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WebSphere Process Server V6.1 – Business Process Choreographer: Performance Tuning Automatic Business Processes for Production Scenarios with DB2

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This document complements existing performance white papers, Red Books, and product information about WebSphere Process Server. While the “WebSphere Business Process Management V6.1Performance Tuning” Red Paper [BPMPerf] provides broad coverage of performance tuning and best practices across WebSphere BPM products, this document provides a deep dive into performance tuning when using automatic business processes in Business Process Choreographer. Please see chapter 7 for related resources.

WebSphere Process Server supports two different types of business processes: Human workflows and automatic business processes. Human workflows are business processes that involve human beings on their main path of execution. Automatic business processes are run in a straightthrough processing way, fully automatic, that is without human involvement on the main path. This paper concentrates on performance tuning automatic business processes, but it also contains best practices for Web client configuration, such as the BPC Explorer.

There are two categories of automatic business processes: long-running processes and microflows. The paper first discusses some general best practices for performance tuning, then describes how to tune microflows, and finally covers in detail the performance tuning mechanisms available for long running business processes. These mechanisms include tuning guidelines for the underlying databases, for the message queues involved, and for the components within WebSphere Process Server like the Business Flow Manager, the BPEL engine in WebSphere Process Server.

The target audiences of this paper are administrators, architects, and solution specialists that create and manage business process based applications on WebSphere Process Server.

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