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Readme file for: PEDE-
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Update Name: PEDE-
Publication Date: 2 November 2011
Last modified date: 2 November 2011

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Parallel Environment Developer Edition AIX 7.1

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  • - Installing an PE Developer Edition update for AIX
    1. Downloaded an IBM PE Developer Edition update package into any directory on your system.
    2. Unzip and extract the BFF image(s) from the *.tar.gz file.
    3. Install the IBM PE Developer Edition updates on your system using the smit update_all command.

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  • - Package Contents


  • - Changelog

    History of problems fixed

    The following fixes apply to IBM PE_RTE updates for both Power Systemsx, unless noted otherwise. All problem fixed apply to AIX.


    IBM PE_DE [Oct 28, 2011]

    HPC Toolkit:

    1. Roll up all IBM HPC Toolkit fixes for GA
    2. Final revisions to IBM HPC Toolkit Installation and User Guide


    1. Refresh with Eclipse 3.7 SR1 and PTP 5.0.3

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Modified date: 03 November 2011

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