQ messages to be recorded to disk files in real time as they are transported across MQ channels by Queue Managers and Client applications.

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The logging is performed by a WebSphere MQ Channel exit module named WMQCML which is supported on many platforms. A script is also provided for Unix platforms to make it easier to manage the configuration of the MQ channel attributes.

The WMQCML exit module uses the standard MQ channel exit capabilities to inspect MQ messages and data structures as they are transported over channels by MCA (Message Channel Agent) processes. This may occur at the receiving end or the sending end of a channel, the result is the same. The exit module records information about messages to disk files. The information may include the date and time, channel name, destination queue, message descriptor, and selected fields of the application message data. The data may be converted to the local character set and recorded in hexadecimal and as characters.

The module can be called for all types of MQ channels which support Message Exits:
• Sender or Receiver.
• Server or Requester.
• Cluster Sender or Cluster Receiver.

It can also be called for the two types of MQ channels used by the MQIC (MQ Client Interface) which support Send Exits and Receive Exits:
• Client Connection or Server Connection.

Possible Uses
The primary reasons for logging messages are:
• Analysing message sequences and flows to remote queues.
• Measuring the latency of messages from when they were put on a queue by an application to when they were sent across the channel.
• Correlating request messages and reply messages to measure the end-to-end timing of synchronous transactions.
• Examining message data for debugging of application problems.
• Capturing message data for replay or reporting.
• Verifying that particular messages have been sent.

New in this Release
The following changes have been made in this release:
• Minor bug fixes.
• Documentation corrections and improvements.
• Add support for Solaris on SPARC hardware.

Skill Level Required
Administration of WebSphere MQ channels. An understanding of application message flows across channels.

Author: Glenn Baddeley, Global Technology Services, Messaging Integration Middleware, IBM Australia
Category: 2
Released: 01Dec09
Last Updated: 08Mar10
Current Version: 1.0.1
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WebSphere MQ V6.0 or later.

Installation Instructions

1. Copy ma0z.zip to a temporary directory on your Windows PC.
2. Extract the zip file. Ensure you specify the option to recreate sub-directories.
3. You may delete ma0z.zip.
4. Follow the instructions in chapter 3 of the User Guide. This includes details for transferring and extracting files on Unix and z/OS.

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