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WITHDRAWN: MA0K: WebSphere MQ - Completion Code and Reason Code analysis programs

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This SupportPac provides source code and libraries containing functions for analysis of WebSphere MQ Completion Codes and Reason Codes.

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This SupportPac has been moved to withdrawn and will be archived in March 2018.

This SupportPac provides source code and libraries (ANSI C and Visual Basic) containing functions for the analysis of WebSphere MQ Completion Codes and Reason Codes (up to and including those relating to WebSphere MQ V7.0). Sample programs are also provided, including a program which displays the entire explanatory text from the WebSphere MQ Messages manual. The explanatory text database is also provided for the Palm OS PDA.

Possible Uses
The SupportPac contents may be incorporated into applications which use the MQI, subject to the International License Agreement. The analysis functions provide an easy means for application diagnostics to include the standard symbolic names for Completion Code and Reason Codes as well as the usually numeric values (for example, MQGET error, CompCode=2(MQCC_FAILED), ReasonCode=2033(MQRC_NO_MSG_AVAILABLE). The sample programs (particularly mqmch) are also useful for looking up symbolic names and explanatory text when the WebSphere MQ Messages manual is not accessible, on Unix, Windows or a Palm OS PDA. This enables operations and application support teams to gain access to the codes without reference to WebSphere MQ documentation or technical support.

New in this Release
The following changes have been made in this release:
• Support for WebSphere MQ v7.0.

Author: WebSphere MQ Development, Hursley
Category: 2
Released: 20Dec00
Last Updated: 10Dec08
Current Version: 1.4
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MQSeries V2.0 to V5.2 or WebSphere MQ V5.3 (or later)
ANSI C compiler and linker
Visual Basic 5.0 (or later)
Palm OS 3.0 (or later)

Installation Instructions

To install the SupportPac in a Windows environment:
1. Copy to a temporary directory.
2. Uncompress using InfoZip's Unzip. Ensure you specify the option to re-create stored directories.
3. This will create the necessary files and subdirectories.
4. You may delete
5. Follow the instructions in the readme.txt file. This includes details for transferring and extracting files on Unix and Palm OS PDA systems.

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Technical support

Category 2 SupportPacs are provided in good faith and AS-IS. There is no warranty or further service implied or committed and any supplied sample code is not supported via IBM product service channels.

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Document information

More support for: WebSphere MQ

Software version: 5.3, 6.0, 7.0

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 4000652

Modified date: 10 December 2008