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Gathering capabilities and group/role information associated with users for each namespace

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The Users and Capabilities Tool is a diagnostic tool which analyzes the Capabilities and Users for each namespace. The resulting information reports each user's capabilities, all users included in each capability, and users group/role information.

Certain Advantages:
1. Capability descriptions and groups
2. Active and inactive users identified
3. List of users per capability
4. List of capabilities for each user
5. List of users by group
6. List of users by role
7. List of user group/role membership

Known Limitations:
- The following diagnostic tool does not support a Cognos environment where Single Sign-on (SSO)
or Secured Socket Layer (SSL) is enabled.
- English locale only


Sun Microsystems Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

• JRE version 1.6.x or higher must be installed
• Sun Microsystems Java (Java) must be in the system path

Installation Instructions

Download the zip file, save it to a directory and expand the files.

Note: This Windows only tool is version specific. The capabilities may change between released versions of the IBM Cognos BI product. Be sure to download the correct version for your environment.

There are three ways to run the tool:

1. From a Microsoft Windows DOS command, run the batch file IBMCognosBI_UsersCapabilities.bat.

    • recommended method
    • progress statements are displayed in the command window
    • GUI interface is displayed

2. Run the jar file by double-clicking on the jar file name.
    • runs in the background
    • GUI interface is displayed
    • progress statements are NOT displayed in a command window
    • the result window is displayed when the diagnostic is finished

3. From a Microsoft Windows DOS command, edit and run the silent mode batch file execute_IBMCognosBI_UsersCapabilities_SILENTMODE.bat.
    • edit the parameters in the run statement in the batch file
    • the diagnostic runs in the background
    • progress statements are displayed in the command window
    • GUI interface is NOT displayed

Mar 21-2013 - Issue where user defined Roles are in output, but members are missing.
Apr 29-2013 - XML results have incorrect closing tag names

Technical support

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Business Analytics Cognos Analytics Report Authoring v11x Windows 11.0 Standard

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