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IBM Netcool System Service Monitor SSM 4.0 Interim Fix 8 README Netcool/System Service Monitor Readme

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Publication Date: 18 Apr 2016
Last modified date: 18 Apr 2016

Download location

To download this update you must first login to IBM FixCentral. Once logged in, you may select from the individual download packages.

Below is a list of components, platforms, and file names that apply to this Readme file.

Fix Download for AIX

Product/Component Name: Platform: Fix:
Netcool/System Service Monitor AIX
Netcool/System Service Monitor AIX

Fix Download for HPUX

Product/Component Name: Platform: Fix:
Netcool/System Service Monitor HPUX 64-bit, IA64
Netcool/System Service Monitor HPUX 32-bit, PA RISC
Netcool/System Service Monitor HPUX 64-bit, IA64
HPUX 32-bit, PA RISC

Fix Download for Linux

Product/Component Name: Platform: Fix:
Netcool/System Service Monitor Linux pSeries
Netcool/System Service Monitor Linux 32-bit,x86
Linux 64-bit,x86_64
Netcool/System Service Monitor Linux 64-bit,x86_64
Netcool/System Service Monitor Linux pSeries
Linux 32-bit,x86
Linux 64-bit,x86_64

Fix Download for Solaris

Product/Component Name: Platform: Fix:
Netcool/System Service Monitor Solaris 32-bit,SPARC
Netcool/System Service Monitor Solaris 64-bit,x86
Netcool/System Service Monitor Solaris 32-bit,SPARC
Solaris 64-bit,x86

Fix Download for Windows

Product/Component Name: Platform: Fix:
Netcool/System Service Monitor Windows
Netcool/System Service Monitor Windows

Prerequisites and co-requisites

The Interim Fix 08 patch requires the original Netcool/SSM 4.0 product to be installed first. Patch installers are identified by file name: ssm400-interimfix-14-08-*

For Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 2008 SP2 you must first install the following Microsoft Patch:
You cannot run an application that is signed with a SHA-256 certificate on a computer that is running Windows Vista SP2 or Windows Server 2008 SP2 Interim Fix 08 has no other prerequisites. It is a cumulative release and so contains all previously released fixes from Fix Packs 1 to 14 Interim Fix 07.

Note that SSM patches may be installed in any order without affecting the end result. The most recent version of every component will be maintained regardless and you may uninstall any patch at a later time (see Installation information below).

Hardware and Software requirements.

Known issues

Non APAR Defect alm00295041 - Can't remote install ssm with V3 Configurations

Problem Description
Remote install fails on all platforms using V3 Configurations with the following error:
KDY3209E: Failed to add v3 user itmkdyuser Could not add the new SNMP v3 user via a remote connection

Non APAR Defect alm00295075 - Can't remote uninstall ssm on windows

Problem Description
Remote uninstall fails on Windows platforms with the following error:
KDY3501E: Could not find the uninstall key with the command regedit /E uninst.txt HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\InstallShield_{EFDE76FA-B83A-4608-AFF0-37829C7F5186}. Could not find the required uninstall key.

SSM crashes on AIX

Problem Description
Note that users of SSM 4.0 on AIX 5.3 or 6.1 may encounter a crash in gethostbyname(). This is a known AIX operating system bug (APAR IZ37768) with workaround and patches available from the IBM web site:

SSM cores on HPUX

Problem Description
Note that users of SSM 4.0 on HPUX may encounter core files in the SSM if the installation directory where SSM is installed is copied whilst the SSM is starting.

Known limitations


Installation information

Prior to installation

Although the SSM patch installer will verify its integrity before proceeding, you may verify the integrity of the patch installer without actually installing the patch by using the -t (test) option:

UNIX/Linux: ./ -t
Windows: ssm400-interimfix-14-08-win32-x86.exe -t

Also note that on some platforms installation may fail if you have any SSM-related programs running. Make sure that you have closed all instances of the SSM console and the MIB Explorer (Windows) prior to installing the patch. The patch installer will stop and restart the ssmagent process automatically.


SSM patches are self-extracting interactive programs that will guide you through the installation process. You need only execute the installer (for your operating system) and follow the prompts:

UNIX/Linux: ./
Windows: ssm400-interimfix-14-08-win32-x86.exe

Silent installation is achieved by adding the word silent as a parameter to the end of the above command.

Further details about advanced patch installation can be found in the Patch Installation Guide:

Performing the necessary tasks after installation


Troubleshooting installation problems from the Support site

Uninstalling if necessary

On Windows, Interim Fix 08 may be uninstalled via Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs. Make sure you check the "Show updates" box for SSM patches to appear in the list. Also ensure that the SSM console and MIB Explorer are not running prior to uninstallation (so that previous file versions may be restored correctly), otherwise the removal process will fail.

On all platforms Interim Fix 08 may also be uninstalled using the "patchman" tool which can be found in the SSM bin directory:

patchman -r "Interim Fix 14-08"

Additional information

Security Bulletins

SSM Interim Fix 08 contains fixes to the following Security Bulletins:

- Security Bulletin: Vulnerabilities in OpenSSL affects IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2015-3194, CVE-2015-3195, CVE-2015-3196)
- Security Bulletin: Vulnerabilities in OpenSSL affects IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2015-3197, CVE-2015-4000
- Security Bulletin: A vulnerability in libcURL affects IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2015-3237)
- Security Bulletin: A vulnerability in OpenSSL affects IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2016-0800)
- Security Bulletin: Vulnerabilities in OpenSSL affects IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2016-0705, CVE-2016-0798, CVE-2016-0797, CVE-2016-0799, CVE-2016-0702)

SSM Interim Fix 07 (also included in this Interim Fix 14-08) containsfixes to the following Security Bulletins:

- Security Bulletin: Multiple vulnerabilities in cURL libcURL affect IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2015-3144 and CVE-2015-3145)
- Security Bulletin: Vulnerability in Diffie-Hellman ciphers affects IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2015-4000)
- Security Bulletin: Vulnerabilities in OpenSSL including Logjam affect IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2015-1788, CVE-2015-1791, CVE-2015-4000)

SSM Interim Fix 07 modified the default behaviour of the filetransfer subagent to disable the DHE & EDH ciphers. To enable the ciphers, update the INIVAR FileTransferSSLCipherSuite in init.cfg. For example to enable the DHE and/or EDH ciphers, modify init.cfg to contain:


SSM Interim Fix 06 (also included in this Interim Fix 14-08) contains fixes to the following Security Bulletin:

- Security Bulletin: Vulnerability in RC4 stream cipher affects IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2015-2808)

SSM Interim Fix 06 modified the default behaviour of the filetransfer subagent to disable the EXPORT (EXP) and RC4 ciphers. To enable the EXP/RC4 ciphers, update the INIVAR FileTransferSSLCipherSuite in init.cfg. For example to enable the EXP Cipher, modify init.cfg to contain:


SSM Interim Fix 05 (also included in this Interim Fix 14-08) contains fixes to the following 3 Security Bulletins:

- Security Bulletin: Multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSL affect IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2014-3570, CVE-2014-3571, CVE-2014-3572, CVE-2014-8275, CVE-2015-0204, CVE-2015-0206)
- Security Bulletin: Multiple vulnerabilities in cURL libcURL affect IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2014-8150, 2014-8151)
- Security Bulletin: Multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSL affect IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2015-0209, CVE-2015-0287, CVE-2015-0288, CVE-2015-0289)

SSM Interim Fix 04 (also included in this Interim Fix 14-08) contains fixes to the following 4 Security Bulletins:

- Security Bulletin: Multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSL affect IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2014-3508, CVE-2014-5139, CVE-2014-3509, CVE-2014-3505, CVE-2014-3506, CVE-2014-3507, CVE-2014-3510, CVE-2014-3511, CVE-2014-3512)
- Security Bulletin: Multiple vulnerabilities in cURL libcURL affect IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2014-3613 CVE-2014-3620)
- Security Bulletin: Vulnerability in SSLv3 affects IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2014-3566)
- Security Bulletin: Multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSL affect IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors (CVE-2014-3513, CVE-2014-3567)

SSM V4.0.0.14 Interim Fix 04 (also included in this Interim Fix 14-08) is a security update focused on reducing security risks in the default configuration.

