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Why to choose CICS Transaction Server for new IT projects

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This IBM Whitepaper is aimed at information technology (IT) architects, project managers, and other decision makers who are considering their options for new IT projects. It focuses on the merits of deploying new applications to the System z platform, and in particular, to an environment managed by CICS Transaction Server (CICS TS).


Since this paper does not assume a great deal of prior knowledge, it can also serve as a good introduction if you want to learn about CICS TS and the IBM System z platform. Additionally, it can be a useful document if you are an existing client that is not aware of (or taking advantage of) the unique capabilities of a modern CICS TS for z/OS deployment. This paper was created in 2008, but most of the information still applies to later releases.

This Whitepaper contains the following:

  • Introduction
  • From centralized to distributed computing — and back again
  • Get your IT environment under control
  • What makes System z different?
  • A word about network latency and network overhead
  • CICS TS and transaction processing fundamentals
  • Best practices for CICS application design
  • The value of CICS TS and highly virtualized workloads
  • Batch processing
  • Integrating CICS applications into an enterprise-class SOA
  • CICS tools to help you understand, optimize, and manage systems
  • Modern application development with Rational Developer for System z
  • Integrated problem determination
  • Additional products in the CICS TS ecosystem
  • Summary
  • For more information

[2008] Why to choose CICS for new IT projects (WSW14027-USEN-00a).pdf

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