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IC04: WBIMB V5 Change Management and Naming Standards

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Providing suggested procedures for version management and change control of WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker Version 5 (WBIMB V5) objects.

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This SupportPac provides suggested procedures for version management and change control of WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker Version 5 (WBIMB V5) objects. It also presents a guide to Naming Standards for WBIMB V5.

Use this SupportPac as a guideline to implement you change management processes for WBIMB V5, and to develop suitable Naming Standards for your WBIMB V5 installation.

It is assumed that some form of version control system (for example CVS, ClearCase etc) is already in place. This is a key component of the suggested methodology as it provides not only a safe storage area for current and previous object versions but also allows detailed tracking and alteration information to be stored.

Although this SupportPac provides a guide for implementing a Change Management process it should be stressed that this may not be the correct solution for all customers. It may be appropriate to only implement a number of the steps described to be consistent with the particular requirements within your environment.

You should have good working knowledge of WBIMB V5 and your chosen version control system (ClearCase, CVS, etc).

Authors: Emir Garza, Cyril Stewart, Keith Guttridge, Lakshman Yatawara, Andy Piper, Jonathan Marshall
Category: 2
Released: 20Feb01
Last Updated: 30Sept04
Current Version: 1.1
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»Added Rational ClearCase section.
»Minor editorial changes.


The processes and procedures detailed in the SupportPac have been developed for a WBIMB V5 environment but should also be applicable to future releases.

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More support for: WebSphere Message Broker

Software version: 5.0

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Multi-Platform, OS/390, OS/400, Solaris, Tandem NSK, Windows, z/OS

Reference #: 4007364

Modified date: 20 October 2004

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