The ability to use filetransfer to download from a HTTPS server using SSLv3 has been disabled by default. To enable downloading using SSLv3, add the INIVAR DisableSSLV3 to init.cfg and set it to false. For example:


SSM Interim Fix 03 (also included in this Interim Fix 14-08) contains fixes to the following 2 Security Bulletins:

- Security Bulletin: IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors is affected by the following libcURL vulnerabilities: (CVE-2014-0139, CVE-2014-0138)
- Security Bulletin: IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors is affected by the following OpenSSL vulnerabilities: (CVE-2014-0224, CVE-2014-0221, CVE-2014-0195 and CVE-2014-3470)

SSM Interim Fix 02 (also included in this Interim Fix 14-08) contains fixes to the following Security Bulletin:

- Security Bulletin: IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors is affected by vulnerabilities in OpenSSL (CVE-2014-0160 and CVE-2014-0076)

SSM Interim Fix 01 (also included in this Interim Fix 14-08) contains fixes to the following Security Bulletin:

- Security Bulletin: IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors is affected by vulnerabilities in OpenSSL (CVE-2013-4353, CVE-2013-6450 and CVE-2013-6449)

SSM 4.0.0 Fix Pack 14 (also included in this Interim Fix 14-08) contains fixes to the following 4 Security Bulletins:

- IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors is affected by multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilities
- IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors Local Configuration file Buffer Overflow (CVE-2013-0508)
- IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors Transaction MIB Remote Buffer Overflow due to malformed database table names (CVE-2013-0509)
- IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors/Application Service Monitors is affected by multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilities

SSM V4.0.0 Fix Pack 14 (also included in this Interim Fix 14-08) is a security update focused on reducing security risks in the default configuration.

Some functionality has changed, and some subagents must now be activated using additional configuration in the agent init.cfg and agent.cfg files. Below is a list of affected components and any extra configuration required to enable previous functionality. If you do not currently use an affected component, leave it in its default, disabled state.

Updated subagents

RMON ProbeConfig Group

Support for the probeDownloadFile, probleDownloadTFTPServer, probeDownloadAction, and probleDownloadStatus objects has been removed. If download functionality is required, configure and use the File Transfer subagent.


The haSubagentTable will load subagents only from the agent bin directory.


The agentInivarTable is now read-only. It is not possible to set or change INIVARs via SNMP.

Crontab subagent

Process execution from the Crontab subagent is now disabled by default. If you specify a value in the crontabControlExecutionCommand and have not enabled process execution, the row cannot be made active. To enable process execution, add the INIVAR CrontabProcessExecute to init.cfg and set it to true. For example:


If you do not enable the INIVAR before configuring the Crontab subagent, the following error message is displayed in the agent log file:

Crontab Execution Command has been disabled. To enable it, set CrontabProcessExecute=on in init.cfg

Process subagent

Three objects in the Process sub-agent have been updated

- psRunningState object in the psRunningTable is now read-only. You can no longer kill processes using this table or set them in a suspended state.

- psExecute and psControlActionCommand objects have been disabled unless the ProcessProcessExecute INIVAR exists and is set to true. If this INIVAR does not exist, or it is set to false, the psExecute object does not work, an SNMP error is returned and an error similar to the following example is displayed in the agent log file.

[PROCESS] Attempt to execute process with out INIVAR "ProcessProcessExecute" being enabled. Command "c:\windows\notepad.exe" will not be executed

If the required INIVAR is not enabled in the psControlActionCommand object, the control row cannot enter an active state. It will either stay notReady, or not be created if it is set up using a script. An error similar to the following example is displayed in the agent log.

[PROCESS] Attempt to set psControlActionCommand to "c:\windows\notepad.exe" without the INIVAR "ProcessProcessExecute" being enabled.

Programmable subagent

The Programmable subagent is now disabled by default. To load the subagent, set the ProgrammableAllowLoad INIVAR to true. Add the subagent load programmable command to the agent.cfg file in the Netcool/SSM config directory. If the INIVAR is not defined and set to true, the subagent does not load and the following error message is displayed in the agent log:

Programmable loading has been disabled. To enable it, set ProgrammableAllowLoad=true in init.cfg

Filetransfer subagent

The Filetransfer subagent has had several updates:

- The Filetransfer subagent does not load unless the FiletransferAllowLoad

INIVAR is set and enabled. Add the subagent load filetransfer command to the agent.cfg file in the Netcool/SSM config directory. If you try to load the subagent without first enabling the INIVAR, the following error message is displayed in the agent log:

File Transfer loading has been disabled. To enable it set FiletransferAllowLoad=true in init.cfg

- The data option in the ftFileBase object has been deprecated. You can no longer specify an arbitrary destination directory to download to.

- A new file transfer host list function enables you to create a list of allowed download hosts. There are three new console commands: fthost add , fthost list , and fthost remove .

Tip: The fthost settings are not saved when the agent is shutdown. To preserve the download list, place these commands in a separate configuration file that is executed at startup.

The syntax of these commands is as shown below:

fthost add address [mask]
fthost remove address [mask]
fthost list

where address is required and is the download server address of the host to be included. You can also specify an address range by combining the address and mask attributes. For example:

fthost add

Adds the machine to the download list.

fthost add

Adds all addresses that start with 10.1.4 to the download list.

fthost list
------- ----

Lists the current download list.

fthost remove

Removes the entry from the list.

fthost remove

Removes the entry from the list.

If a download is attempted from a server that is not in the download list, an error similar to the following is displayed in the agent log file:

[FILETRANSFER] The specified host "" is not in the allowed hosts list. The download will be failed

Note: If the fthost download list is empty, the Filetransfer subagent will be allowed to download from any server.

Oracle ASM

The Oracle ASM no longer attempts to automatically detect the location of the OCI libraries on the system, but rather requires the location to be provided to the ASM by explicitly setting the OCILibPath INIVAR to the location of the OCI Libraries. The value of this INIVAR should be the absolute path to the OCI Libraries on the system. If the OCILibPath INIVAR is not set, an error is displayed in the agent log file. For example:

[ORACLE] Inivar OCILibPath is not set unable to load Oracle Client Libraries

NTSCM subagent

The ntServicetable is now read only and you can no longer alter the service state or configuration using the ntServiceTableStartType and ntServiceTableControl objects. To change the service state of the ntServiceControlTable, define the NTServiceAllowConfig INIVAR and set it to true.

NTSCM displays the following error messages when trying to configure the ControlTable

NtService Configuration has been disabled. To enable it, set NTServiceAllowConfig=true in init.cfg

Arithmetic subagent

The ability to write strings to files on disk using the -> and ->> operators has been disabled by default. To reinstate this functionality:

1. Create the ArithmeticFileWrite INIVAR and set it to true.

2. Assign a path to the ArithmeticFileWritePath INIVAR. Only files that reside in this path may be written to. Separate multiple directories by the platform specific path separator, a colon (:) for UNIX systems, or a semicolon (;) for Windows systems.

The Arithmetic subagent displays the following error messages if the inivars are absent and trying to use -> and ->> operators:

Arithmetic File Writing has been disabled. To enable it, set ArithmeticFileWrite=on in init.cfg
Arithmetic File Writing has been disabled. To enable it, set ArithmeticFileWritePath to the list of allowable paths in init.cfg

Transaction subagent

If you have upgraded to SSM 4.0.0 FP14, the Transaction subagent does not load by default. If you require this subagent, add the following load command to the agent.cfg file:

subagent load transaction

Red Hat Installation requirements

SSM 4.0.0 requires the libstdc++-32-3.2.3 compat libraries and the libstdc++ runtimes to execute on Red Hat Linux 6.x. On 64bit Red Hat systems you may have to install the 64 bit versions of these libraries as well.

WebSphere Application Server (WAS) 7.0

Fix Pack 10 and above added support for WAS 7.0 monitoring in the websphere ASM. The setup procedure for WAS 7.0 has changed from that of earlier versions so users of WAS 7.0 should refer to APAR IZ73958 for further information:

SAP Support

Support for the SAP ASM has been removed in Fix Packs 10 and above. The SAP Decoder for Transactions subagent has been removed in Fix Pack 13 as part of APAR IV17878. If this affects you, please contact your IBM account manager.

HostresCallDiInit INIVAR

Fix Pack 12 and above introduced a new INIVAR HostresCallDiInit to fix APAR IZ91969. This can be set to off using the following steps:

  1. Stop the ssmagent
  2. Add this INIVAR in /config/init.cfg:
  3. Start the ssmagent
Solaris IPMP

In Fix Pack 13 the behaviour of ifOperStatus and hrDeviceStatus has been enhanced to support Solaris IPMP. Now when an Solaris interface is configured for IPMP as Active/Standby, the standy interface reports as being up except when it is OFFLINE or FAILED (it will report as down in these cases).


