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This package enables users to publish data in IBM WebSphere Message Broker as Common Base Event to Common Event Infrastructure of IBM WebSphere Process Server.

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This solution supplies you with two reusable assets.

The first reusable asset is an Event Publisher Sub-flow that captures data in IBM WebSphere Message Broker as Common Base Event and sends the events to a WebSphere MQ queue.

The second asset is an Event Publisher Message Driven bean. By deploying this bean on IBM WebSphere Process Server, you can publish a Common Base Event from the WebSphere MQ queue to Common Event Infrastructure of IBM WebSphere Process Server.

Possible Uses
Business activity monitoring enablement - Users can capture business data from broker message as Common Base Events using the Event Publisher Sub-flow. By deploying the Event Publisher Message Driven Bean, these business events can then be published from WebSphere Message Broker to Common Event Infrastructure of WebSphere Process Server. Users can simply navigate these business events using Common Base Event Browser of WebSphere Process Server or use IBM WebSphere Business Monitor for business activity monitoring.

Users have the flexibility to develop their own message driven bean and use the package for other business needs. For example:

Security compliance enablement - Users can capture data from ROOT part of broker message as Common Base Events using the Event Publisher Sub-flow, and thus able to capture important information like security token identity from web service header for compliance management purposes.

System activity monitoring enablement - Users can capture data from EXCEPTION part of broker message as Common Base Events using the Event Publisher Sub-flow, or associate the Event Publisher Sub-flow with failure terminal of broker nodes for system activity monitoring.

New in this Release

  • Fixed support to fetch data from the Global Environment section of a broker message.
  • Changed creation time in generated CBE to be Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • Added millisecond precision to the creation time in the Common Based Event.
  • Added capability to handle hexadecimal data in incoming message.
  • Added capability to support multiple levels of sub-children when fetching a specified portion of the incoming message as an extended data element.
  • Added the ability to support empty data in the incoming message.
  • Added support to the Event-Publisher Message Driven Bean to handle CBE emitted as XML doc as well as element tree.
  • Added support for WebSphere Message Broker v6.1 and WebSphere Process Server v6.1.

Skill Level Required
To deploy it: Basic WMB administrative skills, WAS administrative skills.
To use it: Basic WMB development skills, Common Base Event specification.

Author: IBM Software Group Scenario Analysis Lab, Toronto
Category: 2
Released: 20Jul07
Last updated: 28Mar08
Current SupportPac Version: 1.1
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Event Publisher Sub-flow:
- IBM WebSphere Message Broker v6.0.0.3 or v6.1
- IBM WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit v6.0.2 or v6.1

Event Publisher Message Driven Bean:
- IBM WebSphere Process Server v6.0.2 or v6.1

Installation Instructions

An Installation Wizard along with a solution guide is provided.
Unzip this SupportPac package and runs WindowsSetup.exe.

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