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The tool provides automatic data collection, diagnostic testing, symptom analysis, and pre-requisite checking for IBM InfoSphere Information Server installations.

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The IBM Support Assistant Lite for InfoSphere Information Server supports installations of:

  • InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.3.x through Version 11.7 on
      • AIX, Solaris, Linux (Red Hat, SUSE), Windows, and Linux for IBM System z platforms.
  • InfoSphere Information Server, Version 8.5.x through Version 9.1.x on
      • AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux (Red Hat, SUSE), Windows, and Linux for IBM System z platforms.

In particular:
  • Use Version S11.7.0.0-B to support installations of InfoSphere Information Server Versions 11.3.x through 11.7 on all platforms.
  • Use Version S9.1.007.7 (also known as Version 7.7) to support installations of InfoSphere Information Server Versions 8.5.x through 9.1.x.
  • Use Version S9.1.007.4z (also known as Version 7.4z) to support installations of InfoSphere Information Server Version 8.5.x through 9.1.x on zLinux systems (IBM System z platforms).

The tool benefits customers by:
  • Providing diagnostic testing and health verifications of installations of any tiers of InfoSphere Information Server and its components
  • Providing automatic gathering and collection of diagnostic data and log files and FTP to IBM Customer Support
  • Graphically documenting the installation topology and highlighting communication channels
  • Performing symptom analysis and log analysis to help streamline the problem determination process
  • Validating the prerequisites of the installation
  • Repairing or removing broken InfoSphere DataStage projects

IBM Support Assistant Lite collects data transparently. All collected data and HTML analysis reports are available in a .zip file local to your disk, for your inspection. Use the tool to automatically FTP the zip files to IBM Customer Support, if your IBM Customer Support representative requests further analysis and diagnostics.

Where to install and run the tool:

Install the tool on any of the tiers of InfoSphere Information Server (Engine, Services, Repository or Client). The tool analyzes and collects artifacts from the InfoSphere Information Server installation on the local machine where the tool is running. Not all tasks and functions of the tool can run on all the tiers.

Install the tool on a system without an installation of InfoSphere Information Server to ensure that your (local) computer meets the system requirements, before an installation.
Check the User's Guide document attached below for more details on the installation procedure.

You can run the tool in either GUI windows mode or in console mode, on either Windows or UNIX systems. You need a X-Windows installation in order to run the GUI windows mode in UNIX.

What's new in Version S11.7.0.0-B (Release: 3-APRIL-2018):

The following internal fixes and enhancements are included in version S11.7.0.0-B:
  • 273613 Prereq include new Suite.jar to verify presence of BC command (after bug fix)
  • 274465 PreReq: in UNIX, the default DataStage administrator group name should not be "Administrator"
  • 275703 ISALite does not recognize installation if IS_HOME folder name provided by user has a space in front
  • 272221 HC: Create new diagnostic tests for BigInsight, Cloudera, and Hadoop
  • 274507 HC: add new test to verify available disk space on mounted disks
  • 274309 HC: When DS not installed, test for attributes of DS files is still run and fails
  • 274310 HC: When DS not installed, PXEngine compiler test is run and fails, but still shows as PASSED
  • 273278 HC: Add description of tests/what to do for the IGC diagnostic URL invocations
  • 273202 HC: ODF tests should report a description of error when rc NOT= 0
  • 273319 HC: IGC test: display values of and add URL to "Improve Query performance" doc
  • 275215 HC: DFD Test: If Oracle/SQLSrv, DB table COGNITIVE_USER_PREF needs to be created manually by user, and may not exist
  • 274308 HC: WAS JVM Heap Size test PASSES even if an error returned when info in server.xml is not found
  • 274842 HC: Due to PSIRT 96024 ( attrib changed), HC as non root user reports errors
  • 274843 Collection: due to PSIRT 96024 ( attrib changed), collection as non-root user fails
  • 274340 HC: Agent handler information should show the Handler ID also
  • 274882 XMeta HC: Due to PSIRT 96024 ( attrib changed), XMeta HC can now only be run by root
  • 274307 XMeta HC: if cannot run XMeta diagnostic, should exit without running SYS SUMMARY
  • 273610 XMeta HC: Increase the JVM memory usage options to 25GB
  • 273647 XMeta HC: possible out-of-mem situation in creating html report when XMetaDiagnosticReport.xml file is large 300 MB
  • 202973 AIX network script cannot find /etc/resolve.conf