The SHA1 Checksum of the images are as follows:
SHA1( 1d6f8c69f0baed45347ae6ee271a0e4a2b6c5580
SHA1( 8d2f59f5ae8749a12fc086871a69f30400525ff2
SHA1( ca430302c680ca26ffb523054b02e3d2d7635875
SHA1( 8c8a3f195e68c4c3ee988f12399a179f095c805d
SHA1( d27b304b7975c4bb2a078173b15e1bc7f6d28541
SHA1( a869b5251bd1b72a388c13b4ce85a6f368d06eff
SHA1( 6daaae1d131242b36a61c72562ac41d77b377d1c
SHA1( 65cdeb421842afeb86e2f24352119205443c1fad
SHA1( c83e66ca8aff75c9415d9fe442c81a0dce1e1e12
SHA1(ssm400-interimfix-14-08-win32-x86.exe)= 4551fe4bb34856067289248f6e572ec70ea6aaa2

List of fixes

Task ID APAR Fixed in Release Description
alm00304623 IF14-01 Platform and PlatformDescription are reported incorrectly on Domain Controlled Windows 2008 R2 machines
alm00293411 FP14 Limit ability of ntServices sub-agent to control and alter windows services.
alm00293393 FP14 Secure File Transfer sub-agent
alm00293379 FP14 Secure Process sub-agent Process execution and control.
alm00294011 FP14 Failed to load subagent Process and Crontab
alm00293427 FP14 Limit ability of the arithmetic sub-agent to write to files.
alm00293419 FP14 MIB2 ifTable should not be able to control interface status.
alm00293358 FP14 Make haSubagentTable only load libraries from the Agent Bin Directory.
alm00293351 FP14 Remedy RMON Probe Config Security Issues.
alm00293365 FP14 Make AgentIniVar table Read Only
alm00293372 FP14 Secure process execution from Crontab sub-agent.
alm00293386 FP14 Stop programmable Loading by default.
alm00293400 FP14 Limit Oracle Wrapper libraries to loading OCI libraries from Specified Directory
alm00293323 FP14 AppScan Remediate transaction/decode snprint errors
alm00293249 FP14 BufferOverflow.FormatString Vulnerabilities need to be resolved.
alm00293161 FP14 AppScan SetSecurityDescriptorDacl Calls Should specify a ACL
alm00293275 FP14 AppScan BufferOverflow in Memcpy Calls
alm00292457 FP14 Make LoadLibrary calls on windows not use a path lookup.
alm00292349 IV38114 FP14 Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.1e
alm00291972 IV38112 FP14 Transaction Sub-Agent Oracle decoder can crash when it encounters a Malformed Packet
alm00291977 IV38113 FP14 Buffer Overflow in hive library can crash the agent.
alm00291997 FP14 TransactionEnumTable is writeable. Make it read only.
alm00285846 FP14 Negative data in OraStatWaitTable of Oracle Redhat env
alm00285662 FP14 Negative data in OraPerfIOTablespaceTable of Oracle Redhat env
alm00276977 FP14 DOC: Documentation for the psControlTrapMask object is not entirely complete
alm00273372 FP14 Filemon leaks Filename on File Deletion and Creation Attributes.
alm00273362 FP14 Memory Leak When SNMP traps are disabled.
alm00270149 IV21998 FP14 srStorageLogicalUsedPercent stays stagnant if the hrStorageType of an index it is monitoring changes (APAR=IV21998)
alm00270075 FP14 RFE 22899 - Allow to reduce SSM memory consumption when using fileMon by disabling fmDataTable in init.cfg
alm00270079 FP14 RFE 22228 - Add the ability to modify the behaviour of srSystemSwapPercentUsed to use "Paging File\%Usage" metrics instead
alm00266197 IV15741 FP14 Lots of Event Driven Arithmetic rows being triggered at the same time can cause the SSM to crash.
alm00264093 IV18003 FP13 ssmagent crashed on Solaris 8 (tried x86 zone and sparc)
alm00264074 IV17992 FP13 Capacity of opticalDiskROM is negative on AIX7.1
alm00263533 IV17872 FP13 groupLeaderCommand FilterType in process subagent can't match zombie process on Linux
alm00263613 IV18001 FP13 OIDs in trap and MIB are mismatched in filemon subagent
alm00263530 IV17999 FP13 ssmagent crash when lots of things are added to the eventtable
alm00263397 IV18000 FP13 Read/Write count of Disk in srDiskTable on SUSE11.2 are always zero
alm00262966 IV17879 FP13 Positive intervals won't work again after a negative interval has been used in filemon control row
alm00262090 IV17878 FP13 Remove SAP Decoder from transactions
alm00261897 FP13 RFE 16312 - Make mib-2.system.sysDescr configurable
alm00258292 IV11142 FP13 SSM oraEffMemBufCache may sometimes exceed 100% when it should not (APAR=IV11142)
alm00258087 IV17876 FP13 srLogMonLine is truncated when registry key EventMessageFile doesn't contain environment variables
alm00254727 IV09264 FP13 rawether NDIS Protocol Drivers should be signed properly for x64
alm00253865 FP13 RFE 8513 - Solaris IPMP standby interfaces are reported as down by the SSM interface table.
alm00252816 IV17998 FP13 ssmagent crash on transaction subagent with signal 11 on Redhat 6.1 32bit
alm00250731 IV08147 FP12 sla doesn't work on AIX 7.1
alm00250375 IV08138 FP12 arControlWindow works incorrectly with min and max being together
alm00250223 IV08137 FP12 FP12 installs lotus files even lotus subagent isn't supported on Linux, Linux-PPC and HP-IA
alm00207095 IV08079 FP12 "init.ssmagent status" does not work on SUSE in FP11.
alm00207282 IV08081 FP12 The init.ssmagent script should ignore or delete old lock files rather than treating them as current
alm00248192 IV08136 FP12 ssmagent crash on mib2 subagent after upgrade 1788 to 1820 on AIX7.1 for Power 6
alm00246187 IV08143 FP12 ssmagent can't startup for LIBPATH isn't correct
alm00205496 IV08077 FP12 MIB-2 ifTable metrics are junk/uninitialized for alias/virtual interfaces on Linux
alm00210123 IV08139 FP12 SSM terminates unexpectedly - SIGPIPE handler reverted to default behaviour
alm00246186 IV08135 FP12 logMonX takes too long to update the LastMatch column after adding a row to the logMonXStatsTable
alm00210544 IV08140 FP12 ssmagent can't startup when system boot up on SUSE.
alm00208340 IZ86189 FP12 Sporadic false alarms in process attr=alive monitoring on Solaris (APAR=IZ86189)
alm00206782 IZ86688 FP11 programmable can hang indefinitely on Windows if a program is set to aborted
alm00206303 IZ85676 FP11 SSM crashes while unloading svcdisc if control rows are busy
alm00205726 IZ85677 FP11 SSM requires a workaround for Windows bug KB173260, to avoid unexplained hangs
alm00205473 IZ85472 FP11 SSM hangs on shutdown/reboot in nhrt::CNHResolver::~CNHResolver, and/or fails to resolve hostnames for some subagents
alm00141455 IZ79427 FP11 genAlarmVarBindOID is not flexible enough to form OIDs using a single suboid of the ControlVariable wildcard.
alm00202552 IZ81891 FP11 Upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.7m
alm00138082 IZ85469 FP11 hrPartitionLabel on Linux reports /dev/name which does not always exist; should report name as listed in /proc/partitions
alm00140413 IZ85471 FP11 hostres on AIX reports "Unknown CPU" for POWER 7 processors
alm00140411 IZ85470 FP11 srDiskTable stats are zero on SLES 11.0
alm00140213 IZ78242 FP10 hostres & sysres use high CPU calling nlist64 frequently on AIX
alm00139577 IZ78123 FP10 oraProcessTable is missing non-background processes on Unix/Linux
alm00139362 IZ78122 FP10 hostres on AIX reports Unknown CPU for PV_6_Compat POWER 6 processors
alm00139470 IZ77663 FP10 ntServiceControlUser and sometimes DisplayName/Description are reported as (unknown)
alm00138741 IZ78065 FP10 SSM hung when unloading filemon subagent on HP-UX 11.11
alm00139243 IZ77356 FP10 hrDeviceDescription is truncated and contains extraneous spacing on some Linux systems
alm00137948 IZ78064 FP10 SSM hung/crashing on Windows 2K/XP/2003 due to fragmented virtual address space
alm00138726 IZ77244 FP10 oraTableSpaceTable is empty if dba_extents is slow to respond
alm00103147 IZ78062 FP10 prochandle-mib.mib contains an incorrect default value for phControlUpdateInterval
alm00137840 IZ76624 FP10 srSystemUpTime is reported as 0 after 497+ days uptime on AIX (64-bit kernel)
alm00137584 IZ78061 FP10 SSM crash: Infinite recursion in PlibKillChildren on Windows.
alm00135934 IZ78060 FP10 SSM hung in nhrt::CPTTaskManager::Join when OS resources are exhausted
alm00134881 IZ78059 FP10 SSM hung in nwh::CPThread::Join when OS resources are exhausted
alm00137141 IZ78058 FP10 SSM may crash or hang in hipe::Thread::~Thread if the OS runs out of resources.
alm00137138 IZ78057 FP10 SSM spinning at 100% CPU inside snmp.dll:select() with STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE
alm00134885 IZ76263 FP10 hostres/sysres: Physical memory and pagefile metrics are incorrect on new Windows releases.
