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Group expansion in meeting invitation differs from memo

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In Lotus Domino, group expansion in the Invite field of a meeting invitation differs from what is in the To field of a memo.

When you create a meeting invitation in the Lotus Notes client and add a group name to the Invite field, the group expands and resolves the member entries within the group when you press F9 or click Save and Send Invitations. Also, any nested groups within this group will expand to their member entries.

There is a potential to expand entries in the Invite field beyond the 64K limit for that field. The "expanding" functionality described above differs from how group names are handled when sending memos.

When you create a memo and add a group name in the To field and either press F9 to resolve the group name or send the memo, the standard functionality of Notes is to do one of the following:

-- Expand any group name to its member entries if that group name exists in the Personal Name and Address Book (NAB).

-- Not expand any group name to its member entries if that group name exists only in the Domino Directory.

The 64K limit that holds true for the Invite field of the meeting invitation also holds true for the memo's To field. However, group names do not expand in the To field of the memo as they do in an invite.


The Calendar and Memo forms differ in one specific aspect. The field, "$ExpandGroups", on the Calendar form by default is set to 3. This field can contain the following values:

    -- 0 = Do not expand private or public groups.
    -- 1 = Expand private groups only (same as default behavior).
    -- 2 = Expand public groups only.
    -- 3 = Expand private and public groups.

    For more information, refer to the technote, " Group Name from Public N&A Book Does Not Expand in To: or cc: Fields." (#1086738)

If you edit this field in the Calendar form and change the value for "$ExpandGroups" from 3 to 0, this means that group names will not expand. If you then create an invitation and press F9 or send it, the group name will not expand in the Invite field. When you check the status of the invitees via Actions --> View Invitee Status, the following situation occurs:
    -- If an invitee from that group accepts the invitation, that person is listed separately from the group with a status of Accepted.
    -- If an invitee from the group declines the invitation, that person is listed separately from the group with a status of Declined.
    -- If an invitee from the group does NOT respond, then only the group name will be listed with a status of No Response. There is no indication as to who has not responded to the invitation.

What happens if you change "$ExpandGroups":
By changing the value of "$ExpandGroups" so that group names do not expand for Calendar entries (on the Calendar Entry form), the Group Name document remains a "residual entry." Only if a member responds to that invitation will any member be shown separately along with his/her status.

This is because the invitation is sent to the Group Document as well as to member mail files for that Group. An individual member can receive an invitation in his/her Inbox and can respond, but a Group Document cannot respond. The group name is treated as an invitee but it does not have a mail file to receive this invitation or a person/owner who can respond to it. This is the precise reason why group names resolve when entered in the Invite field of the Calendar Entry form in Notes/Domino.

In later Notes/Domino releases:
The behavior in Notes/Domino 6 and higher has changed so that the group name does not appear. Whoever responds to the meeting falls into an Unknown list as to whether they accepted or declined. Those who do not respond are listed appropriately under the Required list. Note that any modifications to the Calendar form results in a customization of the product which cannot be readily supported by Product Development.

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