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DA11: Express MQ Importer/Exporter for Mainframes with DB2/VSAM/QSAM Features

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EXPRESS MQ IMPORTER/EXPORTER is a mainframe-based, Zero-Programming, Zero-JCL productivity tool that can be used to extract data from or insert data into MQ Series Queues.

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SAKMAN EXPRESS MQ IMPORTER/EXPORTER is a mainframe-based Zero-Programming, Zero-JCL productivity tool that can be used to extract data from or insert data into WebSphere MQ Queues. With this application, you can exchange data between WebSphere MQ Queues and flat (QSAM) files, without having to program and without having to prepare JCL statements.

The tool can be used as a TSO/ISPF Panel Run, or as a standalone batch JOB whose JCL is initially generated by a Panel Run.

It has 2 main and 4 auxiliary functions.

Main Functions:
1. IMPORT (LOAD): To transfer contents of a flat (QSAM) dataset unto an WebSphere MQ Queue,
2. EXPORT (UNLOAD): To transfer contents of an WebSphere MQ Queue unto a flat (QSAM) dataset, by either:
2.1 Deleting the WebSphere MQ records after unloading, or
2.2 Keeping the WebSphere MQ records after unloading.

Auxiliary Functions:
1. To produce a JCL that can be used as part of a permanent batch application.
2. To edit/browse the Input Dataset before LOADing.
3. To edit/browse the Output Dataset after UNLOADing.
4. To review the basic attribute list of the WebSphere MQ Queue, which list is printed as part of the process of performing main functions.

The tool DOES NOT NEED to be given the attributes of the input dataset (fixed/variable size record formats, record length, etc), nor the attributes of the WebSphere MQ Queue, for the tool has the intelligence to determine them.

It also has DB2/VSAM/QSAM Editing and Browsing Utilities.

Possible Uses
SAKMAN EXPRESS MQ IMPORTER/EXPORTER can be used as an application development productivity tool or as a production job where data is to be placed into WebSphere MQ Queues from flat files or to be extracted from WebSphere MQ Queues into flat files. It can also be used to edit/browse DB2 Tables, VSAM/QSAM datasets.

Skill Level Required
Any application developer that can utilize TSO/ISPF in its basic functions.

Author: Sabo Sakman, Sakman Software Corporation, USA
Category: 4
Released: 14Nov08
Current SupportPac Version: 1.1
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z/OS Environment with TSO/ISPF with a version released in year 2000 or later.

Installation Instructions

1. On PC, unzip the file you have received.

2. Upload (as BINARY) from PC the following datasets:
2.1 SETCLDSyymmdd into YourPDS(SETCLDS)
(About "YourPDS" please read the NOTE below.)
2.2 SETCLPAyymmdd into YourPDS(SETCLPA)
2.3 SETDAyymmdd into YourPDS(SETDA)

NOTE: “YourPDS” is the name of any of your persistent PDSs, like your CLISTs' PDS or JCLs' PDS, with a LRECL=80, into which some small files will be loaded into during this SETUP PROCESS. YourPDS's dataset Management and Storage Classes will be used as SAKMAN UTILITIES datasets' MGMTCLAS and STORCLAS.

3. On TSO Command Line, issue:
At the "SETUP PANEL I" that shows up, change the suggested data if you need, and hit PF5. This will create:

4. Upload (as BINARY) from PC the following datasets:

5. If you exited the "SETUP PANEL I" invoked at step 3,
issue again: TSO EX 'YourPDS(SETCLDS)' 'YourPDS', and hit
F6. The SETUP process will commence, and it will invoke another
panel, "SETUP PANEL II", by which you will enter other
site-specific information.

This SETUP process will take about 2 minutes, and finish with
the SAKMAN UTILITIES MENU, at which you can start using the tool.

For subsequent use of SAKMAN UTILITIES, either place the director CLIST of the tool, prefix.PADEST.CLIST(SAKMAN), into your common CLIST libraries, or simply issue TSO EX 'prefix.PADEST.CLIST(SAKMAN)

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Software version: 7.5

Operating system(s): z/OS

Reference #: 4017974

Modified date: 14 November 2008