alm00136575 IZ78056 FP10 remove-ssmagent fails to remove init.d/ssmagent if a fixpack has been applied.
alm00135939 IZ78055 FP10 logmonx/process oid files have different object names to the MIB definitions
alm00134667 IZ78054 FP10 svrSecurity control row can be active with detector index 0.
alm00134496 IZ78053 FP10 Uninstall ssmagent failed to remove "olch2x32.ocx, olchart.lic, w32n55.dll, drivers\PCAMPR5.SYS" under System32
alm00135962 IZ78052 FP10 SSM crash on Windows, exception c0000094 in npdh.dll
alm00135335 IZ78050 FP10 Unix installer still adds services when "Allow files to be created outside the install directory [NO]"
alm00134652 IZ78049 FP10 hrStorageSize/Used of /proc on AIX is 2147483647.
alm00134551 IZ78048 FP10 Positive intervals won't work again after a negative interval has been used in arithmetic control row
alm00134992 IZ75539 FP10 SSM crashed when loading mib2 in a Solaris 8 Container environment (Solaris 10 host)
alm00134489 IZ74902 FP10 ntscm MIB cannot identify or distinguish delayed start services (APAR IZ74902)
alm00134488 IZ75034 FP10 Invalid data returned for process metrics in oraProcessTable (APAR IZ75034)
alm00134073 IZ78047 FP10 Comment line in oracle_common.cfg refers to win32 but is actually generic.
alm00134070 IZ78046 FP10 process.oid is missing new object: ZoneName
alm00134067 IZ78045 FP10 programmable.oid is missing new objects EventCondition, LineOutEventIndex
alm00134041 IZ78044 FP10 logmonx.oid is missing new objects: ReverseFilter, RolledFile, Brackets
alm00133895 IZ78043 FP10 LogMonX should support forward slashes in file paths on Windows as most Windows commands do
alm00128608 IZ78041 FP10 Installing SSM 4.0 as non-root reports errors and sometimes failure even though it actually succeeds
alm00117847 IZ78040 FP10 SSM installer on Unix fails to record SNMPv3 security options in record mode
alm00133475 IZ74592 FP10 SSM sometimes fails to return all processes on AIX 5.3 after FP8/9 is installed
alm00133204 IZ78039 FP10 SSM hung in deadlock between concurrent programmable completion and arithmetic startup.
alm00128595 IZ09303 FP10 [NBS054787] SSM install option INST_STARTAGENT=N does not work on Solaris 10 (unconditionnaly starts the agent)
alm00133114 IZ74253 FP10 w32n55.dll should not load into the SSM on Windows when NetifDisable=true
alm00130374 IZ74234 FP10 hrStorageTable entries are missing because hrstrorage.idx contains duplicate/invalid entries
alm00118165 IZ78038 FP10 SSM installer needs to check for required AIX patches to IZ46254
alm00132576 IZ78033 FP10 Processes spawned from the SSM sometimes linger as zombies
alm00132404 IZ73391 FP10 SSM reports invalid hrStorageSize when 'df -g' total_blocks>=2^32 (APAR=IZ73391)
alm00132193 IZ78036 FP10 [NBS059351] Failure to open hrdevicetypes.csv is not an error. The log message should be debug level.
alm00131984 IZ79101 FP10 Remove SAP ASM from SSM 4.0 installer in FP10
alm00131668 IZ76098 FP10 SSM on Unix/Linux fails to start during system boot after FP8/FP9 is installed
alm00128712 IZ78037 FP10 Patch install option 'backup=n' still creates some backup files
alm00128598 IZ68484 FP10 [NBS060691] Installation of the MIB Explorer should no longer be disabled by default on Windows Server editions.
alm00128607 IZ37037 FP10 sybase.cfg ships with syntax errors (unterminated quotes) which prevent it from loading.
alm00131560 IZ73958 FP10 Add support for WAS 7.0 to the WebSphere ASM
alm00128606 IZ21414 FP10 Invalid installation warning; SSM claims there is an incorrect version of egrep on modern Linux releases.
alm00128603 IZ20183 FP10 The oracle.cfg file on Unix contains an srlogmon row with Windows-specific syntax.
alm00128602 IZ23908 FP10 SSM 4.0 Unix installer reports "WARNING: This script should berun by root." when root is officially no longer a requirement
alm00128601 IZ14621 FP10 Symbolic links in the SSM bin directory have an invalid user ID. (APAR=IZ14621)
alm00128599 IZ68485 FP10 [NBS061232] vmware.cfg is present in the SSM config directory.
alm00128597 IZ18816 FP10 [NBS056163] Changing $PATH can cause df to fail and hence SSM installation to fail on Unix.
alm00128596 IZ68483 FP10 [NBS055631] Unix installer should have an option that disallows the creation of files outside the product install dir.
alm00128594 IZ07033 FP10 [NBS054253] Installing SSM 4.0 on Solaris silently kills thirdparty SNMP agents even when the SSM is configured to coexist.
alm00128593 IZ68482 FP10 [NBS054156] SSM installed under Wine puts its config files in the root directory while all other files are correctly instal
alm00128609 IZ68486 FP10 Installing SSM 4.0 as non-root gives worrying but harmless warnings
alm00128592 IZ05808 FP10 On Windows, customizing community strings during install fails to remove the default public/private strings.
alm00128591 IY97944 FP10 [NBS050895] Graphing feature of the MIB Explorer fails in a fresh SSM 4.0 installation; "ERROR:Cannot create Oletra Chart"
alm00128164 IZ68481 FP10 [NBS050794] Script error during SSM 4.0 installation on RHEL5 (during disk space check)
alm00106911 IZ45673 FP10 SSM 4.0 service starts too early on Solaris 10, causing Veritas Volume Manager to hang
alm00105237 IZ47965 FP10 SSM 4.0 packet capture does not work on Windows 7 x86 and PCAMP50.SYS does not load.
alm00126908 IZ72153 FP9 Traceroute crashed in _ZN12hatraceroute10CTraceTask3RunEv on hpux-ia64
alm00130319 IZ71090 FP9 SSM crashed in hostres: UpdateEFIPartitionEntry on Solaris
alm00129944 IZ71089 FP9 There is no way to change the SSM log level at run-time
alm00129716 IZ70826 FP9 programmable may leak FIFO handles when under heavy load (concurrent programs) on Unix
alm00129487 IZ70702 FP9 programmable hung when deactivating a control row on Unix
alm00129073 IZ69874 FP9 SSM leaks a handle to /devices/pseudo/kstat@0:kstat on Solaris when the agent is rebooted.
alm00128828 IZ70030 FP9 Potential heap corruption due to continued use of std::deque
alm00128981 IZ69527 FP9 There is no way to reset ntServiceControlRestarts to zero
alm00128571 IZ69064 FP9 tcpInSegs/tcpOutSegs latch at 4294967295 on 64-bit Linux
alm00128296 IZ69071 FP9 SSM crashed in PlibRewindList on Solaris when file descriptors were exhausted
alm00128244 IZ69069 FP9 Setting hrSystemDate can be off by one hour on Unix/Linux
alm00127939 IZ69068 FP9 hrFSBootable is wrong on Windows 7, Vista, 2008.
alm00127532 IZ69067 FP9 hostres does not detect volume groups on HPUX if they are not mounted
alm00127934 IZ68662 FP9 traceroute subagent crashed on Solaris in gethostbyname.
alm00127870 IZ69066 FP9 hrNetwork entries missing from hrDeviceTable on Windows if FP7/FP8 is installed.
alm00127864 IZ68661 FP9 SSM reports too many CPUs on HPUX
alm00125965 IZ66761 FP9 SSM 4.0 cannot detect multiple interfaces with the same physical address correctly
alm00118177 IZ58939 FP9 ssmagent.bin receives signal 15 (TERM) and restarts unexpectedly on Solaris 10
alm00127340 IZ68224 FP9 tcpConnTable on Linux ppc64 is missing connections to IPv6 addresses that are IPv4-mapped
alm00127039 IZ67731 FP9 The LogmonX trap does not identify the substring that matched the regular expression.
alm00127220 IZ68225 FP9 hrPartitionTable on HPUX is missing logical volumes whose names don't fit /dev/vgXX/lvolYY
alm00127119 IZ68226 FP9 ipAdEntIfIndex does not always match the correct interface on HPUX
alm00127040 IZ67701 FP9 Spurious log message; srLogMon: An internal Windows error occured extracting message ID
alm00126387 IZ67318 FP9 ntServiceTable is missing some services such as DcomLaunch on Windows Server 2008
alm00126315 IZ67470 FP9 init.ssmagent on Solaris 10 x86/x64 fails to enable the ssmagent svc
alm00118697 IZ67472 FP9 Patch installation GUI becomes very messy on Windows with higher than usual DPI settings
alm00125694 IZ66452 FP9 SSM console has no way to connect to a non-default port when run from Windows GUIs
alm00124886 IZ67473 FP9 Programmable substitutes $AGENTDIR with extraneous slashes: /path/to/agent/bin//
alm00123979 IZ67471 FP9 The process 'size' value in psRunningTable does not present the real size change of process
alm00122726 IZ72891 FP9 Upgrade the SSM patch installer to Mia v2.0.19
alm00124085 IZ64601 FP9 SSM 4.0 FP7 reports ifSpeed of 10Mb/s when ethtool reports 1000Mb/s