Hide details for Fixes from previous version S11.7.0.0 Fixes from previous version S11.7.0.0
  • 271812 Prereq: Oracle DB checks need to provide choice of SID vs ServiceName for database name
  • 270692 Prereq Checker in IS11.7 needs to show the IS 11.7 option and run the new 11.7 prereq checker engine
  • 273344 Collector: add support of UG with collection of main logs and possibly Logstash entries
  • 273203 Collector: Add support of DataFlow designer and collect DFD and Jetty logs
  • 273343 HC: Add support of UG, with new diagnostic/documenting tests
  • 271865 HC: Add support of IBM DataStage Flow Designer (Cognitive Designer)
  • 268528 HC and System Summary: add support of new AIX 7.2
  • 272470 HC: PXEngine AIX7.2 test may report compiler version error but HC test still Passes
  • 268525 HC and PX Health Checkers: add support of gcc and g++ version 6.2
  • 272226 HC: IA Tests should return WARNING (instead of ERROR) in the case IA may just need configuration
  • 272117 HC: WebSphere JVM version test fails if WAS profile name different than 'InfoSphere'
  • 272046 HC: Validation of syntax of the .odbc.ini file is too strict and gives unnecessary warnings
  • 272047 HC: DB Oracle version test should not fail if v$instance DB view is not accessible
  • 273583 HC: Oracle DB support for needs additional iis-shared.jar in the CLASSPATH
  • 268526 HC and DB2 Collector: Add support of DB2 11.1.1
  • 264757 HC: Improve the How-To-Fix information in HC results and improve links to technotes/docs
  • 271477 HC: DS health check should check additional files for user ownership and access attributes and other fixes
  • 268139 HC: Create a new diagnostic test to verify ODF (Open Discovery Framework)
  • 272947 HC: SOS Kafka message creation test fails on a Spanish Windows installation
  • 272844 HC: When WAS Liberty, include the test for the WAS JVM setting (currently only done in WAS ND)
  • 272788 HC: the WAS JVM maxHeapSize test should return warning if JVM heap value less than minimum
  • 272714 HC: New DB test to list and verify if the DB schemas are all available, for each IS version
  • 272708 HC: New DB tests to verify DB privileges of XMeta user
  • 271160 HC: WAS test to list WAS profile JDK versions should report location of WAS JDKs
  • 269208 HC: Verify Security level of JDK in /security/local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar from IIS and WAS folders
  • 272467 HC: Test "imam --action testDC" may need removal due to imam long processing and error in 11.7
  • 273142 Increase JVM size of tool for possible Out Of Mem situations in Windows
  • 271897 Update the ISALite User Guide documentation to 11.7 level
  • 272449 SYS SUMMARY: Linux rpm command should report packages sorted by installation date
  • 272676 Add support of zLinux using the standard ISALite framework (not ISADC)
  • 268530 11.7: Add support of SUSE Linux 11 and 12
  • 268531 11.7: Add support of Windows Server 2016 and Win 10 Pro
  • 272203 ISALite SYS SUM (Win 10): Too large MSInfo32 report could produce OutOfMemory situation during SYS SUMMARY creation
  • 268527 Update ISALite to use 1.8 JDK

What's new in Version S9.1.007.7 (Release B - 1/15/2016):

Hide details for The following APAR and internal fixes are included in version S9.1.007.7 Release B:The following APAR and internal fixes are included in version S9.1.007.7 Release B:
  • APAR JR54719 Upgrade Apache Common Collections libraries to Vers 3.2.2
The following internal work item fixes are also included, as part of previous version S9.1.007.7:
  • WI 243619 HC: New HC test to report file listing/existence/permissions/user ownership of certain IS and OS files
  • WI 243548 HC additional test: Give warning if Oracle DB version is less than
  • WI 243582 HC: DB Configuration test shoud not report Warning when DB config values are set to AUTOMATIC
  • WI 231145 XMeta HC: Update the XMeta diagnostic engine for 9.1 and additional files to collect
  • WI 198908 Change the permissions of ZIP file created to r--r--r-- (Read-for all)
  • WI 152579 HC: Invalid msg given when IA database cannot be accessed. Metadata repository is mentioned instead
  • WI 243258 HC: Business Glossary is reported as not installed when WAS credentials provided are wrong
  • WI 227419 HC: Connector object test should not use case-sensitivity in DSNameSpace = hostname test
  • WI 239498 HC: Test results to verify agent port in use is unclear in Agent test group
  • WI 209374 Collector: Need to collect is in ASBServer/bin/sql
  • WI 208073 Collector: Add WAS workbench files to collection (IS 8.5-9.1.x)
  • WI 206109 Collector fails trying to collect ASBNode\bin when it does not exist on Services-tier only (IS 8.5-9.1 with FixPacks)

