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IA9I: WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit ESQL Statement Analyser plug-in

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The WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit ESQL Statement Analyser plug-in is a services offering that provides intelligent search and replace to the ESQL editor.

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The IA9I SupportPac is a WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit Plug-in which provides intelligent search and replace to the ESQL Editor. When invoked on a particular project in the workspace it parses the ESQL files present in the project and examines them for a set of configurable occurrences or triggers related to the data types of casts or assignments. When triggered, a configurable warning or error is raised and suggestions are made as to possible modifications to the ESQL.

Assisting customers in migration from v2.1 to v6.0, who are affected by a change in behaviour of implicit and explicit casts from decimal to character.

Author: WebSphere Brokers Test, Hursley
Category: 1
Released: 11Apr06
Current Version: 1.0
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This SupportPac is Category 1 (Services offering supplied for a fee). To find out more about this SupportPac please contact your local IBM representative or email No details are available through the SupportPac comments facility.


WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit v6.0

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Technical support

This SupportPac is supplied under the standard terms and conditions provided by the International Program License Agreement (IPLA) and thus, carry program defect service.

If you encounter what you believe to be a defect with the SupportPac you may request Program Services, by reporting the problem via the same defect reporting channel you use for the WebSphere MQ or WebSphere Business Integration product/s with which you are using the SupportPac. These products must themselves have service support.

Please read the license file that accompanies the SupportPac, to determine whether you want to use it. No proof of Entitlement or License Information is required to use this SupportPac.

Document information

More support for: WebSphere Message Broker

Software version: 6.0

Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

Reference #: 4012060

Modified date: 11 April 2006

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