alm00120952 IZ64677 FP9 In SSM 4.0 FP8 agentIdPlatform identifies Window Server 2008R2 as Windows 7.
alm00101581 IZ25985 FP9 LogMonX includes text in matches that is not between the Begin and End delimiters.
alm00101580 IZ25984 FP9 LogMonX matches against text that is outside the Begin and End delimiters.
alm00122092 IZ62552 FP9 SSM 4.0 crashed on Solaris 10 in ZFS functions on hostres load
alm00122014 IZ62810 FP9 hostres only reports valid info for the first ZFS pool on Solaris
alm00121938 IZ62809 FP9 init.ssmagent error message on RHEL - touch: cannot touch `/var/lock/subsys/ssmagent': Permission denied
alm00121604 IZ62808 FP9 SSM 4.0 bug-report script missing files if not run from the bin directory
alm00121853 IZ62278 FP9 SSM 4.0 hung on Solaris in CHrPartition::Update/hipe::Ioctl
alm00120936 IZ61154 FP9 Setting NetifDisable in init.cfg still results in pcap_open_live being called on Unix
alm00119369 IZ62807 FP9 The default data source should be configurable and selectable by name.
alm00115910 IZ62806 FP9 patch MIB is empty - showing no products or patches installed
alm00118184 IZ62805 FP9 subagent unload snmpv3 loses all VACM settings permanently
alm00113808 IZ62804 FP9 If SSM 4.0 is installed as non-root, remove-ssmagent is given mode 600 instead of 700 on AIX
alm00117345 IZ57061 FP8 filemon crashes when control rows are removed if under load
alm00117127 IZ57060 FP8 filetransfer reports non-zero FileSize and FileCRC even when FilePathAndName is blank
alm00114372 IZ55724 FP8 arithmetic datestr() is returning inconsistent results
alm00116946 IZ56277 FP8 srProcessorTable(sysres) indexes do not match hrProcessorTable(hostres) on Solaris
alm00110433 IZ51090 FP8 msxConfComponentEntry fields are all blank/invalid for Lotus Notes Connector
alm00110253 IZ50910 FP8 msxConfComponentBinary and Version fields are blank for some valid installed components
alm00116803 IZ56237 FP8 On some AIX machines hostres hangs spinning the CPU on startup
alm00114443 IZ57482 FP8 Crash in MIB Explorer querying walk output
alm00116371 IZ56169 FP8 AIX SSM crashed on shutdown in ~CPThreadTaskHandlePool
alm00116369 IZ56170 FP8 Programmable has no way to quote the % character in the application command string
alm00116263 IZ55994 FP8 Arithmetic crashed on HPUX with a long expression of the form 1+1+1+.. around 380 expressions deep
alm00116180 IZ55992 FP8 AIX SSM can crash or hang on shutdown/reboot in "nhrt_solarisdll"
alm00115767 IZ55726 FP8 In rare cases, SSM can't load any subagents after warm/cold boot.
alm00116042 IZ53943 FP8 Upgrade the SSM patch installer to Mia 2.0.15
alm00115587 IZ55725 FP8 On SQL Server 2008, the sqlsvrDbFilesTable and sqlsvrCacheMgrTable are both empty
alm00114441 IZ55346 FP8 snmp set console command for strings truncates it's input at the first nul byte
alm00115309 IZ55269 FP8 AIX SSM can crash on shutdown/reboot immediately after logging "destroying PCL"
alm00114785 IZ54595 FP8 mib2 uses very high CPU calling getprocs on AIX
alm00114890 IZ54933 FP8 MS-SNMP: Enhanced debug logging is required in ntext to solve ongoing customer issues
alm00114801 IZ54657 FP8 init.ssmagent start bypasses svcadm on Solaris 10
alm00114784 IZ54596 FP8 bin/init.ssmagent missing on AIX
alm00113812 IZ53942 FP8 Programmable fails to expand more than one instance of $AGENTDIR in the Application string
alm00113805 IZ53941 FP8 SSM 4.0 on AIX displays "FD is negative" when terminated.
alm00101566 IZ53210 FP8 [NBS061598] init.ssmagent restart is displaying debug info on linux after SSM 4.0 FP4-FP7 is installed
alm00111307 IZ53002 FP8 Agent seems to hang on solaris 10 x86.
alm00112734 IZ52868 FP8 When run as non-root traceroute reports a false positive "completed"
alm00111223 IZ52867 FP8 bug-report script does not follow symlinks.
alm00110882 IZ51580 FP8 SSM 4.0 FP7 crash on Windows 2003 x64 as soon as sysres is loaded
alm00112248 IZ52866 FP8 Crash in traceroute subagent hatraceroute::IHopFilter::Detach
alm00111224 IZ52254 FP8 Crash during filetransfer download, or upon completion/cancellation.
alm00111864 IZ52253 FP8 SSM crash on AIX after reboot in
alm00111205 IZ53303 FP8 SSM crashes on APM Suspend if PseudoIf is loaded
alm00110881 IZ52865 FP8 Potential deadlock: simib::ISimibGroup::Lock is not re-entrant
alm00110511 IZ51092 FP8 snmp get/walk console commands fail to render \r, \n, or \t in a readable way.
alm00110505 IZ51091 FP8 snmp get console command returns truncated results for octet strings containing character 0.
alm00110224 IZ50909 FP8 sqlsvrAccessMethodsSkipGhostRec is always zero
alm00109518 IZ49773 FP8 SSM can be confused by stale lockfiles on Unix systems (APAR=IZ49773)
alm00109964 IZ50714 FP8 hrStorageTable reports SAN mounts on subdirectories as Unknown drive type
alm00109718 IZ50328 FP8 Printers removed from the system still appear in hrDeviceTable
alm00109209 IZ49683 FP8 SSM 4.0 crashes on Solaris 10 SPARC (memset) when a LogMonX row is created.
alm00108033 IZ48026 FP8 The result of the arithmetic time() function varies randomly by 3600 (one hour)
alm00105535 IZ49340 FP8 Arithmetic uses much more CPU than genalarm when processing large tables
alm00105888 IZ52864 FP8 Debug level logging code (TrunkWritez) can be CPU intensive
alm00103991 IZ47961 FP8 ifTable is not displaying all Microsoft loopback adapters on Vista/2008 x64 systems
alm00101995 IZ43269 FP8 On Windows 7 beta the SSM log file reports zero interfaces while four appear in ifTable still
alm00104709 IZ43941 FP8 plib may crash in low-memory situations on Linux
alm00105048 IZ43797 FP8 hrStorageSize is reported as zero for multi-terabyte disks with small hrStorageAllocationUnits
alm00104932 IZ53534 FP8 pthread key destructors may be re-entered if they call pthread_self or mutex functions
alm00104480 IZ43340 FP7 programmable causes the SSM to use 100% CPU if execution takes >10 sec
alm00103895 IZ43201 FP7 srSystemOpenFileCount is 0 on Windows 64-bit platforms
alm00104084 IZ42825 FP7 srSystemCPUUsageAverage reports 1% when actual CPU usage is <1%
alm00103358 IZ42268 FP7 ntServiceControlRunStatus can falsely report status 1 (unknown) (APAR=IZ42268)
alm00101994 IZ43269 FP7 SSM 4.0 does not report the OS as Windows 7 correctly in the log file and agentId.
alm00103144 IZ40989 FP7 SSM can hang on Solaris if 20 or more partitions reside on unresponsive disks (APAR=IZ40989)
alm00102327 IZ41468 FP7 The SSM may exit unexpectedly on Windows systems which have more than 21 network interfaces (APAR=IZ41468)
alm00101172 IZ40814 FP7 Crash in traceroute
alm00101558 IZ40938 FP7 [NBS061638] Crash in rmonc during traptable stress tests
alm00101451 IZ39277 FP7 [NBS061558] SQL Server ASM reports a server with status running in the sqlsvrSvrDescTable after the server has been shut down
alm00102104 IZ39090 FP7 [NBS061513] srSystemOpenFileCount is 0 on Linux systems
alm00102101 IZ39089 FP7 [NBS061514] tcpConnTable is not displaying any info for IPv6 endpoints on Linux (listening or established)
alm00102107 IZ38488 FP7 [NBS061413] Unable to reference $$11 in genalarmvb when the value is an IP address.
alm00102113 IZ37253 FP7 [NBS061275] snmp trace no longer works without manually setting ConsoleFilter=off
alm00102110 IZ37254 FP7 [NBS061276] snmp trap log reports SNMP version using the internal codes 0/1/3 instead of the actual version
alm00102116 IZ34988 FP7 [NBS060701] Patches on Windows appear as separate programs instead of "updates" in 'Add or Remove Programs'
60852 IZ35470 FP6 Logmon/LogmonX caches event log provider DLLs for too long, preventing application removal
61040 IZ36026 FP6 CPUs in the srProcessorTable on Solaris may not correspond with the same CPUs in hostres.
60992 IZ35815 FP6 Multi-line console commands that implicitly trigger other console commands will will result in the latter being parsed incorrectly.
60855 IZ35472 FP6 SSM spends too much CPU time retrieving "kstat_headers" and "cpu_statNN" on multi-CPU Solaris machines.
60700 IZ35004 FP6 psRunningTable is missing various string values for x64 processes on Windows x64 using the x86 SSM.
60663 IZ34714 FP6 Strange LOG: message at the start of 'patchman -r PatchName' output
60437 IZ33778 FP6 On Solaris "patchman -r patchname" displays debug info ("Executing ...")