Functionality of the tool (Version S11.7.0.0) :

There are 22 menu options in the ISALite for Information Server tool menu, divided in 6 sub-menus. Some tasks and the Symptom Analysis menu have been removed, compared to the previous S9.1.007.7 version, but functionality is retained by the other tasks, with some enhancements.
Refer to the Functionality of the tool (Version S9.1.007.7) below for general details on the tasks, or check the User's Guide for version S11.7.0.0 attached below.

Functionality of the tool (Version S9.1.007.7) :

There are 25 menu options in the ISALite for Information Server tool menu, divided in 7 sub-menus.
Note that the tool for zLinux platforms has a reduced set of menu items and functionality. Check the User's Guide for zLinux document attached below for more details on the functionality available on that platform. Previous versions of the tool available for download may also offer slightly different menu items and functionality.

Common Functionality of the tool :

Depending on the diagnostic activity you need to do, invoke one or more of the options, as follows:

  1. Data Collection Options (Main menu): the top of the main menu has links to the recommended and most used tasks: the General Diagnostic Health Checker, the Information Server Collector, and the DataStage Job Logs Collector.
    The General Diagnostic Health Checker is the most comprehensive tool as it performs about 90 tests and verifications across all the tiers and Information Server components found on the local system. Run the General Diagnostic Health Checker in any situation, primarily on the Services and Engine tier machines, as it gives you a snapshot of the current health of the system.
    The InfoSphere Information Server Collector is comprehensive, and collects all Information Server logs and support files, including all the important WebSphere Application Server log and configuration files.
    The InfoSphere DataStage Job Logs Collector gathers debugging data, logs, FFDC logs, and additional information useful to debug DataStage jobs runs and environment.

  2. Additional Collectors: the collection tasks do not perform any diagnostic tests, they only collect files, log events, and configuration data. Use the collectors when you have a problem you need to debug and you need the support of log files and configuration data to debug the situation. If you know the problem is within a specific component (DB2, SAP, etc.) you may want to run that specific collector.
    If you have a clustered installation of IBM WebSphere Application Server, you can use the Collection of remote cluster nodes options to collect artifacts and logs when running the ISALite for InfoSphere Information Server tool on a machine hosting the remote cluster node.

    Note: the Basic System Summary report is created and included by any of the ISALite menu options, so you do not need to run the System Summary by itself if you already run some other ISA Lite task, as all the other tasks already include that report. The System Summary does not perform any diagnostic tests. It only reports what it finds installed.

  3. Additional Diagnostic Tools: use the diagnostic tools to find out about the health of the system or a specific InfoSphere Information Server component. They perform tests and configuration verifications, and report issues found. No log files or log events are collected by the diagnostic tools. Use the Collectors to gather those.

  4. Symptom Analysis: Provides the possibility to analyze logs from the WebSphere and Information Server installation and reports known errors and issues that may have occurred. A second option allows you to specify and provide a log file from an InfoSphere DataStage Job run, which is analyzed for errors. Known symptoms are reported with indications and links to documents that help fix the problem

  5. System Requirements: Provides the invocation of the prerequisite checkers. Invoke these tools before an installation of InfoSphere Information Server (11.3, 11.5, 11.7), or before an upgrade of Information Server 11.3 to 11.5 or 11.7, to ensure that your (local) computer meets the system requirements. You can select the tiers and Information Server components to verify for prerequisites.
    Note: these prerequisite checkers are the same tools invoked by the InfoSphere Information Server Installer, Versions 11.5 or 11.7.

