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Fix list for SmartSuite for Windows 9.8 and fix packs

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Product Development announces the availability of fix pack 6 (release 9.8.6) for Lotus SmartSuite 9.8. This scheduled maintenance fix pack contains defect fixes and is available for purchase through the Passport Advantage program

This document contains a list of customer-reported fixes in SmartSuite for Windows 9.8 and in fix pack releases 9.8.6, 9.8.5, 9.8.4, 9.8.3, 9.8.2, and 9.8.1:

    -- SmartSuite release 9.8.6 (fix pack 6); includes all fixes in previous updates

    -- SmartSuite release 9.8.5 (fix pack 5); includes all fixes in previous updates

    -- SmartSuite release 9.8.4 (fix pack 4); includes all fixes in previous updates

    -- SmartSuite release 9.8.3 (fix pack 3.1); includes all fixes in previous updates in English; contains the same fixes as fix pack 3.0.

    -- SmartSuite release 9.8.3 (fix pack 3.0); includes all fixes in previous updates in all languages.

    -- SmartSuite release 9.8.2 (fix pack 2); includes all fixes in previous updates.

    -- SmartSuite release 9.8.1 (fix pack 1)
How can you get the fix pack?
In order to get this fix pack without cost, you must be a Passport Advantage customer. For more information and to obtain fix pack 6, consult the following resources:
    -- Passport Advantage subscribers can download fix pack 6 from the Passport Advantage site (IBM customer number required).

    -- Other customers can locate the correct shopping number for their region at the IBM Planetwide Directory, or call the following numbers in U.S. and Canada: 1-800-426-2255 and 1-800-266-8720.
Package names:
  • Lotus SmartSuite Millenium Edition V9.8 Fix Pack 6 Windows Multilingual eAssembly (CR7XCML).
  • Lotus SmartSuite Millenium Edition 9.8 Fix Pack 6.1 Windows International English (CZ0G9IE).


1-2-3 R9.8.2
SPR# JBET5X5HTQ - French language 1-2-3 crashes when going to Help - Microsoft Menu Finder

1-2-3 R9.8.1
-- SPR# KEY5CYE4W - Patch 01 available for Lotus 1-2-3 release 9.8 [Document #1105427]
-- SPR# ARAN5E3AUW - 1-2-3 crashes when saving worksheet containing a chart
-- SPR# DSGE5HYAM9 - Language specific shortcut keys in Spanish version not working correctly

Approach 9.8.6

-- SPR #EBEY79ZMMJ - Calculated field using Combine() and NumToWord() functions fails randomly
-- SPR #CCRS7CFTP4 - Approach file crashing on file change script
-- SPR #GABN6QHS2S - Approach FIND with same characters with and without an asterisk produces different results
-- SPR #RREE753JRG - Approach CreateField function does not work correctly for numeric fields
-- SPR #NALN76QM3N - Memo fields are truncated at the first comma
-- SPR #ANUY7GS6DJ - The Lower() function works unexpectedly in a calculated field in Approach

Approach 9.8.5
--SPR# JHOE6UN2QB - System-generated message boxes contain no text
--SPR# GABN6S8PJK - Updating Approach via LotusScript and SQL not performing as expected
--SPR# ADEE6WGF5D - Crash in approach 9.8 when using import/export

Approach 9.8.4
--SPR# AISL6DYECF - Approach crashes on Windows XP when doing search
--SPR# RHOE6JGLJG - Error when user wants to export .dfb DBF files to Microsoft Excel
--SPR# TBAE6MER9B - Named Find fails without = sign
--SPR# SHEZ6Q2BDJ - Approach crashed after search & replace
--SPR# RSOI6QZKTK - Approach database search fails
--SPR# GABN67EKM2 - After FP 2, Approach multiple condition Find using AND not working as expected
--SPR# GABN6PVNZ4 - Approach field corruption if field is set for default but left blank
--SPR# RREE6SKNCX - Fixpack 3 breaks Approach "find" functionality [Document #1243732]

Approach 9.8.3
-- SPR# GABN69TTHD - Picture Plus field imports pictures incorrectly
-- SPR# GABN6AJMBS - Approach appears to hang when using macro in Print Preview mode
-- SPR# GABN6ALLTR - Using certain terms in Find does not find existing records

Approach 9.8.2
-- SPR# GABN5JRP9Z - Calculated field incorrect for first record when Find runs as macro [Document #1105272]
-- SPR# GABN5W5PV6 - Error: 'Couldn't load the Net-It Now! DynaLink' when saving a file as .apt [Document #1161054]
-- SPR# GABN5YMN86 - Cannot enter value for interest rate in loan amortization SmartMaster [Document #1168028]
-- SPR# PANN5VTFTW -  Left margin prints larger than specified [Document #1167645]
-- SPR# NKAS4SSSAE - When switching to dialog, background form switches to first record and stays there
-- SPR# PBAO5YQGA7 - Approach crashes with certain files
-- SPR# BDIN5DMLJG - Name of Find in macro command disappears [Document #1180305]
SPR# BDIN5FGR8U - Combining fields from related databases results in empty fields [Document #1189717].

