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WA73: WebSphere MQ Workflow - FDL2BPEL Conversion

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This SupportPac provides user documentation about FDL2BPEL Conversion which helps you to convert FDL-based business processes into BPEL-based business processes.

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FDL2BPEL Conversion is a function that is available with WebSphere Integration Developer. It helps you to convert FDL definitions of business process models that you exported from the Buildtime component of IBM WebSphere MQ Workflow Version 3.6 into corresponding business process models that you can deploy and execute with IBM WebSphere Process Server Version 6.1.

For further versions of IBM WebSphere Process ServerFDL2BPEL Conversion documentation please click here.

FDL2BPEL Conversion generates XML artifacts that you need to deploy and execute the same processes with the WPS BPEL engine. The generated XML definition files include XML Schema definitions for data flow objects, WSDL, BPEL, TEL and SCDL definitions of SCA components and imports.

Possible Uses
FDL2BPEL Conversion Version 6.1 is available in two modes:

• Migration wizard that you can invoke within the "Business Integration" perspective of WebSphere Integration Developer.
• Command line function.

Skill Level Required
You should be familiar with both FDL and BPEL concepts. If you need more information on either of these concepts, refer to the MQ Workflow documentation and the BPEL specification.

New in this Release
Documentation update.

Author: WSS Business Process Solutions Development, IBM Germany
Category: 2
Released: 25Nov04
Last updated: 30Apr08
Current SupportPac Version: 6.1
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WebSphere Integration Developer 6.1

Installation Instructions

The download package contains the user documentation of the FDL2BPEL Conversion Version 6.1.
Installation instructions for the command line tool can be found in chapter 2.

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More support for: WebSphere MQ Workflow

Software version: 3.6

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Reference #: 4008362

Modified date: 30 April 2008

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