  6. Utilities: This utility lets you view issues and attempts to repair a corrupt DataStage project.

  7. Help: Includes quick links to the About-Box and Help contents for the tool

Use the tool in different situations:
  • Prior to a fresh installation:
    • Analyze system requirement using the Pre-requisite checkers under the System Requirements menu
  • For problem determination:
    • Use the General Diagnostics Health Checker and other health checkers tools under the top menu and Additional Diagnostic Tools menu
    • For analysis: collect and gather log files, log events and data, using the Collectors
    • Analyze log files using the Symptom Analysis tools
  • Prior to migrating from InfoSphere Information Server:
    • Verify the installation using the General Diagnostic Health Checker under the main menu.
    • Run other health checkers under the Additional Diagnostic Tools menu for specific InfoSphere Information Server components, if you have issues with those components.
    • Invoke the Collectors if you have issues to resolve and you need logs and other data for analysis
  • Prior to and after an append or a patch installation, or after a fresh installation:
    • Verify the installation using the General Diagnostic Health Checker under the main menu.

Note: An alternative to the automated data collection is a manual method which utilizes a MustGather document. Please refer to the following document for details on gathering this same data manually.

Please contact your IBM Support representative for any assistance required.

User's Guide :

The User's Guide is included in the download package (under the ISALite\doc folder) and is also included here for convenience.
  • User's Guide (version S11.7.0.0 for IS 11.3-IS 11.7): UserGuide.pdfUserGuide.pdf (All platforms)
  • User's Guide (version S9.1.007.7 for IS 8.5-IS 9.1): UserGuide.pdfUserGuide.pdf (Windows and UNIX platforms)
  • User's Guide for zLinux platforms for IS 8.5-IS 9.1: UserGuide.pdfUserGuide.pdf (zLinux platform only)



    • InfoSphere Information Server: Versions 8.5.x through Version 11.7.x.
    • Operating systems: AIX, Solaris, Linux (RedHat and Suse), HP-UX, Windows, and Linux on IBM System z platform, where the InfoSphere Information Server product is supported.
    • Collectors and prerequisite checkers support DB2 and Oracle databases only.

Installation Instructions

This is a complete replacement for previously installed versions of the tool. Consult the User's Guide for information on how to verify the version currently installed, replace an older version, or download and install a new version and getting started and using the tool.

Note: You must have an IBM ID and password to download the packages. Register here if you do not have an IBM ID and password. Click the following link to go to the ISA Home Page.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
ISALite for InfoServer v. 11.3 - 11.7 3 Apr 2018 English 29625763 HTTPS
ISALite 7.7 for InfoServer v. 8.5 - 9.1 15 Jan 2016 English 36780697 HTTPS
ISALite 7.4z for InfoServer v. 8.1 - 9.1: zLinux 28 Mar 2013 English 33101156 HTTPS

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Information Management InfoSphere Information Server,, 9.1,,, 8.7,,,, 8.5,,, 11.5,,,, 11.3, 11.7
Information Management InfoSphere DataStage,, 9.1,,, 8.7,,,, 8.5, 11.5,,,, 11.3,,, 11.7
Information Management InfoSphere Business Glossary, 9.1,,, 8.7,,,, 8.5, 11.3
Information Management InfoSphere FastTrack 11.3,, 8.5,,,, 8.7,, 9.1,
Information Management InfoSphere Information Analyzer 11.3,,,, 11.5, 8.5,,,, 8.7,,, 9.1,,,,, 11.7
Information Management InfoSphere Information Services Director, 9.1,, 8.7,,, 8.5, 11.3, 11.3.1, 11.5,, 11.7
Information Management InfoSphere Metadata Workbench,, 9.1,, 8.7,,,, 8.5, 11.3
Information Management InfoSphere QualityStage,, 9.1,, 8.7,,,, 8.5,,, 11.3, 11.5,,, 11.7
Information Management InfoSphere Information Server IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Dashboard,, 9.1,,, 8.7,,,, 8.5,,, 11.5,,,, 11.7

Document information

More support for: InfoSphere Information Server

Software version: 8.5,,,, 8.7,,, 9.1,,, 11.3,,,, 11.5,,, 11.7

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 4022700

Modified date: 04 April 2018

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