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WebSphere MQ V6.0 Fix Pack

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This is fix pack for WebSphere MQ V6.0

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Change introduced by this Fix Pack is incomplete but will not adversely affect existing function.

Please refer to APAR IZ75945 for a description of the problem and corrective action.

Evaluate this APAR for the potential impact in your environment.

Fix pack is the eighth maintenance for the WebSphere MQ V6.0 products first shipped in May 2005, on the following platforms:

AIX (PTF U815929)
Solaris SPARC (PTF U815659)
Linux on x86 (PTF U815767)
Linux on zSeries (PTF U815805)
Linux on POWER (PTF U815806)
Windows (PTF U200292)

Fix pack is the seventh maintenance for the WebSphere MQ V6.0 products first shipped in October 2005, on the following platforms:

HP-UX Itanium (PTF U815818)
Solaris x86-64 (PTF U815928)
Linux on x86-64 (PTF U815808)
Linux on zSeries s390x (PTF U815807)

For information on WMQ v6.0.2.5 for iSeries refer to WebSphere MQ V6.0 for iSeries Fix Pack

The links in the download section below link to the downloads for Fix Pack on all applicable platforms. You will be asked to register before being presented with a set of downloadable files.


Install this fix pack on top of IBM WebSphere MQ V6.0.0.0, V6.0.1.0, V6.0.1.1, V6.0.2.0, V6.0.2.1, V6.0.2.2, V6.0.2.3 or V6.0.2.4.
The links below give the supported environments for WebSphere MQ V6.0.

Please note: If you are using IBM WebSphere MQ V6 for z/OS + APAR PK67851 with WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1, and WebSphere MQ is configured to use a remote WebSphere MQ Publish/Subscribe Broker running on a distributed platform, please ensure that WebSphere Application Server APAR PK72389 is applied at the same time as APAR PK67581.

Installation Instructions

Below are the links to the latest fix pack readme. The readme includes installation instructions. The problems fixed link gives details of the problems which have new fixes in these fix packs.

Readme for English 9999
Problems fixed in English 9999

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
AIX 8/10/2008 English 371812606 HTTPS
Linux on x86 (32 bit) 08/10/2008 English 378120254 HTTPS
Linux on POWER 08/10/2008 English 216814067 HTTPS
Linux on zSeries (31 bit) 08/10/2008 English 117715631 HTTPS
Linux on s390x (64 bit) 08/10/2008 English 179917873 HTTPS
Linux on x86-64 08/10/2008 English 188675464 HTTPS
Windows 08/10/2008 English 237248693 HTTPS
HP-UX PA-RISC 08/10/2008 English 230749622 HTTPS
HP-UX IA64 08/10/2008 English 230157975 HTTPS
Solaris SPARC 08/10/2008 English 172909167 HTTPS
Solaris x86-64 08/10/2008 English 155682018 HTTPS

Product Alias/Synonym


Problems (APARS) fixed
IC54772, IC54941, IC55048, IC55141, IC55154, IC55175, IC55218, IC55390, IC55482, IC55548, IC55611, IC56006, IC56009, IC56068, IC56133, IC56151, IC56170, IC56264, IC56279, IC56327, IC56352, IC56408, IC56432, IC56461, IC56649, IC56662, IC56709, IC56754, IC56858, IC57918, IC57931, IZ05857, IZ13144, IZ13921, IZ14005, IZ15456, IZ15677, IZ16357, IZ16620, IZ16645, IZ17062, IZ17156, IZ17158, IZ17303, IZ17313, IZ17341, IZ18103, IZ18142, IZ18716, IZ18954, IZ19009, IZ19168, IZ19249, IZ19340, IZ19555, IZ20546, IZ20672, IZ20758, IZ20974, IZ21318, IZ21552, IZ21977, IZ22019, IZ22198, IZ22272, IZ22725, IZ22727, IZ23058, IZ23230, IZ23438, IZ23756, IZ23780, IZ23789, IZ23839, IZ23943, IZ24069, IZ24178, IZ24186, IZ24193, IZ24362, IZ24944, IZ25171, IZ25614, IZ25622, IZ28942, IZ31327, SE28827, SE28896, SE29574, SE30937, SE31046, SE31087, SE31088, SE31252, SE31779, SE31994, SE32112, SE32282, SE32853, SE33397, SE33722, SE34580, SE34587, SE34588

Document information

More support for: WebSphere MQ
APAR / Maintenance

Software version: 6.0

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, IBM i, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 4020658

Modified date: 30 October 2008

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