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Support Limitations with EMC SMI-S 4.1.0 through 4.6.x

Technote (troubleshooting)


Limitations specific to Symmetrix V-Max, CLARiiON and VNX subsystems exist with Tivoli Storage Productivity Center support for EMC SMI-S 4.1.0.x/Solutions Enabler 7.1.0.x through EMC SMI-S 4.6.x/Solutions Enabler 7.6.x


Symmetrix V-MAX:

  • Support is not available for volume assignment and unassignment. Attempts to perform a volume assignment or unassignment will fail.


  • The Write Cache Hit Percentage metric may be reported as zero, also affecting the Total Cache Hit Percentage metric, in the TPC By Storage Subsystem and the By Volume performance reports.
  • The Read and Write Data Rate metrics may be reported as zero in the By Controller performance report. The Total Data Rate is accurately reported. To see the approximate read and write data rates, view the By Volume or By Storage Subsystem reports instead.
  • The Overall Response Time metric in the By Controller performance report may be reported inaccurately. To see the approximate response times, view the By Volume report instead.

Resolving the problem

Symmetrix V-MAX:

  • Volume provisioning with V-Max support will be looked at as future functionality for Tivoli Storage Productivity Center.


  • The issue with the Read and Write Data Rate metrics listed above is expected to be resolved with a future update to the EMC SMI-S provider.
  • The other performance monitoring issues are under investigation by EMC.

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