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This SupportPac provides several items of documentation only - primarily design descriptions - from SYSCOM Inc to users of MQSeries Workflow.

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This SupportPac provides several items of documentation only - primarily design descriptions - from SYSCOM Inc to users of MQSeries Workflow.

The documentation is freely available. Any implementation services mentioned within this SupportPac are offered, marketed and supported by SYSCOM Inc and are fee based.

The fact that implementation services are described here does not imply that IBM recommends or endorses them. You should use your own judgement in deciding whether to proceed and to pay for this service.

Possible Uses
SYSCOM Message Handling Framework
This includes portable development of automated activity implementations (MQWF UPES). It provides:
>>a feature-rich modular framework for the portable development of course-grained business services as automated workflow activities
>>a flexible set of receiver, dispatcher, service and sender modules for UPES activity implementations and access to enterprise-tier business functions using a choice of protocols (RMI, RMI/IIOP, MQSeries, JMS, sockets, ftp, email, Web Services etc)

SYSCOM Workitem Handling Facility
Provides the ability to start or finish a workitem, transfer it to another user, or terminate process instances for given workitems or notifications. It also offers a callable exit to allow customized implementations of workitem and notification processing, using MQWF client functions, worklist filters, the Workflow client java APIs and customizable java classes. It is often used for:
>>E-mail, system console or other event notifications to system administrators, production supervisors or management based on workitems assigned to special workflow userids
>>Automated restart of failed activities
>>Termination of process instances, e.g. an order cancelled and supporting processes need to be terminated
>>Implementation of “janitorial” tasks, e.g. react to one notification and cleanup associated workitems, or coordinated processing of cleanup tasks when a process completes

SYSCOM Error Handling Facility
A uniform XML-based error handling facility, using Workflow, this offers:
>>a uniform approach to signaling and handling errors from various sources
>>creates reliable transfer and formatting XML-based error reports (using SMTP, MQSeries etc, as well as plain text and HTML error report templates)
>>error handling which may occur in unattended and scheduled Workflow programs, automated Workflow activity implementations, customized GUI applications and invisible components used by MQSeries Workflow.
>>utilization of the SYSCOM WHF to take corrective actions automatically, e.g. on overdue activities.

SYSCOM User Administration Facility
An XML-based facility for providing secure access to Workflow user information across potentially very different administration systems (security, HR directories, Workflow staff definitions). It:
>>facilitates the creation of user admin clients (eg using LDAP and the synchronization of data between multiple back-end systems to add, update and delete user definitions)
>>leverages the SYSCOM MHF, servlets, HTML and web browsers
>>can be used to create simple, standalone administration tools with access to MQWF runtime and buildtime databases as well as LDAP-based directories.

The SYSCOM VitalSigns Analyzer
This provides browser-based reports on MQSeries Workflow audit information and:
>> pre-defined standard views
>>aggregated summaries
>>graphical representations (supported by selection criteria such as date range, process template name or activity name).
Based on J2EE, RDB, XML, MQSeries and MQSeries Workflow.

Skill Level Required
For documentation only - working knowledge of MQSeries Workflow (For implementation services, connect to SYSCOM Inc.).


Users must have a sound knowledge of MQSeries Workflow.

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