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This SupportPac provides details of the WebSphere MQ Client for IBM 4690 OS offering developed, marketed, sold, and supported by Metastorm (formerly known as CommerceQuest).

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This SupportPac provides details of the WebSphere MQ Client for IBM 4690 OS offering developed, marketed and supported by Metastorm.

The fact that this product is described here does not imply that IBM recommends or endorses it. You should use your own judgement in deciding whether to use it.

WebSphere MQ Client for 4690 OS provides applications running on the IBM 4690 Point of Sale system with the ability to fully participate in the message driven processing world of WebSphere MQ. The WebSphere MQ products implement a common application program interface (the message queue interface, MQI) on all supported platforms. The product supports the MQI at WebSphere MQ V5.3 level on IBM 4690 OS and enables interoperation with other members of the WebSphere MQ family. WebSphere MQ Client for IBM 4690 OS needs to be connected to any WebSphere MQ server that supports clients channels.

Users should be familiar with the IBM WebSphere MQ product family in general and have particular skills on the IBM 4690 platform.

Author: IBM United Kingdom Laboratories
Category: 4
Released: 07May99
Last updated: 07Nov05
Current Version: 1.2
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Upgraded from MQSeries v2 to WebSphere MQ v5.3.

WebSphere MQ for IBM 4690 is developed, marketed and supported by Metastorm. They may be contacted at www.Metastorm.com or telephone 813 903 3000 in the USA or 44 (0)1 784 437753 elsewhere.


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IBM 4690 OS

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