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Caveats that occur when more than one version of Notes is installed on the same computer

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You would like to install two different Notes Client (or Domino Designer) versions on your machine (not to run them simultaneously, but to run one version at one time and the other at a different time). What are the caveats that occur in the Microsoft Windows environment with this setup?

Note: While this technote was written in the Notes/Domino 5.x time frame, the majority of the information is also true for later versions.


IBM recommends that you do not install more than one version of Notes on the same computer. Notes is not designed to function in this manner. Rather than install, for instance, Notes 6.x and Notes 5.x on the same machine, upgrade your Notes 5.x client to Notes 6.x. If you install both versions on the same machine, be aware that this installation could have adverse effects on the operation of the version of the client (or server) that was originally installed. Here are the known caveats:

- Installing a second version of Notes in a separate directory deletes the previous version's registry entries for OLE, LSX, MAPI, and Mail (DDE). Since the registry entries have only a single name, it is not possible to have multiples of these. The last version installed, "wins". That is, it has the valid OLE, LSX, MAPI, and Mail (DDE) registrations.

- The Windows "File Type" attachments (in registry parlance, the File Type Class registry entries) also can have only a single version. That means that if you want to double-click a .NSF to open it, Windows will activate the last-installed version of Notes.

- Installing a second version of Notes in a separate directory deletes the Windows Uninstaller for the previously installed version of Notes. Again this is a "last version wins" situation, where the Uninstaller applies to the last version of Notes that was installed.

Note: It is for the reasons above that installing more than one version of Notes on a machine is not a supported configuration. If an issue still occurs when only one version of the client is present on the PC, Lotus support will troubleshoot the issue.

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