60853 IZ35479 FP6 HPUX-IA64 agent can't start after 4.0.0-TIV-SSM-LA005 is applied.
60854 IZ35471 FP6 SSM uses std::deque<> which is known to cause heap corruption and crash on Solaris
60489 IZ33973 FP6 srIfSummary(Up|Down)Interfaces gauges are often wrong
58688 IZ26841 FP6 srIfTable is empty when running as non-root
60526 IZ34134 FP6 SSM uses too much CPU on machines with 1000's of interfaces and ipconfig/mib2 loaded
60398 IZ33635 FP6 Some objects in the srIpConfig group report an incorrect syntax type.
60397 IZ33634 FP6 ntPerfmonControlTable creates index rows outside the boundaries set in the MIB.
60405 IZ33707 FP6 On Linux running "init.ssmagent status" using a programmable control row gives the following result "ssmagent.bin is stopped"
60294 IZ33279 FP6 AE IZ26092 FIX COMPLETION LogmonX causes the SSM to crash after creating about 100 control rows.
60241 FP6 Update SSM to use MIA (for NBS060210)
60210 IZ32966 FP6 Patchman can enter an infinite loop when removing a patch.
60097 IZ32362 FP6 patchman is unable to detect if the SSM is running if some non-default port numbers are used.
60033 FP6 Update SSM to use MIA
60009 IZ31943 IF5 Traceroute traps are not being generated properly.
59843 IZ31074 IF5 hrSystemUptime is wrong on Linux platforms with kernel version 2.6+
59733 IZ30799 IF5 hrSystemUpTime can suddenly decrease when the server is up for approximately 250 days.
59272 IZ29121 IF5 Console connection errors are too cryptic
59271 IZ29125 IF5 Script errors are duplicated in the console.
59216 IZ28883 IF5 When using logMonXReverseFilter in exclude mode, LogMonX is matching lines that match both (or neither) expressions.
59156 IF5 Update SSM to use MIA 2.0.3
59137 IZ28643 IF5 Duplicate log messages are not being filtered in SSM 4.0 like they were in SSM 3.2
59135 IZ28647 IF5 Race condition exists in pthread_cond_wait on Windows
58847 IZ27531 IF5 On Solaris "patchman -r patchname" displays debug info ("Executing ...")
58846 IZ27547 IF5 Interactive console is often flooded by output from background console commands.
58749 IZ27009 IF5 Invalid pointer write on Solaris in StashSetExecName.
58748 IZ27169 IF5 sysName/agentIdName can be left blank instead of populated with the value from the DefaultAddress inivar.
58848 IZ27558 IF5 SSM 4.0 crashes on Solaris in free() or malloc().
58631 IZ26502 IF5 Hostres device indexing does not allow for >100 CPUs on Solaris
58588 IZ26554 IF5 SSM Fix pack 4 installer on Linux prints debug messages on startup.
58015 IZ24385 IF5 SSM can crash inside getpw*() on some Linux machines that have LDAP, Kerberos or some other authentication configured.
58468 IZ26024 IF5 SSM on Windows with Fix Pack 4 installed may spin at 100% CPU.
58469 IZ26092 IF5 LogmonX uses too much CPU.
58431 IZ25986 IF5 LogmonX calls std::string::data() and interprets the result as null-terminated when it is not.
57564 IZ23252 IF5 SSM reports the operating system release for Windows Server 2008 incorrectly in the log and agentId group.
57892 IZ24002 IF5 Oracle ASM adds entries to agent.state and the oraInstanceTable repeatedly
57744 IZ23783 FP4 Counters for ifInOctets and ifOutOctets do not wrap when they reach 4GB on Linux.
57616 IZ23311 FP4 Cancelling the install on Windows for 4.0.0-TIV-SSM-IF0003 causes the SSM installation to become corrupted.
57561 IZ22904 FP4 SSM 4.0 in TWS 8.4 logs Windows events about missing PCAMp50.sys
57438 IZ23042 FP4 WebLogic PerfServlet fails to get data for a domain with multiple machines.
57335 IZ22767 FP4 On Windows, patchman crashes when SSM 4.0 uninstalled with more than one patch installed.
56949 IZ21224 FP4 Oracle ASM saves invalid state commands in agent.state
57238 IZ22362 FP4 In the timer subagent timerControlMonth cannot be set to October, November or December.
57184 IZ22262 FP4 Setting 'timer dayofweek=undefined' or 'timer month=undefined' in a config script sets the value to Sunday or January instead.
57144 IZ22191 FP4 Hostres on Solaris causes lots of scsi kern.warning messages in /var/adm/messages
57049 IZ21980 FP4 The ntext subagent should prevent the user from loading extension libraries that are already in use by MS-SNMP.
57126 IZ22116 FP4 Remove /var/tmp reference from "init.ssmagent stop" command.
57124 IZ22125 FP4 Clean up stopping message displayed during SSM patch installation.
57121 IZ22144 FP4 Remove references to nameres in svcdisc and transaction.
57059 IZ22003 FP4 The SSM may deadlock in function TrunkWritez.
57052 IZ21982 FP4 The SSM should place the log level for each message in the agent log file.
56972 IZ21581 FP4 The SSM incorrectly logs some messages at fatal level. The messages should be logged at warning or error level.
56882 IZ21317 FP4 SSM can hang (deadlock) in the signal handler during a crash on Solaris
56916 IZ21382 FP4 Make all linux build warnings visible and fix the critical ones.
56841 IZ21255 FP4 The "trapdest add" command temporarily blocks the agent during DNS lookup if an invalid host name is specified.
56839 IZ21217 FP4 SSM console command "trapdest add" can create inappropriate trap destinations.
56988 IZ21728 FP4 LogMonX uses too much memory and threads to monitor files.
57054 IZ22001 FP4 Add Solaris Zones information to the process subagent.
56840 IZ21248 FP4 SSM can fail to detect local file systems on AIX
56878 IZ21319 FP4 Remove all HP-UX build warnings.
57058 IZ22002 FP4 snmpv3: The SSM could crash when setting the usmUser(Auth|Priv)Protocol.
56522 IZ20167 FP4 SSM console needs to support a command being passed in via the command line.
56521 IZ20165 FP4 SSM console needs to be able to read a password from a file to authenticate against the agent.
56883 IZ21316 FP4 Remove all solaris build warnings.
57057 IZ21996 FP4 Process subagent: Implement thread counts per process for Linux kernel 2.4.x.
57055 IZ21985 FP4 The hostres subagent can use excessive CPU if there are a large number of devices present.
57053 IZ21989 FP4 The programmable subagent needs to be able to send an event when a line is added to the programmableOutTable.
56524 IZ20172 FP4 SSM agent uses too much CPU getting information about processes.
56518 IZ20171 FP4 Filemon cannot detect more than one new file or deleted file per directory monitored in the data table.
56136 IZ18735 FP4 On Solaris 10, the SSM restarts instantly when "init.ssmagent stop" is executed.
56587 IZ20365 FP4 Websphere ASM: PMI data cannot be retrieved if the deployment manager and the application server on on different machines.
56523 IZ20173 FP4 Shash library uses too much memory.
56448 IZ19830 FP4 SSM excessively creates threads resulting in a large memory footprint on Linux.
56292 IZ19294 FP4 Windows agent can deadlock if the programmable subagent is toggled rapidly.
57051 IZ21984 FP4 Add an attribute to the filemon subagent to show the last time the file was examined.
56174 IZ18931 FP4 srProcessorTable percentages become incorrect after 497 days of uptime on Linux.
56161 IZ18823 IF3 After Installing SSM 4.0 fixpack 1 on Windows Vista, the SSM fails to start.
53681 IF3 Windows patches are not signed as they should be for Windows Vista.
56082 IZ18479 IF3 Manually changing the SSM installation directory during GUI-based installation of Fixpack 2 on Windows is ignored.
55457 IF3 Allow users to set the filemon interval to a negative number, indicating to only sample when that given event ID is fired.
55456 IF3 filemon configurator parameters should be all in lower case, with aliases for their current mixed case forms as well.
55423 IF3 The filemon subagent does not report the state of a monitored object during the first sample.
56025 IZ18055 IF3 The filemon subagent fires on row activation when monitoring the numberOfFiles attribute.
56023 IZ18049 IF3 In the filemon subagent, monitoring the numberOfFiles attribute generates data rows with no filename and type.
55218 IF3 Can't connect the SSM console to the agent, even as root, if /var/tmp/* has been deleted
54874 IZ09581 IF3 LogMonX does not remember log file positions if the control row is created from a config file.
56024 IZ18048 IF3 Memory footprint of rmonc is is larger than it should be due to a dependency on libcurl.
55961 IF3 HP-UX Itanium cores in traceroute when activating a TCP traceroute row.
