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VIOS FixPack 24 SP02 Virtual I/O Server VIOS FixPack 24 SP 02 Readme

Readme file for: VIOS FixPack 24 SP02
Product/Component Release:
Update Name: VIOS FixPack 24 SP 02
Fix ID: VIOS_2.2.0.12-FP24-SP02
Publication Date: May 16 2011
Last modified date: May 16 2011

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Virtual I/O Server VIOS

Known issues

Restrictions and limitations

The Service Pack includes the following limitations and restrictions.

Service Pack VIOS SP-02 limitations

The reject option of the updateios command is not supported on VIOS SP-01 and later.

VIOS Shared Storage Pool requirements and limitations

The following requirements and limitations apply to enhancements to virtual storage, including shared storage pools and thin provisioning. These requirements and limitations do not apply to VIOS classic function.

Requirements for Shared Storage Pools

Limitations for Shared Storage Pools

NOTE: The system reserves a small amount of the reported Shared Storage Pool capacity to record consistency records. The remainder of the Shared Storage Pool capacity is available for storage of virtual client partition user data. Shared Storage Pool threshold monitoring should be used to notify the VIOS Administrator when free capacity falls below an acceptable level. The default threshold monitoring is set to alert when the free capacity in the pool is lower than 75% of the total capacity. As a precautionary measure, the VIOS Administrator should not allow the free capacity to drop below 5% of the total capacity or I/O operations on the virtual client partition may fail. In the event that no storage capacity is available, physical volumes must to be added to the pool or data deleted from the pool to create additional free capacity.

Installation information

To install a Service Pack, log in to VIOS as padmin , and then follow these steps, entering the specified commands.

  1. Check the ioslevel
    $ ioslevel

    To apply this Service Pack, the ioslevel must be:

  2. OR SP-01
  3. After the Service Pack has been downloaded, enter the following commands:
    $ updateios -commit
    $ updateios -install -accept -dev /home/padmin⁄<Service_Pack_directory >
  4. After the update is complete, verify the correct IOS level by entering the following command:
    $ ioslevel SP-02
  5. To load all changes, reboot the VIOS as User padmin
    $ shutdown -restart


If interim fixes are installed on your VIOS, the updateios command prompts you to choose whether or not to remove the interim fixes before it installs the Service Pack. The prompt is a Yes/No (y/n) prompt.

To complete the fix pack update, you must remove the interim fixes before running the updateios command again, or by answering "Yes" ( y ) when the updateios prompts you to let it remove interim fixes.

After the interim fixes have been removed, repeat steps two and three of the installation instructions.

Additional information

NIM installation information

Using NIM to back up and install the VIOS is supported as follows.

VIOS level is NIM Master level must be equal to or higher than
Fix Pack 24
AIX 6100-06-01-1043
Service Pack 01 for Fix Pack 24
AIX 6100-06-03-1048

General installation note

If you see the following message during the installation of Service Pack 02, please ignore it.

       MISSING REQUISITES:  The following filesets are required by one or more
       of the selected filesets listed above.  They are not currently installed
       and could not be found on the installation media.

         X11.loc.fr_FR.base.lib            # Base Level Fileset

     These filesets are not required on the VIOS.

Service Pack description

VIOS SP-02 contains fixes and enhancements to VIOS functions. It includes enablement of new function and new hardware, as well as general fixes, as follows:

Service Pack VIOS SP-02 is an optional service pack. Apply it to Fix Pack 24 if you want to take advantage of any of the new functional enhancements. Any critical fixes in the List of fixes may be available via interim fix distribution. See Fix Central for a list of download images.

VIOS SP-02 should only be applied to systems that are currently at IOS level or SP-01. If your IOS level is lower than, you must install Fix Pack before you can install this Service Pack. Installing this Service Pack on any other level may result in unexpected operation of the VIOS or the client partitions hosted by the VIOS.

VIOS Fix Central image management policy

The following images will be available on Fix Central for all supported maintenance levels:

Note: Migration images remain on Fix Central as long as the level to which the image migrates the VIOS is still in service. Images are removed from Fix Central after the VIOS level reaches the End of Service (EOS) date.

VIOS service policy

VIOS is an IBM appliance with unique requirements and service stream. In the unlikely case that an issue emerges that was not addressed in a previous level, customers will be asked to migrate up to a level that captures the appropriate fix or will receive a bundled fix packaged at the latest VIOS code level.

VIOS service strategy

The service strategy for VIOS has changed. In addition to Fix Packs, Service Packs for VIOS will be released, depending on the number of needed changes. VIOS Service Packs consist of critical changes found between Fix Pack releases.

VIOS is an IBM appliance with unique requirements and service stream. In the unlikely case that a new issue emerges that was not addressed in a previous level, customers will be asked to migrate up to a level that captures the appropriate fix or will receive a bundled fix packaged at the latest VIOS code level.

VIOS server problem/resolution

To ensure the reliability, availability, and serviceability of a computing environment using the Virtual I/O Server, IBM recommends that you update the Virtual I/O Server to the latest generally available release, Fix Pack or Service Pack. The latest level contains all cumulative fixes for the VIOS. Interim fixes (iFixes) are only provided at the latest shipped level VIOS. You need to upgrade to the latest service level or Fix Pack to install an interim fix. The official fixes may be shipped in the next Fix Pack or Service Pack of VIOS.

VIOS service package definitions

Fix Pack

A Fix Pack updates your VIOS release to the latest level. A Fix Pack update can contain product enhancements, new function and fixes.

Service Pack

A Service Pack applies to only one (the latest) VIOS level. A Service Pack contains critical fixes for issues found between Fix Pack releases. A Service Pack does not update the VIOS to a new level and it can only be applied to the Fix Pack release for which it is specified.

Interim Fix

An Interim Fix (iFix) applies to only one (the latest) VIOS level and provides a fix for a specific issue.

List of fixes

The Service Pack includes the following fixes and miscellaneous enhancements:

Miscellaneous enhancements


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Modified date: 16 May 2011

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