Approach 9.8.1
-- SPR# BDIN5GGST7 - What issues are fixed by Patch 01 and where can the patch be obtained [Document #1104761]
-- SPR# MRAI5EH82C - Approach crashes with grouped object in multiple pages in form [Document #1104761; Document #1091231]
-- SPR# MRAI5DTC48 - Error: '...column prefix...does not match...' when opening SQL table [Document #1095477]
-- SPR# RTIN5GJNXH - Error: 'SQL statement is invalid...' when opening unjoined DB2 table
-- SPR# GABN5GZUX4 - Approach connectivity with DB2 on OS/390 or Windows 2000 server causing crash [Document #1157017]
-- SPR# NUY5N95P6 - Crash when change views in file created in Approach 9.5 with SQL
-- SPR# BDIN5FNLNG - Description field error in drop down list created from SQL server field
-- SPR# MEN5EKKL9 - Team Mail with Approach fails to send the full contents of certain fields
-- SPR# PANN5M2H8A - Repeating panel labels do not show for new records
-- SPR# RREE5NCRPZ - Error: 'Unknown software exception...' occurs when macro contains more than 350 characters [Document #1112284]

Freelance Graphics 9.8.2
SPR# PANN5U6EUA - German Freelance hangs using Save As JPEG-encoded bitmap

Organizer 9.8.3
-- SPR# GABN63ZRFA - Contact name has extra space between first and last name when printing envelope
-- SPR# MPRD6C9J2F - Holidays in Organizer do not all continue past 2006

Word Pro 9.8.4
-- SPR# DJOE6KVDDU - LotusScript command MergeSetDataFile fails with multi-division document
-- SPR# SHEZ69THPG - Word Pro fields (variables) are filled with wrong content on Print to File option
-- SPR# WHAM6P9LE9 - Word Pro problem with mail merge function Print to File

Word Pro 9.8.3
SPR# PVSH67R7Q9 - SmartMaster template does not display any year after 2005 [Document #1192130]

Word Pro 9.8.2
-- SPR# GABN5SLUA7 - Word Pro on Windows XP crashes after running a script that splits a table [Document #1142151]
-- SPR# GABN5TASQH - Adobe font symbols not available in Insert Symbol dialog box
-- SPR# JLVE5Q5BQW - Create "Text Entry Field" is not working expected
-- SPR# PRO5DUM2T - Custom border does not print in selected color [Document #1157466]
-- SPR# SPK5C4CKX - Word Pro Printer options cannot be altered after update of Lexmark printer drivers
-- SPR# SHEZ5ZLEDF - Danish Word Pro error when copying/pasting from iSeries to field in table

Word Pro 9.8.1
-- SPR# SPK5BUK8E - Using mail merge in Word Pro causing problems if the source file is in dBase format
-- SPR# LAN5F8KQN - Formula created in English WordPro, edited in Word Pro 9.7 German, Word Pro crashes
-- SPR# BDIN4U8T73 -  Printer bin selection ignored when set in page properties [Document #1101411]
-- SPR# SPAL5D88EV - Merge selected records in a file and print. An extra record is printed
-- SPR# DEE5CSD5L - Word Pro 9.7 will not use second paper tray of printer
-- SPR# LEH5FZEK7 - Printouts not from correct paper tray when Ami Pro documents imported into Word Pro
-- SPR# BDIN5HELZ7 - All Find, Quick Find, Find/Replace operations (menus & scripts) are slow & unusable
-- SPR# ABN547L24 - Word Pro not finding and replacing double quotes or SmartQuotes
-- SPR# BDIN4TKM8K - Inconsistent sort of texts with German umlauts in Word Pro
-- SPR# JOE5KUFTM - Word Pro crashes when Importing pictures and moving them around
-- SPR# PNON5MKLYY - Document field 'Number of Pages' is not correct in footer
-- SPR# UCLN5LPECC - Printer bin setting in page properties ignored when Ami Pro files are opened in Word Pro
-- SPR# BDIN5B3SFV - Numbering (1.3, 1.4, 1.5 ... ) does not correspond with output from Word viewer
-- SPR# AAD5EBCCL - Sorting is incorrect when field in column contains more than one word

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