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Group Name from Public N&A Book Does Not Expand in To: or cc: Fields

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You address a mail memo to a group. When the group name you specify in the To: (or cc:) field is a public group name, located in the Public Name and Address Book (N&A Book), the group name does not expand when you send the memo (or press F9 to refresh the fields). You cannot determine, therefore, which individuals comprise the group.

If you place the same public group name in the bcc: field, the group does expand to show all the members. In addition, when you place a private group name (from your private N&A Book) in either the To or the cc: field, the group also expands.


In Notes, you are able to control the expansion of public groups by adding a $ExpandGroups item to the message before pressing F9. To add the $ExpandGroups item, you can modify the design of the memo form (or use an alternate mail form that includes this item) or add the item via an agent or button. If the item exists when F9 is pressed, the following values for the item will be interpreted by the mailer to alter the default group expansion behavior:

    "0" - Do not expand private or public groups
    "1" - expand private groups only (same as default behavior)
      Note for "1": This will also expand groups in local replicas of Public directories *
    "2" - expand public groups only
    "3" - expand private and public groups

The item can be either TYPE_TEXT or TYPE_TEXT_LIST.

*Note: The default behavior, also observed when using the setting of "1", also causes Public groups that are found in local replicas of Public directories to expand. This issue was reported to Lotus software Quality Engineering in SPR #THOA4RGHPU.

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