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The regular method of loading/unloading messages from the queue to a dataset is to use CSQUTIL. This SupportPac provides a different means to do load/unload using DFSORT.

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Generally speaking, loading of a queue (or, even a database table) follows a three-step process viz. Extract, Transform and Load. The Extract process refers purely to the method of unloading the queue (connection to the queue manager, opening the queue, et al). The Transform part refers to modification of the data that was read from the queue and, the Load part refers to writing to the output file. (All these steps hold for unloading a queue too.)

Some of the features available are:

• Retrieve messages destructively or non-destructively.
• Show/hide MQ Message Descriptor of the messages unloaded from the queue.
• Ability to provide any number of options (MQPMO, MQGMO, etc) in the same way as IBM defines them.
• Ability to commit MQ GET/PUT operations implicitly, explicitly once or explicitly at a user-specified frequency.
• Ability to rollback MQ operations explicitly.
• Abort/Proceed the program on warning messages from MQ API.
• Select/omit messages based on values in MQ Message Descriptor values either in alphanumeric or hexadecimal.
• Insert MQ Message Descriptor values.
• Select/omit messages based on Message ID and/or Correlation ID values either in alphanumeric or hexadecimal.
• Insert Message ID and/or Correlation ID in alphanumeric or hexadecimal.
• Select/omit messages based on content of the messages, which is either in alphanumeric or hexadecimal.
• Insert messages with content as specified by user (run date/time, constant value, etc.)
• Sort message data depending on the data type and/or locale (for "non-English" data) before loading into the queue or after unloading from the queue.
• Add numeric data before loading messages into queue (or, after unloading messages from queue).
• Most features provided by DFSORT can be used before/after loading/unloading the queue.

This SupportPac can be used in the situations where a queue is to be unloaded to a dataset or is to be loaded from the dataset in batch with sorting, filtration and/or modification of messages.

Author: Nagesh Subrahmanyam ED3, India
Category: 2
Released: 12Mar07
Current Version: 1.0
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WebSphere MQ for z/OS, DFSORT

Installation Instructions

1. Download the zipped file ma1m.zip onto your desktop.
2. Unzip the file ma1m.zip.
3. Navigate to the folder Load in the unzipped folder.
4. Upload the file ma1m.xmi to a mainframe dataset ‘YOUR.FTP.DS’ using FTP binary transfer.
5. The dataset ‘YOUR.FTP.DS’ should be allocated as RECFM=FB, LRECL=80.
6. Create a PDS ‘YOUR.LOAD.PDS’ with RECFM=U,LRECL=0.
7. On the mainframe, receive the file as TSO RECEIVE INDA(‘YOUR.FTP.PDS’) and give the name ‘YOUR.LOAD.PDS’ when prompted for name.

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ma1m.zip 12/03/2007 US English 409087 HTTP

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