55755 IZ16665 IF3 Where there are large numbers of virtual interfaces configured the agent will core dump.
55529 IF3 Arithmetic results can potentially have incorrect instance in expressions where globbing is involved
55657 IF3 When VACM is enabled, the agent denies access when using a security level less than the level specified by the user even if the VACM access table allows it
55476 IF3 process reports virtual memory usage for size on Linux, instead of something more realistic such as the total size of allocations
55589 IF3 Possiblity for agent deadlocks when multiple events are fired
55590 IF3 Child configs are not unloaded upon parent unload, when the child config contains "agentconfig reset"
55514 IF3 programmable hangs on destroy if turnonevent and event are the same.
53932 IF3 MIB Explorer icons are incorrectly rendered with black surroundings in some 24-bit graphics configurations
53471 IF3 Long arithmetic expressions can cause the agent to crash (stack overflow) on HPUX
55496 IF3 Arithmetic fails to find variable values in expressions with multiple globbing levels
55498 IF3 Potential for early integer overflow during CPU timer accumulation.
55465 IZ15380 IF3 In the MIB-2 ifTable on Linux the ifOperStatus shows "up" status even when the LAN cable is unplugged.
55453 IF3 The programmable MIB and associated documentation incorrectly claims that $AGENTDIR does not refrer to the agent bin directory.
55459 IF3 Multiple remote console connection attempts are not handled correctly causing DoS.
54494 IF3 Various SSM 4.0 MIB files contain tab characters which ruin their formatting
55946 IZ17494 IF3 Crontab sub-agent fails to fire at the exact minute specified (man be off by up to 59 seconds)
55461 IF3 SSM agent hung - deadlock when setting event in datactrl
55460 IF3 Clean up crontab configurator help text
55455 IF3 crontab fails to fire at the exact minute specified (may be off by up to 59 seconds)
55444 IF3 Process MIB reports thread count as 1 for all processes on kernel 2.6 even for multithreaded processes (such as ssmagent.bin)
55443 IF3 Interim fix 2 build 1154 installs MIB files with mode 600 when they should be 644
55395 IF3 SSM Unix uninstall log path is too generic (/tmp/install.log) and is likely to conflict with other products.
55396 IF2 SSM 4.0 installed as non-root fails to write it's log to ssmagent.log as specified in init.cfg (and defaults to 'agent.log' instead)
55375 IF2 Allow user to specify additional objects to the process notification trap.
55374 IF2 Console cannot connect if cmd.exe is using 8.3 shortname.
55351 IF2 Solaris agent can crash in sysres if kstat_open() fails for any reason
55352 IF2 SSM 4.0 fixpack1 and ifix1 on Windows install some MIB files in Unix format
55326 IF2 SSM 4.0 ifix1 contains invalid MIB file: ira-mib.mib
55303 IF2 SSM writes arithmetic and filemon rows to the state file before the required event rows, resulting in an inconsistent state file which can't be restored.
55296 IZ14242 IF2 Arithmetic traps are sometimes missing secondary result varbinds (which are correctly reported in the arEvalTable)
54623 IF2 Feedback cycles between subagent events cause stack overflow and the agent crashes
53273 IF2 arithmetic: @?v incorrectly returns false if @v has been assigned multi-values in a subsequent globbing context on a previous sample.
51952 IF2 Arithmetic lacks syntax to explicitly assign an undefined value.
55266 IF2 Race condition between netif and console code may cause agent to deadlock while executing a config file
55239 IF2 SSM fails to restore from state string MIB objects that literally contain quoting characters (like '\"')
53593 IF2 Improve performance of DNS lookups when the agentId group is queried. It is still too slow.
54614 IF2 Arithmetic: Add the ability to reference varbind values from the triggering event inside arControlExpression
54606 IF2 Arithmetic: When arControlInterval is set to a negative value, that should make the control row fire on the given (negative) event ID rather than on a timer.
54531 IF2 programmable has no quoting feature to allow quoting of the double quote character which it interprets in programmableControlApplication
54603 IF2 Arithmetic: Add new operators for writing to text files.
55230 IF2 Agent deadlocks on unix when using programmable vmConsole and log level is set to debug
55199 IF2 srProcessorWait is zero (not implemented) on Linux, when it should be possible with kernel 2.6+
55175 IZ12738 IF2 MIB2: ifSpeed is zero on Linux 2.6 kernels
55161 IF2 ntperfmon configurations do not save correctly to agent.state when counter mode is automatic
55130 IZ12202 IF2 SSM returns error wrongValue(10) when creating a ntperfmon row with automatic counter mode via a script or console
55096 IF2 SSM 4.0: Separate EIF code more cleanly from master so that the eifext patch can be compatible (but not included) with fixpack 2
54309 IF2 SSM will crash or produce wierd times with dates beyond 2038
55035 IF2 SSM patches can't install on an already patched SSM 4.0 if the build numbers of the existing patches are four digits.
53157 IF2 Agent cores on AIX 5.3 during executing Arithmetic related test cases.
54981 IF2 Uninstalling SSM with a patch installed (i.e. vmware patch) without backup leaves the patch entry in Add/Remove Programs control panel.
54979 IF2 mib2 subagent leaks memory on linux (faster with ipconfig loaded)
54851 IF2 Agent crashes in trunk code after unloading the patch subagent
54996 IZ10199 IF2 Filetransfer fails to download files using authenticated plaintext HTTP (different to HTTPS)
54937 IZ09923 IF2 The v$lock query used by the Oracle ASM is extraordinarily CPU intensive on Oracle 9.2/AIX without rule-based optimization.
54935 IF2 prochandle on linux uses incorrect process name in phDataTable/phPortTable if pid is 0
54934 IF2 Unix SSM installer triggers a non-fatal warning on systems with new versions of GNU tail (Linux mostly)
54496 IF2 prochandle fails to find locally bound TCP/IP endpoints that are listening with IPv6, as is common in modern Linux distros
54130 IF2 Communities not saved when the agent terminates. Only saved with an explicit config save.
54701 IZ08796 IF2 SSM 4.0: Svrsecurity does not recognise ssh failed logins
54853 IF2 Once off memory leak in master UserStore.
54822 IF2 (Uninitialized memory) Agent may save state for integer objects using @= rather than = causing the state of affected objects to not be restored.
54821 IF2 Purify reports not enough parameters to format string in logmonx (may lead to instability).
54820 IF2 Purify reports Bad parameter passed into Windows system call in patch subagent.
54819 IF2 Purify reports UMR in the master network inferface code.
54817 IF2 Purify reports several uninitialized variables in the Windows pcap library
54816 IF2 Uninitialized memory read in pthread_create function on Win32
54814 IF2 Uninitialized variable in the TestForAdmin function in mainline on Windows
54772 IF2 Once-off memory leak in arithmetic OID expression parsing
54773 IF1 Memory leak in srLoginTable every update on Windows.
54530 IF1 Creating a programmable control row in vmIOFile or vmIFile modes fails if the input file does not exist at activation time.
54560 IF1 prochandle subagent may spin with two or more active monitors
54607 IF1 arithmetic-mib.mib incorrectly states the default value of arControlCountdown is 0 when it actually is -1.
54709 IF1 A race condition can lead to a once-off memory leak in eventman startup.
54696 IF1 BEAM: Multiple errors detected in libbase1
54695 IF1 BEAM: Multiple errors detected in libsac
54694 IF1 BEAM: Multiple errors detected in libsnmp
54692 IF1 BEAM: Multiple errors detected in master
54691 IF1 BEAM: Potential memory leak in libmupar
54688 IF1 BEAM: Multiple errors detected in libhipe
54687 IF1 BEAM: Multiple errors detected in libnhipc
54685 IF1 BEAM: Multiple errors detected in plib
54684 IF1 BEAM: Multiple errors detected in nhrt
54669 IZ08708 IF1 SSM 4.0 can hang (deadlock) when multiple events are firing concurrently.
54558 IF1 SSM 4.0 may crash (some while) after a subagent is unloaded on Linux-x86
54484 IZ08151 IF1 LogMonX fails to retrieve event log messages on x64 Windows.
