WITHDRAWN: MS69: System Management for WebSphere MQ for HP NSK (NSS) systems

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This Cat 4 SupportPac refers to MQEMSGATE, from Insider Technologies, which provides extra system management functionality for WebSphere MQ for HP NSK (NSS) systems

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This Cat 4 SupportPac refers to MQEMSGATE from Insider Technologies, which provides extra system management functionality for WebSphere MQ for HP NSK systems, providing full EMS tokenised messages from any NonStop hosted MQ source.  Most HP NonStop users have management applications whose effective operation is dependent on a full set of tokenised event message structures (EMS events).  This chargeable product provides additional function not available in the NSK WebSphere MQ product.

The existing set of log messages issued by the "WebSphere MQ for NSK" software are complex in structure and can prove difficult to filter and process programmatically.

The Insider Technologies MQEMSGATE facility connects to an HP NonStop Kernel logging environment, the Event Management Services (EMS), to extract nominated MQ events. The events are scanned and resubmitted to the EMS environment with unique event identifiers, and with important elements of the message such as queue manager, queue and channel names now included as discrete tokens.

The product consists of a NonStop extract process together with an Enscribe database of nominated MQ events. Users can control the level of processing for selected events by maintaining this database via a User Interface.

The resultant event can now be processed more easily by the diverse automation and escalation facilities available.

Author: Insider Technologies Ltd, Manchester
Category: 4
Released: 19Apr04
Current Version: 1.0
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MQEXTRACT is available for WebSphere MQ for NSK V5.1 onwards.

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