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IBM BigFix 9.2.6 - System Requirements

Product lifecycle


This document provides the system requirements information on the supported releases of IBM BigFix products from which you can select system requirements from different levels and organizations of detail.


The list below identifies the products available in the IBM BigFix 9.2.6 release family, from which you can select system requirements in different levels and organization of detail. The BigFix Platform is included along with all the licensed products in the IBM BigFix family to provide the full support details of the infrastructure, in addition to the support capabilities of the individual products.

Always up-to-date system requirement reports can be dynamically generated using the Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool.

For your convenience, the sections below offer detailed system requirement reports for different contexts (by Operating System, by component). Note that clicking a link will always generate a new, up-to-date report.

IBM BigFix Platform 9.2.6

IBM BigFix Compliance 9.2.6

IBM BigFix Inventory 9.2.6

IBM BigFix Lifecycle 9.2.6

IBM BigFix Patch 9.2.6

IBM BigFix Protection 9.2.6

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More support for: IBM BigFix family

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Modified date: 11 November 2015

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