52467 IZ01130 IF1 LogMonX can not monitor log entries at the end of a log file between the last sample and when the log file gets rotated.
54495 IF1 Walking svcDiscSvcTable shows the agent confusing columns 2 and 3 (TransportProtocol and ServerPort)
54128 IZ06389 IF1 Not able to monitor Oracle database in a clustered (RAC) environment.
54418 IF1 SSM console sends a connection request even when it fails to bind a local endpoint for the agent to connect to.
54241 IF1 Connecting the agent console repeatedly fills ssmagent.log with worthless success messages
54356 IF1 ssmagent.log never shows when a subagent has been unloaded
54338 IF1 Arithmetic delta function returns incorrect results after SSM 4.0 fixpack 1 is applied
54339 IF1 Arithmetic added() function incorrectly returns true on the first sample unconditionally
54360 IF1 On startup, ssmagent.log can sometimes report more subagents loaded than actually are loaded.
54355 IF1 Console and log output is slightly inconsistent when a subagent is loaded
54337 IF1 SSM under ppc64 Linux crashes during regex match (such as logmonx) on Power3/4 machines (not Power 5).
54254 IZ07047 IF1 SSM hangs for long periods of time on Unix/Linux machines that have broken NFS mounts.
54252 IZ06684 IF1 SSM 4.0 fixpack 1 exposes it's security details in the agent log file
54132 IF1 After installing fixpack 1 for SSM 4.0, ssmagent.log is filled with lots of worrying error messages.
54136 IF1 LogMonX accepts and activates with invalid BeginDelimiter regex's
54133 IF1 arithmetic: arControlCountdown stops working after it's first run because the arControlToggle logic is flawed.
54073 IF1 Default init.cfg in the Windows installer is missing the MonitorRemoteFS setting.
53778 IF1 Prochandle reports no data on Windows Vista or Server 2008
53780 IF1 WAS perfservlet fails to install and start on installations where there is more than one cluster.
53428 IF1 Filemon test cases are causing agent to dump core on Redhat AS 3.x versions
53627 IZ04553 IF1 init.ssmagent stop is never called on system shutdown under Redhat Linux for SSM 4.0, whereas it was for SSM 3.2
53350 IF1 hrDiskStorageTable and hrPartitionTable empty on AIX 6.0
50155 IF1 Arithmetic functions do not handle intermittent data consistently
53456 IF1 mib-2.ip.{ipRouteTable,ipNetToMediaTable} are empty on AIX when running a 64bit kernel
53454 IF1 mib-2.{ip,tcp,udp,icmp} scalars are not updated on AIX (32bit and 64bit kernel mode)
53455 IF1 mib-2.tcp.tcpConnTable and mib-2.udp.udpTable are empty on AIX (32bit and 64bit kernel)
CR7014 IF1 Messages for failed console connections are too ambiguous
53303 IF1 mib2.ip.ipAddrTable is empty on AIX when running a 64-bit kernel
53224 FP1 When creating a control row via the console, there is no range checking on integer values.
52930 FP1 Arithmetic outputs too many useless debug messages into the agent log when an OID is simply misspelled.
53172 FP1 Patching will fail if SSM is not running in service mode on Windows.
53162 FP1 Installing a patch does not give any feedback as to whether the agent was restarted successfully
53111 FP1 Failed patch removal on Windows rolls back but still permanently removes the "Add or Remove Programs" entry
52931 FP1 Config script load errors go unseen in the default SSM configuration
53088 FP1 Sending KILL -INT <pid> to the patched agent does not remove the lockfile
52890 FP1 arithmeticAlarm traps are too big and cause IP fragmentation due to the inclusion of arControlExpression
53087 FP1 init.ssmagent doesn't support multiple agents running
53123 IZ02673 FP1 SSM 4.0 hangs in hostres on Solaris machines with a large number of disks.
52973 FP1 init.ssmagent status on Linux reports the agent is stopped when it is running
53089 FP1 WebSphere PerfServlet fails to install on WAS ND Cluster
51490 FP1 Agent takes a lot of time to activate SqlSvr control row on a machine.
52871 FP1 Trap log renders high ASCII characters in an indecipherable way
50036 FP1 Transaction on Linux-ppc64 crashes when performing a packet read monitoring application type peoplesoft.
52850 FP1 Inconsistent behaviour: Display strings containing high ASCII codes are rejected on Win2003, but accepted on WinXP/2K
52416 IZ01105 FP1 Sybase ASM is not collecting stats
47348 FP1 Make index MIB objects that are not usually accessible readable when queried internally using either the command console, genalarmvb or arithmetic MIB.
52929 FP1 If a subagent fails to load, no explanation why appears in the log file unless you manually restart with debug logging.
52891 IZ01801 FP1 SSM 4.0 on Linux fails to report all mounts on device "none"
52888 FP1 Websphere ASM install script fails to install on the application server in WAS ND 6.x
48425 FP1 Patchman doesn't verify downgraded files during uninstallation of patches.
46930 FP1 SSM patches installed on SuSE Linux fail to automatically detect the installation path, but they can still be installed.
45600 FP1 Having the service controller open prevents patches being applied
52819 IZ01846 FP1 The ipconfig subagent in SSM 4.0 causes the agent to hang in large/slow NIS networks.
52792 IZ01800 FP1 SSM causes a message flood on Linux in /var/log/messages "modprobe: modprobe: can't locate module any"
52672 FP1 WAS PerfServlet returns malformed XML on WAS ND.
52668 IZ01584 FP1 LVM2 mounts are not correctly classified as fixed storage by hostres
52340 FP1 LogLevel=debug is ignored if the agent is run as non-root
52262 IZ00881 FP1 Perfmon in SSM 4.0/3.2fp751 still does not correctly parse instance names containing parentheses.
52250 FP1 Creating control rows via the console sometimes fails for no reason, particularly when done repetetively.
51753 FP1 Oracle RAC monitoring has difficulty finding local instance when the host name is in a different case.
51725 FP1 Filemon logs a message "Glob failed Error value is ..." when a glob doesn't match any files. This is not an error at all, and the log message should be removed.
51488 FP1 Agent crashed while connecting via console on WinXP.
51224 IY98537 FP1 ntperfmon: Scale factor applied after rounding causing data loss (ntPerfMonCounterScale)
51065 FP1 SSM causes "rpmq" to core on Redhat 9.
49797 IY95967 FP1 SSM/ASM agent does not support MSSQL Server 2005 correctly.
53141 FP1 HrDeviceDescr reports blank CPU info on some Linux ppc64 machines.
50984 FP1 Add an inivar 'LogCount' for controlling the maximum number of rolled log files, currently hardcoded to 1.
50974 FP1 Copying a group of cells from the MIB Explorer no longer works
50945 FP1 Arithmetic datestr returns an undefined value on error, rather than an empty string as it should.
50913 FP1 Add a message to the agent log reporting the user ID and user the agent is running as
50886 FP1 Add MIB lock support to NHMibSet/Get functions
50883 FP1 Using the utc() function in arithmetic triggers an array underrun, which may cause instability.
50829 IY97896 FP1 Agent hangs when aborting a programmable row that is configured to execute a program which pipes to child processes (Windows only).
50389 FP1 svrsecurity portscan listens on all network interfaces, not the specified one.
50386 FP1 Filetransfer to "data" FileBase fails.
50344 FP1 Agent on HPUX-IA64 sometimes cores during a config save after performing multiple coldboot/warmboots
50343 FP1 traceroute subagent leaks memory rapidly
50342 FP1 SSM 4.0 sometimes crashes on HPUX-IA64 on coldboot while loading filetransfer
50314 FP1 Filemon sample timing is inaccurate: configured 15 seconds but only triggers after 30 seconds
50150 FP1 Arithmetic variables sometimes return zero when they have already been assigned a different value.
50014 FP1 Windows error popup window causes agent to hang when a VMware virtual disk is present on Windows Vista
49862 FP1 Console expects password when trying to connect to multiple instances of the same SSM.
49761 FP1 Long arithmetic expressions can cause the agent to crash (stack overflow) on Linux
47807 FP1 Security hole: If VACM is disabled, an attacker can get full access to the agent using any SNMPv3 user name and forcing security level to noAuthNoPriv.
34310 FP1 Failed control row creation via the console doesn't give any indication as to which object could not be set (and why)

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