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November 2004 XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition V7.0 for AIX PTF

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This is the November 2004 XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition V7.0 for AIX PTF

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The following APARs were fixed in this PTF:

IY61738 - internal compiler error with -O
IY61984 - internal compiler error in xlCcode at noopt
IY62130 - array of structs with bit fields wrong output
IY62309 - -qkeepparm does not work with optimization
IY62653 - internal compiler error in xlCcode at noopt
IY63005 - incorrect output with -qlibansi and -O
IY63128 - vacndi incorrectly sets paths in vac.cfg
IY63162 - OpenMP produces wrong results
IY64854 - export lists diff for -lsub2 than libsub2.a
IY64858 - mbr func in partial special. not instantiated
IY64860 - incorrect output with bit field and enum types
IY64861 - file names containing Korean characters
IY64862 - xlc doesn't pass -blpdata to ld if qlargepage
IY64863 - compile incompatibility cause memory exhaust
IY64864 - partial template specialization and optimize
IY64866 - type mismatch extern C symbols when -qextchk
IY64867 - ICE: "Out of memory in PoolArea::PoolArea()"
IY64869 - 1540-0092 error message incorrectly issued
IY64870 - November 2004 MASS Libraries PTF
IY64871 - output from #pragma weak
IY64872 - undefined symbol error namemangling problem
IY64874 - class redeclaration results in compile error
IY64875 - -q32 without -O produces wrong results
IY64480 - November 2004 SMP Runtime Lib 1.5.0 PTF
IY64881 - November 2004 MEMDBG 5.1.0 PTF
IY64883 - November 2004 C++ Runtime for AIX PTF
IY64922 - November 2004 XL C V7.0 for AIX PTF
IY65013 - November 2004 XL C++ V7.0 for AIX PTF

The following filesets are included in this PTF:
(filesets that have changed since the last PTF have an asterisk after the name)

memdbg.adt. *
memdbg.aix50.adt. *
vac.C. *
vac.aix50.lib. *
vac.msg.JA_JP.C. *
vac.msg.Ja_JP.C. *
vac.msg.ZH_CN.C. *
vac.msg.ja_JP.C. *
vac.msg.zh_CN.C. *
vac.ndi. *
vacpp.cmp.core. *
vacpp.cmp.include. * *
vacpp.msg.EN_US.cmp.core. *
vacpp.msg.JA_JP.cmp.core. *
vacpp.msg.Ja_JP.cmp.core. *
vacpp.msg.ZH_CN.cmp.core. *
vacpp.msg.en_US.cmp.core. *
vacpp.msg.ja_JP.cmp.core. *
vacpp.msg.zh_CN.cmp.core. *
vacpp.ndi. *
xlC.adt.include. *
xlC.aix50.rte. *
xlmass.aix51.lib. *
xlsmp.aix50.rte. *


- IBM XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition V7.0 for AIX compiler at the base ( level or higher

- AIX 5.1:
1. bos.rte.bind_cmds at or higher.
2. Bos.rte.libpthreads at or higher.
3. bos.rte.libc at or higher.
4. bos.adt.include at or higher.

- AIX 5.2:
1. bos.rte.libc at or higher.
2. bos.adt.include at or higher.

- AIX 5.3:
1. bos.rte.libc at or higher.
2. bos.adt.include at or higher.

These filesets can be downloaded from Fix Central,

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Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
vacpp.70.aix.nov2004.ptf.tar.Z 11/30/2004 English 58594923 FTP
README 11/30/2004 English 26431 FTP

Technical support

There is a known install problem with this PTF. If you attempt to install the PTF using the command "instfix -k IY64869 -d <location of PTF filesets>", instfix will issue the message "Not all filesets for IY64869 were found."

This problem only affects APAR IY64869; it does not affect the other APARs in this PTF. To bypass this problem, specify a different APAR, with the instfix command. For example, to install using APAR IY65013, use the following command:

instfix -k IY65013 -d <location of PTF filesets>

This PTF requires new operating system support that is not yet available in the PASE environment under OS/400. Do not install this PTF if you are using the compiler in the PASE environment under OS/400.

Cross Reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Software Development XL C Enterprise Edition for AIX Downloads AIX 7.0

Problems (APARS) fixed
IY61738, IY61984, IY62130, IY62309, IY62653, IY63005, IY63128, IY63162, IY64854, IY64858, IY64860, IY64861, IY64862, IY64863, IY64864, IY64866, IY64867, IY64869, IY64870, IY64871, IY64872, IY64874, IY64875, IY64480, IY64881, IY64883, IY64922, IY65013,

Document information

More support for: XL C/C++

Software version: 7.0

Operating system(s): AIX

Reference #: 4008375

Modified date: 01 December 2004

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